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March 23rd, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 203, Tom Bukovac, "School Of Rawk"

00:00 - Just showing some magical playing
01:30 - What's up cats / Divorce and precious car rides
02:30 - Funny or Die / Will Ferrell - Landlord
03:05 - Picks - Fender
03:38 - '63 Epiphone Olympic / Sons Marshall and Leo
04:20 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Episode 202 and dumb title
04:51 - Pick hiding thing
06:32 - Contradictory statements explanation and correction
07:45 - Sports and over-celebrating, showing-off
08:12 - Social media and getting gigs?
08:52 - Middle pickup Strat
09:07 - Talking shit of Guthrie
10:00 - Painful divorce fuck-off
10:14 - Watermelon with strings
10:25 - Joe Cocker story / Senior moment
10:49 - "Who would play you in a movie?"
11:00 - Spaghetti logo / "Vintage Guitar" magazine
12:03 - Thank you for sweet comments
12:13 - Lession: Loose wrist and rotation
13:38 - Bragging and sucking / Thanks


Uncle Larry gets heavy into the VCB

Paypal tip jar is

Venmo is @Tom-Bukovac-1

March 22nd, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 202, Tom Bukovac, "Act Like You've Been There Before"

00:00 - Sunny morning playing
02:15 - Hello fellow Rock 'n' Roll enthusiasts
02:45 - Joe Cocker and "Moon Dust"
05:00 - ' 62 Stratoblaster / Spaghetti logo
05:35 - Middle pickup in a Stratocaster
06:16 - Chess videos
06:30 - Bragging on click-bait videos / Do your thing rant
07:57 - The Struts / Rock 'n' Roll cats and magic
10:15 - Bragging about profession...never talk about it
11:53 - Contrary motion
12:10 - Tuning
12:27 - Playing: Working your way up and down the fretboard
14:18 - Lesson: Working your way up and down the fretboard
14:55 - Lesson: Chord that makes you seem you know what you are doing [x x 5 4 2 2]
15:52 - Guthrie Trapp and his playing

An early morning slab board and coffee infused rant from your weird old uncle.

March 16th, 2023

Homeskoolin' VOLUME 200!!!! "A Special Treat"

00:00 - Intro 200th episode / Pacifico and wine
03:08 - Homeskoolin' thanks / Dann Huff as a producer
06:18 - Collaboration and dictatorship / No right way to finish line
12:24 - Moment knew when making big
15:45 - Dann's take on guitar tone
18:00 - Dann bought Tom's pedalboard
18:53 - No greatest tone / Leslie West story
21:00 - Van Halen (tuning)
23:15 - Midrange / Small guitar tones
27:00 - Cool Dann story (Van Halen)
30:50 - Bass content with guitars
34:00 - Most genious overdubbing
35:50 - Great guitar tones / Billy Gibbons stories and Guthrie Trapp
38:19 - Great tones continued / Billy Gibbons - Jesus Just Left Chicago
41:16 - Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile
43:08 - 50% more distortion / Distortion and guitar
47:22 - Marshall Plexi tone / Foreigner - Hot Blooded / Greatest power chord Foreigner - Juke Box Hero
53:45 - Roxy Music - Love is the Drug solo
55:55 - That one note of Steely Dan
58:10 - Cooper Time Cube - 100 ft of garden hose (doubling effect) / Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good
63:10 - Steve Miller Band

One of my favorite humans on this planet

Sweet Dann Huff

March 15th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus, “Scenes From A Wednesday”

00:00 - Editing in the studio
01:23 - Chatting with the man Billy Gibbons
02:10 - Driving through a hydrant, HA!


Fun day today friends…getting close to finishing this little record i am making with Guthrie….it really should be illegal to have as much fun as we have been having the past few days.

A day of legends…getting to hear Paul Franklin burn it up on a little number i made up in my lonely kitchen is one for the memory books…

and then the Reverend came by for a bit this afternoon and we were all talking about potential names for this project GT and I are doing…which naturally turned into me asking him how he came up with that name you might have heard of called “ZZ Top” (partially captured here)

I also threw in a somewhat surreal moment from the drive in to work this morning

Thanks for watching guys

March 13th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 199, Tom Bukovac, "The One Before 200"

00:00 - Rockin' it
03:00 - Uncle Larry home coming / Guthrie studio
05:08 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Ziggy prints
06:15 - Studio session
06:57 - Favorite show of all / Thanks for this vehicle to deliver
08:30 - Having albums of your own
09:50 - Firebird 5 and models
11:21 - Album joke with guitar terms as song names
12:20 - Prediction of 1,000,000 subscribers / Keeping it real
13:20 - Return of Rolling Rock, but prefer beer in general
13:45 - YouTube is the only one worth as shit part II / Mercedes clock
15:10 - BTPA cables
15:28 - Cream & Eric Clapton / How music makes a person feel
17:18 - New viewers and comments
18:00 - KISS / Ace Frehley - Rip It Out
19:20 - 200th episode / Going from Major to minor


Uncle Larry reminisces fondly about today's studio happenings and stuffs his arm way up inside the VCB pipe to remove some clogged comments.

Thanks for watching the show people...we got a pretty good thing going here.

