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December 19th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 121, Tom Bukovac, “Birthday Rock”

00:00 - Scorching intro playing!
02:11 - Happy Sunday, class! / Titans
02:45 - Marshall cab / '58 Les Paul
03:10 - T-shirts
03:54 - 53rd Birthday tomorrow (Happy Birthday Tom!)
04:19 - Paul Davids response (YouTube Link) / Homeskoolers
05:24 - Vintage guitar freaks /
07:35 - Henning Vahlbruch pedals
07:56 - Plexi Soul CDs
08:36 - Viewer Comment Bin / NFL thoughts
09:10 - '58 Les Paul
09:53 - P-Bass loop, guitar lesson

Uncle Larry is gonna be 53 tomorrow kids….
Todays distortion tone courtesy of an old Multivox Big Jam Distortion that my dear old pal Bubba sent me…slapback by Henning Vahlbruch.

New t shirts designed by Ryan Conover…our resident graphic design genius….thank you sir Check out for more AMAZING and accurate vintage guitar info than you could ever handle.

Go to for new shirts and other Uncle Larry merch

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November 26th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Friday Night One Take Freak Out

00:00 - Building a loop / Bass
01:10 - Switch to guitar

I decided to do a one take freak out before going to have some curry at my favorite place on this lovely Friday night…and here it is lads…replete with the occasional “blue note” that goes along with any first take…..hahaaaaa

Oh…and guess what cats??? Plexi Soul CD’s are coming!!!!!!

November 10th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ “Top Down Summer Cruiser”

00:00 - Deep, soulful playing

Just a little thingy i made up last night….this is the guitar you hear on most of the tracks of the Plexi Soul record….from the glass lined tanks of the golden age of Kalamazoo…a little slice of pre-Vietnam American glory.

Thanks for supporting the channel friends.

September 22nd, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Edition Riff Giveaway, “Stream Of Unconsciousness”

00:00 - Soulful blues playing

Remember class…if you don’t get called for fouls, you ain’t playin’ basketball.

Fall is almost here….and I am SOOOOOO happy about it.

Today’s puzzle, a ‘58 Les Paul though an old bar whore ‘64 electric instruments Super Reverb my buddy Brett found me.

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June 2nd, 2021

Homeskoolin’, "Wednesday Night Cool Chord Party"

00:00 - Song demonstration
03:08 - Hello, class!
03:16 - Mott the Hooplet talk
03:27 - Whizz Kid chord lesson
05:00 - Whizz Kid chorus lesson
06:10 - Whizz Kid transition lesson
06:31 - Whizz Kid half step lesson
06:43 - Ebow lesson

Let me learn ya’ a little tune my dear Homeskoolers...."Whizz Kid" by Mott The Hoople...written by Ian i love this record. Everything about it....the drum sounds, the attitude, the lyrics, the harmonic richness....its all there.

This will probably get taken down for copyright infringement, but its ok if it does...all im trying to do here is illustrate what a work of genius this is.

Little whizz kid mystified me
She was a New York City beat
She came on flash, monster mash
Motors in her feet
Now we moved out from Manhattan
To her home on the Brooklyn Heights
Her dad's a street punk and her mum's a drunk
But we made out alright
Far far from home, oh I felt so alone
Could not spin to the speed of the city
Oh send me my ticket, I'm too scared to stick
With my little whizz kid - such a pity
Now she really tried her hardest
Just to make me leave the band
She even hired a toy "rent-a-boy"
Straight from a Times Square stand
Oh thank you little whizz kid
But me and my friends gotta eat
So get back to school or the typing pool
Just get yourself out on the street
Send you victorious, happy and glorious
You got the stardust, the sawdust, and the smile
Don't lose your sting, how I'd hate you to swing
Oh my little whizz kid, you got such a style
She's a cute super sleeper
She don't dive in deeper
A natural leaper, she don't let people pass
Watch out for the auto-mite
Quick or she's outta sight
Oh my whizz kid, you know you're such a gas
Such a gas

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May 10th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 104, Tom Bukovac, “The Queen’s Chair”

00:00 - Nasty old blues, soloing intro jam
05:31 - Hello, class! / Blowing up amp
05:55 - Thanks to everone / Session update
06:27 - Lynryd Skynyrd - Working for MCA / Bending tonic lesson
07:40 - Tony Iommi - War Pigs / Root note bend lesson
08:50 - Blues playing
09:08 - Session update

A brief chat on bending the tonic note and an inside look at todays one of a 3 day project

Session log:
Monday 5/10/21
Sound Emporium Studio in Nashville TN

Artist: Dave Hause
Producer: Will Hoge
Engineer: David Axelrod
Sadler Vaden: guitar
Chris Powell: drums
Gary Tallent: bass
Billy Justineau: keys
Me: guitar

Thanks for watching!

