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April 29th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 302, Tom Bukovac “Boilin’ Frogs”

00:00 - Cruising in the Monte
00:45 - Playing some uplifting tunes with a loop
04:10 - Hello, friends! / Thomas Joseph Bukovac / East Lake Public School shout out / Boys update
06:39 - SPAM calls
07:10 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Pete Townshend or Rose
07:41 - Hardest thing you had to do on a session? / Sessioneering, being a prostitute, and picky
12:06 - Trippy effect / In the face of negativity and insight into lashing out / Focus on the positive
14:39 - The Gear Page thread twist into personal attacks / Darkness in the world and focusing on the positive
19:06 - Saying something fucked up / Teddy Boy
20:15 - Lesson: Burning fast lick / Gibson Maestro

I remember my dear old friend Tony Lucido talking a while back about how all the stress and pressure of this modern world just keeps getting ratcheted up higher and higher….

I remember him saying “we are all just boiling frogs man”….

Hahaaa…so can anyone out there relate to that???

…if truer words have ever been spoken I’d sure as hell like to hear them…

Stay strong friends…a lot of this shit is actually not our fault.

not to sound TOO cliche….but like I always tell my boys….you just gotta zoom out and try to get some perspective about where your own personal problems fall inside the BIG picture of real problems….

and you GOTTA TRY to focus on the positive

February 28th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Session Update “Darrell Ellis Blues”

00:00 - Hunt for Goldtop owner?

Apparently he lived in Iowa most of his life and died in 2015…if anyone out there has any info about him please tell me.

February 2nd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Gear Bonus “Quality Control”

00:00 - Playing the Gibson Theodore again
01:13 - Follow up video about the Ted guitar
01:45 - Gibson Theodore - Bridge pickup and acoustically / Music City Bridge impending
03:33 - Gibson SG - Comparison acoustically
04:11 - Gibson SG - Bridge pickup
05:48 - Gibson Theodore again
06:53 - Gibson SG again
07:45 - Gibson Theodore again
08:00 - Matchless Chieftain
08:25 - Gibson Theodore - Neck pickup
08:50 - Gibson SG - Neck pickup
09:25 - Gibson Theodore again
09:57 - Gibson Theodore cleanup
10:31 - Gibson SG cleanup
12:08 - Gibson Theodore - Neck pickup, cleanup again

A very rare gear-centric Homeskoolin' episode for ya.

however, this little opening tune goes out to my dear old friend Carmen Vandenberg.

As promised, Larry does a follow-up video after raising up the bridge pickup so you can hear this new Gibson Theodore as it is supposed to sound..…and while he was at it, he thought maybe he should compare it with some ancient golden age Honduran Hog. ...so maybe then we might all learn somethin'....

Let Larry know what you guys think in your comments.

Apologies as usual for the shit iPhone recording...corporate clearly realizes that it makes critical listening a bit "challenging"

If you guys like these videos and are looking to throw a little something in the tip jar to help the cause, you can do so here

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if anyone wants to take over ownership of this 1995 Matchless Chieftain 2x10" combo they can do so my emailing me at tombukovac@gmail.com
i am only asking 3200 cash....pretty fair for some old Samsonite people

the amp has spring reverb too praise Him

January 31st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 271, Tom Bukovac “Orange County Blossom Special”

00:00 - Intro playing
01:39 - Starship Trooper from Cleveland / Dan Auerbach / Thanks
03:03 - LA Duesenberg trip
04:25 - Shitty glasses
04:54 - Joey Landreth / Duesenberg Germans
06:00 - Rick Beato / Lovers and haters / Teddy Boy & Silviu
08:12 - Gibson Theodore
09:45 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Peavey Amps
10:20 - How loud do you like to play? / Tinnitus / 100W Marshalls (Valve Power)
11:15 - "Music sounded better when I was younger" / Shawn Colvin - Polaroids / Frank Zappa
13:07 - Pedal reviews / Hologram - Chroma Console
14:00 - Today's guitar player (need more rhythm and balls)

Uncle Larry takes you through the last week or so of life as a session man and makes a psychic prediction about the future value of the world’s latest “lawsuit guitar”….

so we have a lot of new viewers recently

here's the real inside shit folks...i NEVER ask anyone to subscribe or "smash that like button"....

