July 1st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 323, Tom Bukovac, “Mrs. Duckwiler? Please Hold My Calls”

00:00 - Raw Blues
02:32 - Hello, friends! / Squeaky chair / Leisrure Time Lager
03:37 - Thank you for donations / Churning out material
04:33 - Missing Episode 244
05:09 - Raw Dogging Flights (no entertainment on plane)
06:42 - Gibson Les Paul TV Junior (07:26 - story) / Brian Willis (Quarterflash)
08:29 - Gwen Stephani record and good P90 sound
10:13 - Recording tone Heaven with Goldtop (Starstruck Studios)
11:12 - Top 5 guitars / Cannot pick them out
13:50 - Great rhythm guitar track? / Ry Cooder (based entire rhythm guitar upon him)
16:00 - Lesson: Rhythm / Not putting your guitar volume on 10 / Germanium fuzz

Uncle Larry gets jiggy with an old 225 Parsons Street Firebird plugged into a forgotten old Epiphone tube amp with some particularly trashy reverb

Thank you guys for the continued support of my pitiful little homegrown channel....i hope you guys TRULY understand how much i appreciate the donations and the kind comments. it inspires me to continue on.

study this people...study it so much that it seeps into your soul and your playing.

people just played differently back in this era...musicians were speaking a much deeper more soulful language....and it was happening EVERYWHERE

the tulsa sound with the leon russell crew... the muscle shoals band...the memphis studio crew... the nashville sound...it was all so rhythmic and so musical

pay REALLY CLOSE attention to this pocket that these guys have cooking here.

so relaxed., so funky....the chug, the churn, the wobble of this rhythm section is just fucking unbelievable.
no it's certainly not "perfect", or even "precise".... but it's human as fuck...and it gets that booty shakin' more than a computer ever could.
just one of many great examples of the mature/wise beyond their years musical interplay that was commonplace back in these days...no big deal, it was just the way people played.

oh, and imagine this friends....these guys were all in their 20's when they did this shit

and TOTALLY unrelated, but equally as awesome....
you guys have all seen this before...but it's time to watch it again....pure comedic genius

June 30th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 322, Tom Bukovac, “Turn Me On, I’m A Sideman”

00:00 - Rockin out
06:05 - "Ebo" Tweed Deluxe / Magic settings / Granny wisdom
07:33 - Update
08:14 - Get on The Gear Page / Tendency to rush guitar playing (BobbyS) / Practicing "rests"
10:49 - Afraid of the holes and space in music
12:34 - Class Presentation turn out
13:40 - Tiny little world / Vice President (String Locker)
14:38 - Rick Beato interview
16:12 - Pompus in reviewing someone's guitar player
17:42 - Fix something on the house

Uncle Larry gives you some more deep early morning thoughts and heats up the tubes on a whipped old super late tweed deluxe (1961) that looks like someone peed on it.

if this channel is indeed a consistent source of musical ideas and concepts you regularly steal, please pay the toll at
tombukovac@gmail.com (paypal)
@Tom-Bukovac-1 (venmo)

it all helps my friends....i'm going broke trying to get the boys moved into a house that they are actually gonna want to invite their friends to when they are all old enough to drive and smoke weed out of a toilet paper roll with a hole punched in it...

now i need that grill that all the brats are gonna get cooked on...and the cut up vegetables that get grilled with a little olive oil and salt inside the tin foil....you know what i'm sayin'...