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April 11th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 102, Tom Bukovac, “Smear Chopper”

00:00 - Rock jamming with bends
05:05 - Hello, class!
05:17 - Thanks for 100 & 101 shows
06:00 - "Never fronted a band" / Orbiting
07:16 - Eastlake / Gildan
07:43 - Gibson "Chopper" / Trace Foster
08:47 - Tweed Deluxe / Pedals / Rock playing
09:40 - Duesenberg giveaway at show / Thanks

Sunday post gig reflections and some gratuitous smears on an ugly old chopper that has stolen my heart.

Sincere thanks to all you Homeskoolers for your undying support.

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April 4th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 99 1/2, Tom Bukovac, “The New Fifths”

00:00 - Slow, mellow greatness
03:36 - Sliding 4ths lesson
04:55 - Hello, Homeskoolers
05:15 - Potentional new scene / playing
06:34 - Thanks / 100th Episode show
07:26 - Sliding 4ths lesson revisited

It’s just your weird uncle checkin in from sunny downtown Nashville TN to say Happy Easter to my dear Homeskoolin’ class....and to also bore you to sleep with a brief discussion on sliding 4ths.

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March 4th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 96, Tom Bukovac, “Open Door”

00:00 - Hall and Oates type intro
02:18 - Hello, class!
02:30 - Soloing over bass, rhythm loop
05:03 - Solo
05:15 - Welcome / Ziggy's Art Studio print
06:26 - Muscle Shoals
09:10 - Jam in key of B lesson
11:13 - 2014 Fender 5 String P-Bass
12:05 - Bass lesson

How do you make a Nashville session bassist cringe??
Ask him if he has a 5 string.

Hi guys

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January 31st, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 88, Tom Bukovac, “The Tank”

00:00 - '58 Les Paul straight into '59 Bassman / Life, Sex & Death - Tank
01:15 - Hello, class!
03:23 - VCB / How's Farmland?
04:07 - Disappointed teacher?
04:34 - Rare cut / Learning chords?
06:17 - Sports Bar Blues
07:20 - Drummers: Musical vs. Groove / Song sense
09:46 - Casino movie
10:20 - Keeping guitars in tune (always nut)
13:32 - Trivial raffle / Name This Riff

A brief discussion on blues, jazz and tuning....Cleveland style.

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January 16th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 86, Tom Bukovac, “....And Other Things”

00:00 - Rocking intro jam
02:03 - Hello, class!
04:12 - VCB / Enjoy music you play?
04:38 - Come up with parts you don't like?
05:59 - Pet peeves / Sympathetic ringing
07:42 - Another YouTube guy - Doug Rappoport
08:23 - Anchor picking hand
09:20 - Maple fretboards? / '57 Fender Esquire
10:43 - Micing techniques
12:49 - Joe Walsh inspired string bending lesson

A brief chat on the Browns, string bending and a little mod that all us old guys to our old Rickenbackers.

48k subscribers??? Say what???

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December 5th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 81, Tom Bukovac, “Up The Neck”

00:00 - Rock intro lick jam
03:09 - Hello, class!
05:20 - VCB / Wintertime guitar storage
07:54 - Miracle pedalboard sound
08:43 - Session effects switching
11:09 - Bad Company - Shooting Star / Dark sound lesson
12:48 - Back and forth between chords / Adding thumb bass note

A brief chat on tone, a rarely seen in nature bent note finger tap, and a look at “putting out fires” on your pedalboard.

Oh...and thanks to all the class members who came to Uncle Larry’s defense yesterday in the VCB when our old joyless buddy Mr. Fizz flat out insulted my dear wife. Fizzy was promptly “pinned to the wall of mockery” (as your dear classmate Danny pointed out) and subsequently fizzed out somethin’ terrible.