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a person could potentially purchase a myriad of Homeskoolin' related merch..including several different extremely comfortable and nice feeling T-shirts and some beautifully constructed coffee mugs for those afflicted with thin lips...i pride myself on having the comfiest t shirts on earth...no scratchy bad fitting horseshit here people.. check it out at

AND....believe it or not....i have a new website people....an actual proper website.

You can see all kinds of weird old photos there, you can also purchase a download of the live concert i did last December if you like.

A lot of these very same new viewers don't seem to know that Uncle Larry made a couple records that they could potentially listen to... one is an instrumental solo record called "Plexi Soul" that is available here:

another is an instrumental collaboration with his dear friend Dean Deleo (originally from the Stone Temple Pilots organization) that is available here:

November 25th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Volume 259, Tom Bukovac, “The Black Cup”

00:00 - Yes - Starship Trooper / Steve Howe - Close to the Edge
04:44 - All about flange / Ibanez, Electric Mistress / Nervous talk
06:00 - Blue Electric Mistress
07:08 - Green Electric Mistress
08:36 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Old photo of the 'mailbox letter burst'
10:27 - '62 Gretsch White Falcon
11:29 - New neon light
12:25 - Guild guitars
15:26 - Old Marshall amps (Plexi) hard to find
16:10 - Name Versus Game (vs.)

Uncle Larry takes a look at some 70s analog flanger pedals and answers some VCB

October 19th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Bonus "Blues For Paul Hornung"

00:00 - Some fuckin' great rauchy sounds!
05:13 - Hello, friends! / Mister Vertigo sent a pedal
05:48 - Electronic Audio Experiments - Citadel demo
08:03 - Firebird video thanks / Firebird Prototype
09:00 - Doug and Pat Show
09:43 - Football cards

I have always been a huge fan of the gorgeous dissonant rub of sliding two note scales...there is so much good shit in there, and NO ONE does it....but i do it....cuz i think it sounds fuckin' cool.

check out this pedal kids....i can't find a single thing to complain about with it...and that is pretty rare.

THANK YOU TO ALL you sweethearts for all the recent PayPal and Venmo donations...i really appreciate the comments saying that you guys are getting a lot out of these videos.

Well, ya' know, i never got to replace CC in Poison... which was my dream all along.

i might have failed the BIG dream...but at least i can show you guys a few licks now that I'm old

August 23rd, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 238, "El Tio Larry Es Genial"

00:00 - Rocking away / Boys are Back / Back to rockin' it
04:22 - Intonation / Howya doing friends!
05:55 - What you can do when a guitar is intonated
08:45 - Bridge / Wound G string
11:00 - Hermanos Gutierrez amazing guitarists
13:45 - How personal the guitar is / Sonic fingerprint
16:00 - Playing / Start a YouTube channel
18:00 - Quaratine start in 2020 and Homeskoolin' start
19:00 - Technology and learning new shit / Dogs watch TV
21:06 - Lesson: Cool licks with a Larry lick / Playing

Uncle Larry takes a deep tuning exploration on a guitar that was made before the Beatles played on Ed Sullivan

Check out these amazing cats..

did you know that once you officially steal 100 cool chords from this channel, you are required to donate something to the PayPal tip jar?

the PayPal address is tombukovac@gmail.com

test pressings of Plexi Soul vinyl showed up yesterday....did you hear that??

August 7th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Bryan & Brent”

00:00 - What it takes to be a studio musician
05:00 - Gear / Telecaster
13:55 - Lesson: "Show Us A Cool Lick"
16:00 - Tanya Tucker lick
26:45 - Best pedals?