April 19th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Back In Tweed Deluxe City”

00:00 - Playing the keys
00:48 - Amp play through set up and speakers (Scank "Uncle Larry" / '61 Tweed / '58 Tweed)
01:31 - Gibson SG Special (Secret treble bleed)
01:55 - Scank "Uncle Larry" play through
02:35 - '61 Tweed play through
03:25 - '58 Tweed play through
04:00 - New to the Tweed and Blues
04:10 - Scank "Uncle Larry"
04:35 - '61 Tweed
05:13 - Thanks to viewer Ron
05:25 - '58 Tweed
05:51 - Speaker differences
06:12 - Negative feedback / Scank "Uncle Larry"
07:10 - '61 Tweed
07:25 - '58 Tweed
08:11 - Turn it to 2 / Tuning them in
08:50 - Scank "Uncle Larry" / Putting a mic on them
09:16 - '61 Tweed
09:31 - '58 Tweed
10:06 - Tom Bukovac & Guthrie Trapp - In Stereo

Uncle Larry’s old pal Mike “Scank” Scaggs shows us some Tweed Deluxes....old and new.


The Guthrie record is gonna be out in less than two weeks....the sound quality of the CD is unreal....looking forward to seeing what all you audiophiles with 50K stereos say.
Mixes by Brandon Bell and mastering by Eric Conn

AND....i just re-loaded 300 more new "Plexi Soul" CD's at guitar house in Tulsa if anyone wants one...

if you wanna check out one of Scank's tweed deluxes go here:

February 15th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 280, Tom Bukovac, “Twang Newton”

00:00 - Twanging
05:30 - Good morning / Flatwounds on the Duesenberg Danelectro
06:45 - Click bait videos
07:00 - New rented gear has no "danger" / Old pickups vs. new
08:08 - "Bent out of shape" guy "coming in hot!" - Pitch correction content
11:00 - Click bait != hot chicks / "Sounds good" compliment
11:45 - 99% of tone is in your hands / 1% in gear is very important / Inspiration factor
13:28 - Red Gibson Firebird I
14:10 - T-Shirt drawer and how many t-shirts
14:35 - We are here for the content
14:52 - Fender Tweed Deluxe / With mic
16:10 - Getting old / Old crappy equipment looks good / MIJ Fender Strat
17:35 - Japanese Tele with Van Zant
18:49 - Blackguard Teles
19:57 - Pitch correction on Rolling Stones record?

Uncle Larry, sans click bait, with some early mornin’ flat wound twang served up Southern style on a cheapo guitar…

February 9th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ “EXTREMELY Rare and Unexpected Gear Related Bonus Video”

00:00 - Hello, friends! / Mini-humbuckers vs. Firebird pickups
01:25 - Mini-humbucker, bridge, tone on 10 demo (Les Paul)
02:36 - Firebird pickup, bridge, tone on 10 demo (Firebird)
03:30 - What do we notice? / Differences
04:06 - Nobels & Firebird pickup
05:00 - Nobels & Mini-humbucker

Your dear uncle shines some light on the age old comparison between “firebird pickups” and “regular mini humbuckers” as they are known on the street.

so...what do YOU hear dear Homeskoolers??

Test notes:
a) both guitars tuned down a half step and outfitted with only the finest roundwound strings.

b) a 1954 fender tweed deluxe vacuum tube amplifier and a no-balls odr-1 overdrive pedal were used as a control.

November 10th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 172, Tom Bukovac, “The Shingles”

00:00 - Down home playing on the 335
01:27 - Hello, Homeskoolers' / Joe Walsh
02:30 - Roofing guys / Boone Whitaker at Whitaker Roofing / Finding good people
04:30 - Strat magic stuff
05:00 - Gig announcement / Plexi Soul / Fronting own band
06:20 - Gibson 335 & '59 Fender Tweed Deluxe / Playing
08:12 - Oz Noy
08:50 - Gig

Write it down kids

Dec 20th 2022

3rd and Lindsley

Larry playing his own shit with a cookin' little combo

Any special guests?
yes, but i'm not allowed to tell you exactly who...however i can tell you that their initials are Jedd Hughes and Guthrie Trapp

If you ever need a roofer that is NOT a criminal trying to completely rip you off, then call this guy... Boone Whitaker at Whitaker Roofing in Murfreesboro TN 615-424-1622.... Tell him you are a Homeskooler…after that, everything is gonna be smoother than Telly Savales’s head...he's a good guy and they do excellent work.


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