Love to all...happy Saturday lads

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November 15th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 78, “Uncle Larry’s Slight Return”

00:00 - Intro up-tempo blues jam
01:55 - Hello, class!
02:49 - ' 69 Gibson Les Paul
03:47 - Thank you for gear
04:14 - VCB / Position of guitar on lap
05:30 - American Politics discussions?
06:30 - Shoulder of pick
07:05 - Appreciation as you get older / Jerry Lee Lewis song
08:36 - Bob Seger - Rick Veato
10:42 - Compliments to the Session Man / Little arpeggiating lesson
12:14 - Totally exposed / Iron Man / Heated battle
14:04 - Crazy blues lick lesson

Heres a little tune called "I Always Pictured You Wearing Pants (part two)"
Glad to be back...happy Sunday to all.
Go to Farmland!!!

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October 22nd, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 75, Tom Bukovac, “The Missing Piece”

00:00 - Eminence Front type loop jam
02:03 - Hello, class!
03:57 - '58 Les Paul
04:04 - Viewer Comment Bin / Kids books
05:29 - Pure joy of playing
08:04 - Strat bridge setup / Jeff Senn
09:26 - Trigger Hippy gear
10:28 - Good job, "Bloke"
11:09 - 3 part loop lesson / stretch chord

A brief discussion on children’s books and Stratocaster bridges. Limited edition signed prints available at

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October 3rd, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 72, Tom Bukovac, “Supa Fuzz”

00:00 - You Can't Kill Rock and Roll intro
02:08 - Hello, class!
04:45 - Viewer Comment Bin
05:03 - '58 Les Paul / Tone machine
05:34 - Learning by ear
06:58 - Making charts
09:21 - Help by Homeskoolin'
10:02 - Engineer disliking tone?
12:33 - "Classmate is off his meds" / Non-corporate response
14:34 - You Can't Kill Rock and Roll lesson

A brief explanation of my intense love for the 1981 Ozzy Osbourne song “You Can’t Kill Rock And Roll”....and a look inside the topsy turvy world known as the “viewer comment bin”....

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September 27th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 71, Tom Bukovac, “Strange Daze”

00:00 - People Are Strange intro
00:46 - Hello, class!
02:00 - Viewer Comment Bin / Ads
02:34 - Session Man vs. Homeskoolin'?
04:02 - Melodic playing / Solo: Rhythm or Melody
06:13 - "No idea what you are talking about."
06:54 - Question Guy / Humor
07:44 - Who's iconic guitarist, but not for you?
08:27 - The Doors
09:34 - Great record making / RHCP - Under the Bridge
11:37 - People Are Strange lesson

A brief look at one of my favorite solos of all time and a deep dive into the VCB.

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August 30th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 66, Tom Bukovac, “Faux Acoustic”

00:00 - Clean intro jam
02:09 - Hello, class!
02:25 - Les Paul Jr. / Volume control
03:30 - Dave Stewart record
04:35 - Ukelele / "Off-brand"
05:21 - Cooper Time Cube delay
06:10 - Viewer Comment Bin / Multiple instruments?
08:28 - Music store etiquette / Young hipster story
10:50 - Chords / Yes - Wurm reminiscent lesson

A brief examination of the wonders of the volume control on an old Les Paul Junior. Thanks for watching the show my dear Homeskoolers.

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July 22nd, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 56, Tom Bukovac, “Simple Cleveland Man”

00:00 - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man Intro
01:07 - Hello, class!
02:20 - "VCB" - Viewer Comment Bin
02:56 -  Chord, melody tangents
06:46 - Live vs Studio playing
08:05 - Homeskoolin' song decisions
08:49 - Simple Man lesson (the lift)

A brief examination of an otherworldly occurrence that took place near Jacksonville Florida almost 50 years ago.

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July 15th, 2020

Homeskoolin Volume 53, Tom Bukovac, “And All We Have To Do Is Sing Along”

00:00 - Intro jam
02:36 - Hello, class!
05:56 - Viewer Comment Bin / Uncle Larry origin
06:58 - COTCS - Church of the Cosmic Skulls
07:44 - Favorite thing to watch / Playing
09:11 - Chord stretch
09:41 - R&B loop jam
10:56 - Rock and Roll drum intro

A brief look into R and B in A...homeskoolin merch available at

June 28th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 47, Tom Bukovac, “Here Comes The Sunn”

00:00 - Intro Lennon jam
02:24 - Hello, class!
04:57 - Perfect song, perfect moment

06:40 - Viewer Comment Bin / Beer drinking
07:34 - Getting lost in work / Tracking
08:34 - Play a lot of styles / Chameleon
10:00 - John Lennon - Mind Games lesson
12:08 - Sunn amps

A brief discussion on a fabulous post Beatle achievement.

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