Hello class, I am fortunate enough to hang with these two legendary cats today, who were kind enough to let me ask a few poignant questions.


August 4th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 234, Tom Bukovac, "Ernie Davis Blues"

00:00 - Beautiful chord strumming intertwined with some magic
03:05 - Hello, friends! / Early morning / NFL - Browns vs. Jets
04:00 - Fucking football song
04:34 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / What is favorite football card sets
05:12 - 1962 Topps football set
07:04 - '64 Gibson J-50 / Intonation
08:00 - Adjustable saddle for acoustic
09:09 - Intonation - "Death Chord" (E with no 3rd [0 7 9 9 0 0])
10:57 - Correction on Marshall amp (Swtichable 20 Watt to 5 Watts) / Vertical Marshall cabs
12:05 - Do you use compressors?
14:05 - What's bugging you lately? Guitar lessons are supposed to hurt a bit - bright light
14:35 - Fretboard Journal
15:14 - 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo / Burnouts and speeding tickets
16:08 - Epic intro
16:32 - Epiphone Al Caiola
17:00 - John Carpenter's "Christine" movie
17:52 - Orchestra ensemble - guitar is a percussive instrument
19:40 - Vinnie Bell and Dan Auerbach
20:30 - Old Ampegs
23:05 - Advice for a certain young guitarist / What level you want to be at
26:20 - The Gear Page comment / It is all work

Uncle Larry slaves over a hot slab of VCB....and waxes rhapsodic about the virtues of the infamous black border 1962 Topps football set.

warning, this track has been known to cause involuntary ass shaking....

July 30th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 232, Tom Bukovac, "Ice Breaker Blues"

00:00 - That playing that hits you right there
03:39 - Hello, friends! / Early morning Larry
04:00 - Lesson: Old Larry trick with a lot of Soul (2 chord progression)
06:30 - Thank yous
08:45 - Robert Keeley - Nobel Screamer / Halo
09:20 - Guitar nerd chat / Support your pedal friends
12:15 - Goodbye to Donnie Baker
12:55 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Jim Irsay Boston gig
13:45 - Peter Wolfe
14:24 - Selling gear? Buying?
15:45 - Car shopping with motorhead Scank
16:40 - '61 Fender Telecaster / Callaham stainless steel compensated saddles
17:51 - Telecasters happening in the '60s
19:20 - Slab board (Brazilian fretboard)
19:45 - Super low pickup height / Selector
20:20 - Mud cap and playing it as a bass / Playing
22:12 - 1970 Monte Carlo

Uncle Larry answers some VCB and talks about his favorite "soundcheck song".

Here is some CLASSIC Donnie Baker for anyone who doesn't know....

rest in peace brother

if you guys feel led to throw something in the jar...
my PayPal address is tombukovac@gmail.com

June 7th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Field Trip, “The Jeff Senn Guitar Laboratory”

00:00 - Intro to Jeff Senn / Weight
01:10 - Gig bag stains the guitar / Synthetic materials interaction
02:30 - John Suhr
03:00 - Tom's Senn Strat backstory / DiMarzio Virtual Vintage / Maple neck
04:43 - Headstock story & backstory of meeting
06:30 - Relic'd guitars
09:15 - Wear pattern and cartoonish looks
14:45 - Building the guitar
15:40 - Maple neck into rosewood fretboard / headstock
21:00 - Amount of Senn guitars
21:47 - Pickups in the guitar / Ilitch
24:15 - The reveal / Lollar Blackface / '64s
28:10 - Eric Johnson / The Gear Page / Myths - hear it, it is true
31:27 - Single 12" combo amp and switching wiring on speaker / Speaker on side
34:40 - Sound is only 1 thing in a guitar / Professional athlete analogy and finding differences in equipment
35:35 - Finding inspiration
36:25 - Pool cue & tool analogies
39:45 - How do I get a Jeff Senn guitar?
43:00 - Tour of shop and gear
47:45 - Jeff Senn bridge for Silvertone / Continued tour

Larry takes a trip to visit his dear old friend Jeff Senn.

