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December 5th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 81, Tom Bukovac, “Up The Neck”

00:00 - Rock intro lick jam
03:09 - Hello, class!
05:20 - VCB / Wintertime guitar storage
07:54 - Miracle pedalboard sound
08:43 - Session effects switching
11:09 - Bad Company - Shooting Star / Dark sound lesson
12:48 - Back and forth between chords / Adding thumb bass note

A brief chat on tone, a rarely seen in nature bent note finger tap, and a look at “putting out fires” on your pedalboard.

Oh...and thanks to all the class members who came to Uncle Larry’s defense yesterday in the VCB when our old joyless buddy Mr. Fizz flat out insulted my dear wife. Fizzy was promptly “pinned to the wall of mockery” (as your dear classmate Danny pointed out) and subsequently fizzed out somethin’ terrible.

Love to all...happy Saturday lads

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May 9th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 24, Tom Bukovac, “The Jones’s”

00:00 - Acoustic Beatles Intro
00:18 - Welcome / Waking up On Your Own
02:17 - Beatles acoustic lesson
03:08 - Great endings / "End a Phrase"
06:30 - Pedalboard / Non-traditional guitar sounds
08:29 - Joe Baldridge story and overdubs
10:49 - Acoustic guitar / LEON?
12:08 - Be among the greats

A brief early morning stroll down memory lane. Homeskoolin' t shirts available at Homeskoolin’ tip jar: PayPal
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