June 3rd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam “Doublewide”

00:00 - Beautiful goodnight lullabye

Uncle Larry strums one for all you night owls after a long day of sessioneering and a couple “reebs” (as Brad Pitt once said in that great old movie "Kalifornia")

had a blissful day today creating with your typical four piece band, except every guy in it is a record producer...

May 1st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 303, Tom Bukovac, “Father And Son”

00:00 - Putting the chords back in music
03:21 - Good morning, Homeskoolers'! / Gretsch 6120 White Falcon
03:45 - "Listen to that amp"
05:00 - Thanks for Guthrie record
06:00 - Scars of the face and stories / "His name is Robert Paulson" (Fight Club)
09:00 - Kids' lesson / Keeping kids from seeing what they shouldn't see
11:41 - Lesson: Tough guy chords / Cheesy 3rds / Tough guy E [0 2 2 4 0 0] / Connector E [4 x 2 4 x x]
15:30 - Going through the Guthrie record

Uncle Larry talks about every man’s worst fear…trying to shield their children from the horrors that come through ALL the screens…the screens are EVERYWHERE and they are relentless

Link for new record

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and totally unrelated, if you want to take an unfortunate look at what REAL crazy actually looks like, dig some of this...every day it's something different with this guy....he comes after me, tim pierce, guthrie, rhett shull etc..... crazy is all around us everywhere...i'm so used to it i barely notice it anymore, but this guy has a particularly big mouth and he is extra annoying.

oy...just be careful putting yourself out there people..if you can't handle weirdos you should seriously consider another line of work.

May 1 Tom Bukovac CHALLENGED by GRAND...

on a much brighter note, here is a fuckin cool track from an amazing album that came out 20 years ago that sadly no one ever heard....this record was way ahead of its time
Soul Back

January 20th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “The Smoking Lounge”

00:00 - Some effects and somber playing

Late night Larry and some expensive chords...

so...if you like the sound of this amp email my main man Ebo:

and talk to him about it....his soldering iron never goes cold, even in this weather

oh, and call him Eric, that’s his real name, it will freak him out totally…his wife and i are the only people that call him that

you will not regret it…and yes that amazing sounding spring reverb you are hearing is coming from that naughty little amp...this garish old 62 white falcon is plugged straight in

October 6th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ “I Always Pictured You Wearing Pants Part 14”

00:00 - Just amazing composition

Three truths and a chord

September 28th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Cereal Box Blues”

00:00 - Beautiful playing to start the day

A typical 6:45am before school moment at the house. “Boys, are your computers charged?”

June 25th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 152, “Uncle Larry's Pet Falcon Pt 2”

00:00 - Part 2 of the Gretsch playing

Same guitar, different shirt…stick around to the end if you wanna learn my favorite alltime blues lick. Thank you guys for all the kind words and support friends.

June 25th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Jam “Seymour Butts Blues”

00:00 - Melodic playing along with some blues

Well lads, remember when i got this newish white falcon a while back? I bonded with the guitar right away but quickly realized that the pickups it came with were lifeless crap and did not do “the Gretsch thing” that i have come to expect out of old Filtertrons.

I have owned hundreds of old Gretsches in my life…i always love the sound of the old Filtertrons but i gave up trying to fight with the guitars years ago. That old 6120 i had in the rig rundown thing i did was the final straw. Even in the rig rundown vid the thing was out of tune haha…but it still sounded good, like all old Gretsches do.

As i always say about the old Gretsches…the sound and the looks were never the problem, its just everything else.

I recently picked up a cadillac green 60 country club in a package deal of guitars that i immediately sold to dearest Jedd Hughes....he loves it, it's a cool guitar, but before i sold it i compared the pickups in i to the ones in this new white falcon. as I suspected, the old ones absolutely destroyed these new ones.

So at that point i considered just selling this white falcon….but before i did i asked Jeff Senn if he knew of any new filtertrons that really have that clean high end low output sparkle of the old ones. I normally do not like tv jones filtertrons from my past experiences with them, because i do not like high output tough guy dark sounding filtertrons…i like my filtertons like i like my coffee, super weak and airy with sparkly top end, as God intended.

So Jeff suggested i try these tv jones “Ray Butts high fidelity” model pickups, cuz it's the closest he has heard to the real thing. Thank you Jeff, you were right. Nick Drushel at Glasers put them in for me and wallah…that great old Filtertron tone on a guitar that stays in tune, has the frets in the right place, and does not have the binding crumbling off… Its an all around win.


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