May 11th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 215, Tom Bukovac, "Orange Skin Blues"

00:00 - Some Country playing and whammy bar playing
02:45 - Hello, class!
03:33 - Guitar picks / Rolling Rock pick / Favorite
05:38 - '62 Strat / Wang bars (Vibrato vs. Tremolo) / Leo Fender
07:25 - Talent show at son's school (Back In Black)
07:48 - Lesson: Wang bars (whammy bar, trem, vibrato) and how to use it
09:40 - Floating the bar
10:18 - Different position
10:45 - Setting up a wang bar and measurement
12:10 - Gretsch Sparkle Jet with Bigsby measurement
14:11 - Subtle effect
15:33 - Teddy Boy! altercation / Totalling up guitar expenditure / Brian May
19:20 - Pickup height
20:15 - Thanks
21:21 - Plexi Soul CDs
21:45 - Music City Bridge
23:20 - Go practice!  "Stop watching The Gear Page"

Uncle Larry addresses a major problem in the guitar culture...a complete and total misunderstanding of what that shiny metal bar that sticks out of your bridge is supposed to do.

Thanks for watching kids, i mean it

Paypal tip jar is tombukovac@gmail.com

Venmo tip jar is @Tom-Bukovac-1

May 9th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 214, Tom Bukovac, "The Viking Scale"

00:00 - Jamming on some strings
01:13 - Demonstration of ashtray (faraday cage) on a guitar (with and without)
02:00 - Hello / Box of Rock rehousing / Greg Voros coffee
03:08 - Speed playing around
03:28 - Lesson: "The Viking Scale"
04:12 - "Original Ace Hendrix Strap"
04:35 - '54 Esquire / Playing
05:45 - Ashtray cover back on comparison
05:58 - Pedals (Simulate ashtray cover / Snare rattle)
06:44 - Joe Glaser & Music City Bridge cool idea
07:15 - Tele bridge pickup in guitar demo
08:16 - Steel guitar playing / Waylon Jennings
09:13 - "Learn how to fix a Wurlitzer"
09:30 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Ebo comedic timing
10:00 - Grammar helping a viewer / Session players humor and getting serious
11:45 - Bohemian Grove
13:22 - Double slide / Learning new tricks
14:17 - Lesson: New trick / Doubling track
16:37 - The Gear Page and the ODR-1 / Social Media is not cool

Uncle Larry filets and pan fries the VCB and plunks around on a nice old slab of golden age Fullerton Fender.

May 9th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Session Update “Fro-ceanway”

00:00 - Laying down a solo for the Guthrie Trapp project
02:00 - Rolling Rock and the bottle vs. can beer taste story
04:20 - Vertex pedals (Boost) and The Gear Page comments

5/8/23....Donelson Tennessee

The last piece of the overdub puzzle to complete the 11 track instrumental LP that your dear old Uncle Larry is making with guitar slinging prodigy Guthrie Trapp…which will soon be in a theatre near you.

Co starring Eric “Ebo” Borash, Brandon Bell and the world's lightest 1966 Fender Telecaster.

oh, and totally unrelated, try to watch this whole thing without getting all queasy or getting sweaty palms....

May 1st, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Road Update “Antiques Roadshow”

00:00 - Tour of the stage
01:04 - Terence Higgins
01:31 - Willie Nelson's rig
01:45 - Waylon
02:28 - Neil Young's rig

A look at a legendary venue and some old gear that has DEFINITELY been around….Willie’s amp and Neil’s first automated roadie.

April 29th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Update From The Road

00:00 - Behind the scenes
01:35 - Gear rig tour
05:17 - Rental gear setup & tour

On the left coast with dearest Eric Hanson covering all that goes on with a typical house band gig.

