May 27th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 313, Tom Bukovac, “Rumours”

00:00 - Playing some unique licks with an attenuator
00:25 - New upcomer and Heart - Barracuda
00:35 - Loop playing with soul
04:05 - Hello, friends! / Memorial Day tribute / Starbucks tangent
05:38 - Update / Vince Gill gig at Ryman
06:30 - Bukovac & Guthrie show w/ special guests
07:25 - Back to playing that beautiful music
08:35 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Attenuators?
09:35 - Do you use direct sounds? / Direct rack effects (TC 2290, etc.)
11:39 - Gibson SG Special and playing

Uncle Larry WILL indeed be playing with Vince Gill during his residency at the Ryman August 1 through 4…that gig is firm, officially "on the books" as they say in the biz....

...but this other thing that I overheard some weird drunk guy blabbing on and on about at the bar last night is definitely NOT confirmed by any stretch…

the guy was saying something about some gig by two Nashville guitar nerds who were all excited about some dumb instrumental record they made...i can't really remember the details because i wasn't really listening...

i do remember though that he kept saying that it’s ESPECIALLY NOT supposed to happen on those two calendar days that fall in between august 15 and 18...but thats about all i remember

and totally unrelated...
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