June 30th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 322, Tom Bukovac, “Turn Me On, I’m A Sideman”

00:00 - Rockin out
06:05 - "Ebo" Tweed Deluxe / Magic settings / Granny wisdom
07:33 - Update
08:14 - Get on The Gear Page / Tendency to rush guitar playing (BobbyS) / Practicing "rests"
10:49 - Afraid of the holes and space in music
12:34 - Class Presentation turn out
13:40 - Tiny little world / Vice President (String Locker)
14:38 - Rick Beato interview
16:12 - Pompus in reviewing someone's guitar player
17:42 - Fix something on the house

Uncle Larry gives you some more deep early morning thoughts and heats up the tubes on a whipped old super late tweed deluxe (1961) that looks like someone peed on it.

if this channel is indeed a consistent source of musical ideas and concepts you regularly steal, please pay the toll at
tombukovac@gmail.com (paypal)
@Tom-Bukovac-1 (venmo)

it all helps my friends....i'm going broke trying to get the boys moved into a house that they are actually gonna want to invite their friends to when they are all old enough to drive and smoke weed out of a toilet paper roll with a hole punched in it...

now i need that grill that all the brats are gonna get cooked on...and the cut up vegetables that get grilled with a little olive oil and salt inside the tin foil....you know what i'm sayin'...


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