April 14th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 211, Tom Bukovac, "The Power Of Delegation"

00:00 - Annie Lenox - No More I Love You's into a version of Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
02:14 - Hello from Uncle Larry / Johnny McBride shoot
03:48 - Dave Stewart story (Delegation power)
05:28 - Professionals
07:00 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / The Gear Page donation thanks
08:00 - "2 Kinds of people in this world" / Try to thank all patronage
09:45 - "Who's the impossible musician?" (Hint: song 10:17)
10:33 - Church video and Gretsch guitar (Possibly for sale)
11:45 - Song played at your funeral (Peter Gabriel - Indigo)
12:35 - "Bursting into flames going into church" deserves a "fuck-off"
13:33 - Annie Lenox - No More I Love You's
14:10 - Most common comment? (1 guitar & 1 amp) / Twilight Zone / NFL card
16:36 - Cleveland socks
17:15 - Lesson: "No More I Love You's" (Bass notes makes it expensive sounding)

Uncle Larry tells us about the two kinds of people in this world.

April 11th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 210, Tom Bukovac, "He Came From Somewhere Back In Her Long Ago"

00:00 - Pickin' with the best of them
04:04 - Hello, friends! / Trip The Witch mugs
05:00 - Some amazing picking ascending into finger picking
06:02 - Lesson: Cool lick
06:52 - Twang like a Jazzmaster / Mosrite Combo
07:28 - Back to picking
08:54 - 50% hit ratio on licks
09:25 - Sweet gifts (NFL puzzles, Spuds lamp)
11:50 - The Gear Page comments
13:20 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Percentage of wankers?
14:57 - Certain artists' insecurity / Having a good time / Dan Auerbach
17:10 - Building your own studio?
17:58 - The Gear Page comedy / Chumbawamba
19:27 - Trip The Witch with Dean DeLeo / Guthrie project

Uncle Larry damn near strangles this poor old 64 Jazzy to death in a desperate search to find the lost chord.

Followed by an awkward transition into the VCB.

Trip the witch mugs available here

April 10th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 209, Tom Bukovac, "Instacart Blues"

00:00 - Song with chords - Remeber that?
02:40 - What's up cats! / Worn in fret job
04:30 - Thanks for past videos (John McBride & Gruhn)
05:41 - Lesson: Trip The Witch - Saturn We Miss You (C, Ebadd9, Cm7, Abadd9)
07:59 - Everyone moving to Nashville (Nash Angeles)
11:00 - Instacart
11:53 - Do you miss analog tape?
14:37 - The Gear Page
19:16 - Uncle Larry is always drunk!

Uncle Larry waxes rhapsodic about many topics...plus an in depth VCB examination.

April 6th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 208, Tom Bukovac, "How To Properly Match Your Shirt To Your Guitar"

00:00 - Fingerstyle guitar
03:30 - Hi guys / Quick morning beer / Fun days
05:23 - Twitch with the Wook and Guthrie
06:30 - Back to guitar playing
07:20 - Gruhn's videos / John McBride (Blackbird Studios)
09:40 - Lesson: Genesis - Supper's Ready
12:00 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / The Gear Page
13:12 - Dementia story and Homeskoolin' videos
14:40 - Favorite Song? / David Bowie & Freddie Mercury - Under Pressure
17:15 - Nice people comments / Sitting around music stores hanging out
18:28 - Music store stories (Ron Blair)
21:00 - Joe Jackson song and comments
21:43 - Corona Lesson videos
23:20 - Lesson: Tapping (Dark Side of the Moon)
25:50 - Lesson: Chord tapping / Eddie Van Halen taking off
27:40 - Muting / Learning process
30:00 - Lesson: Muting


Uncle Larry carryin' on with nary a comma today...to the point where he reaches double the time length of one of his "normal" videos....

here is the link for tonite's livestream with sweet Guthrie....which will start at roughly 8PM central.


and if you haven't checked out some of the exciting things happening with Homeskoolin' merch in a while, you can certainly do that here....

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