...and speaking of good things, check out this bad boy

Steve Cox....a dear old friend from Cleveland,
He taught a young Uncle Larry some very valuable musical lessons back when Larry was just a mixed up kid living in some shit rental house with a carpeted kitchen in Antioch.
I owe Steve a lot.....i still use some of the things he showed me on a daily basis...and ol' Larry never forgets anyone who helped him anywhere along "the journey".

March 12th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 198, Tom Bukovac "Ember Red Destruction Machine"

00:00 - Boogie with some Rolling slide guitar
02:20 - Just Larry / No NFL / CD Collection / 80,000 Subscribers
03:39 - Michael Rhodes funeral
05:20 - Guthrie and album completion
05:55 - New Morgan Wallen record
07:00 - Favorite question: Every band or artist everyone likes except you?
08:38 - BTPA Cables - really cool
09:25 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / CDs / David and David
10:58 - Reaching far for an audience / YouTube is the only Social Media outlet worth a shit
12:00 - Newfoundland customs agent story
13:42 - '66 Gibson Firebird, non-reverse, P90, destruction machine
14:22 - 3rd & Lindsley remix DVD coming out


Uncle Larry gets busy with a tweed big box Tremolux with the channels jumped by a high quality BTPA cable.

and totally unrelated....great example of what I'm always talking about in terms of getting on a cool part and STAYING WITH IT...if you ever deviate from it there better be a DAMN GOOD reason.

November 23rd, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 176, Tom Bukovac, “81 Is The New 78”

00:00 - Country pickin'
02:01 - Intro
02:26 - Lesson: Picking fingers
03:08 - Lesson: Piano voicing / Deconstructing chord notes for picking
05:55 - Lesson: Angle of the pick
10:00 - Circle of 5ths vs. Circle of 4ths
11:34 - Santo and Johnny - Sleepwalk
12:15 - Twitch / Guthrie Trapp
13:45 - Lesson: F Chord progression / Playing

He just woke up and his hair is a mess, but Uncle Larry can still teach ya’ some redneck guitar licks while he is having his coffee.

Today’s tone courtesy of a lightly/tastefully chopped 54 esquire and a 59 tweed deluxe.

Probably around 6 tonite things are when things are gonna get cookin' on is the link

Ya' know, if anyone out there has some nice old 50's or 60's football cards they wanna sell or trade for guitars, please email me at

Uncle Larry's therapist suggested that maybe he should try getting his mind off music for a minute, and collecting old cards is the closest thing Larry has to a "non-music related hobby"....

May 23rd, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus, “Man In A Plastic Bag”

00:00 - Mixture intro playing
01:23 - Hello, friends! / Thanks
02:25 - Playing without gain / Paul Kossoff
03:48 - Contest
04:39 - '72 Deluxe / Norlin
05:52 - Thanks
06:33 - Pick handling

Hello kids, Larry just wanted to say thanks for all the kind comments on the recent Brett Papa video i did with sweet Guthrie Trapp which you can watch here…

Also, I was looking around and thinking to myself…”i got way too much shit”….im gonna sell a bunch of my sort of lower echelon stuff…none of the really blue chip stuff… I got some cool lower end stuff like my old Mosrite that i used in the “cuban breeze” video…that old Supro with the lap steel sandwich pickup i used in the “saturday night bonus jam” vid, i might launch my old Dean Cadillac (for the right price) and some other shit. I may even sell that bad ass 76 bc rich mockingbird i have.

November 9th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ “Hot Chick With A Bucket”

00:00 - Beautiful roots playing
02:33 - Guthrie Trapp
05:19 - Fiddle stuff / Drone playing
07:11 - Piano, melody notes in between
08:20 - Contest

A brief foray into droning strings and acoustic moods….y’all gotta check out Guthrie’s “Guitar Night” gig…don’t worry I’m gonna help them come up with a better name for it.

September 21st, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 112, Tom and Guthrie, “Velvet Hammers”

00:00 - Dressed To Kill Myself playing
02:26 - Hello, friends! / Thanks
03:18 - Guthrie Trapp intro
04:02 - Dressed To Kill Myself lesson / Chords
05:34 - B-Section
06:19 - Beatiful solo playing
07:30 - Uncle Larry's Garage Sale / Gibson '65 335
08:20 - Guthrie Trapp playing

Hello class…in today's presentation…a walk through the chords of the Trip The Witch song “Dressed To Kill Myself”.

Also , a couple videos of my dear old friend Guthrie Trapp absolutely destroying my ‘38 OOO-18 and my ‘37 AJ.

Also, the lovely ‘65 Gibson 335 in the video is available in this episode of Uncle Larry’s garage sale. This guitar is ABSOLUTELY ready to be someone’s main squeeze….beautiful refret and it plays like absolute butter, dead in tune. Nice fuckin guitar in the original case. Has some Bigsby holes and original tuners reinstalled after some others were on it…best part about this guitar is it has the “tweener” nut width…it’s not the classic wide pre ‘65 1 11/16” nut width, but it’s not that super skinny late 60’s feel either…its a “tweener”

9500 plus shipping

Email me at if you need it

Stay tuned for super comfy Trip The Witch t shirts!
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