June 1st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 315, Tom Bukovac, “Stage Deluxe”

00:00 - Sliding the acoustic
00:45 - Welcome to morning time / Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe acoustic / 50th Bday party Vince Gill gift
03:30 - High quality product
04:12 - Upgrading the audio for 3rd & Lindsley
08:13 - "New favorite drummer" & "Challenged: Sleepy Time"
09:00 - Get bootys shaking & dancing / Boogie / A lot of energy
10:00 - Sam Ash closing stores
11:20 - Rare fade / Foot taps / Being on time foot taps
12:54 - Rare fade II / VCB (Viewer Comment Bin)
13:15 - Hardest guitar to find pickups for?  Fender Telecaster
14:00 - Happiest ever been with Tele pickup / Japanese Telecaster (Van Zant) / Fernandes pickups
15:34 - 100,000 subscribers and slowing because of zombie channel
16:23 - Corn on the cob and tator salad

it's no secret that Uncle Larry loves a good ramble early in the mornin’…
this one got so long winded that corporate had to edit some of it out so the listeners wouldn’t fall plum asleep...

here's the link for some cozy ass t shirts from the new record

if you wanna come to the record release party shows on August 16 and 17 here's the link...
i think they getting pretty close to being sold out

God's favorite drummer…
"Jesus loves Larry"
The Largest Drum Set in the World! --...

here's young Nephew Nate's boogie
Nephew Nate’s Seated Aerobics (Uncle ...

this is what Marshall is into now...he loves this Kentucky Ballistics shit...hell so do i
The 50 BMG Pistol (The Power Of A 50 ...

thank you guys very much for the support of the channel and the steady tip jar donations...i just hope you guys know how much i appreciate it.
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