June 1st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Dobro Jones”

00:00 - Folk Bobby McGee
02:30 - Beard Dobro / Wade Bowen record

I will never forget what my dear old grandmother used to say over and over when I was a very young lad..

“Son, all I ask is that you remember me this one thing…if any human being on this earth ever figures out a way to build a round neck resonator guitar that is actually properly intonated, PLEASE promise me you will buy one”

Thank you Paul Beard
Thank you Gruhn Guitars

I swear 3 different times in the last month I have been in the studio and this exact scenario has happened…

Producer: “man a resonator would be fucking killer on this track, did anybody bring one?”

Collective guitar players:
(Sheepishly) “Uhhh…no”

Well those days are over friends

And….do you guys remember a while back when Duke Levine was in town and we were working on a record together?
Well it’s finally out….and Jedd is on it too.


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