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March 15th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus, “Scenes From A Wednesday”

00:00 - Editing in the studio
01:23 - Chatting with the man Billy Gibbons
02:10 - Driving through a hydrant, HA!


Fun day today friends…getting close to finishing this little record i am making with Guthrie….it really should be illegal to have as much fun as we have been having the past few days.

A day of legends…getting to hear Paul Franklin burn it up on a little number i made up in my lonely kitchen is one for the memory books…

and then the Reverend came by for a bit this afternoon and we were all talking about potential names for this project GT and I are doing…which naturally turned into me asking him how he came up with that name you might have heard of called “ZZ Top” (partially captured here)

I also threw in a somewhat surreal moment from the drive in to work this morning

Thanks for watching guys

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