June 28th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Friday Short “Uncle Shreddy’s Barn”

00:00 - Playing the shit out of the Fernandes Telecaster

Blues in E...you gotta stick your tongue out like Michael Jordan if you wanna play this one.

TGIF friends

This one goes out to my man CC Deville

and totally unrelated but fascinating...wow...sooo many problems with these rolling automatic dishwashers...

June 27th, 2024

00:00 - Ocean Way Studios tour
01:19 - Fernandes Telecaster / Change strings / Great conversation

An unexpected visit from legendary pedal steel player Danny Dugmore…as well as a quick cameo from Bryan Sutton and Jerry Roe

Danny has been credited on records in the past under the alias “Mud Ogre” which of course is a re-arrangement of the letters in his last name

As you can clearly see, one of the sweetest dudes to ever put in a set of headphones…he is a dear cherished friend.

He is absolutely ordained in this town…EVERYONE loves Danny, and if you ever heard someone talking shit on him, you would immediately know that person is a total asshole.

June 20th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 318, Tom Bukovac, “How To Write A Song”

00:00 - Eagles - Victim of Love
01:16 - What's up class!
01:42 - '73-74 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe chopper / Doug Jarrell (Rumbleseat)
03:35 - Fernandes Telecaster
05:00 - New house / '70 Monte Carlo for sale
06:33 - D'Addario endorsement and buying strings/ Goodrich volume pedal / Thanks
08:00 - How do you write songs? / Building songs
10:00 - Have your interest in guitars waning? / Goldtop and Burst are the top / Total instruments (less than 50)
12:23 - Thoughts on tribute bands? (Fairweather)
15:00 - Pop song chords vs Jazz song
17:15 - Listening to Genesis / Conditioned to listen to 4 chords music

Thanks for watching friends

I wanted to give a sincere thank you to Doug Jarrell for the fine work on my instruments

To D’Addario and Andy Pitcher for the supplies

To the boys at Goodrich Sound for the bangin’ new volume pedal.

Upcoming things to look out for:

In Stereo vinyl will be here in early July, appreciate your patience on that

There are still a handful of tickets left for the Guthrie and Uncle Larry record release parties in august 16 and 17…it’s about to be sold out

There are still tickets around if you wanna come see old Larry plunkin in the band behind Vince Gill at the Ryman for a few nights August 1-4

Guthrie and I are going to Hotlanta next week to film an episode with Rick Beato talking about our new record as well, so keep an eye out for that too friends

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June 18th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “I Always Pictured You Wearing Pants” (part 15)

00:00 - Beautiful ascension

Get on that great big escalator to the sky with Uncle Larry


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