March 21st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 292, Tom Bukovac, “Fresh Out Da Bed”

00:00 - Testing out the Junior and letting it ring out
04:40 - Hello, Larry! / Fresh out the bed / Thanks for 100k subscribers / Buk-o-Vac / New mugs
06:00 - 4 years to the day - 100,000
06:30 - Ticketmaster situation for Weezer / Appreciation for Homeskoolers / Road trip?
08:03 - '57 Gibson Les Paul Junior
09:04 - Try that chord see how it sounds
09:20 - Packing material trick / Open the bottom of guitar box first
10:50 - Brett Papa work
11:01 - In tune chord [0 11 x 13 14 14]  (E69)
11:34 - "Whatcha been listening to?" / Sly and The Family Stone
13:07 - "Whatcha been watching, Larry?" / "What Went Wrong"

Uncle Larry explores the deepest crevasses of a 60 junior he just got….and gives ya a life hack that you might actually use.

new coffee cups!

and if you have never heard this total awesomeness, you're welcome...the funkiest, blackest shit EVER recorded by human beings on this planet if ya ask me...
dig the guitar/horn stabs in the the FUCK did they do that?

November 24th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Volume 258, Tom Bukovac, “The Lazy River Of Phase”

00:00 - Some straight from the heart playing
01:30 - Hello, friends! / No food coma / NFL
03:00 - Mu-Tron - Phaser sound is supposed to sound like
04:46 - Best Big Muff? / Kit Rae website / Ram's Head Big Muff and bypass
07:33 - Never know what to expect...mix it up / Gruhn's and special guest
08:15 - Life's pretty good, zoom out and look at life from a different perspective
10:30 - Rolling Stones and the genius of Brian Jones
11:23 - Lesson: Ruby Tuesday and riding the sus
12:33 - Dumble amps / Pre-70's Marshalls cult / Cults
14:00 - Subscription based addition to Homeskoolin' / Liking free shit
15:10 - The Boss Bruce Springsteen

Uncle Larry exits the chaotic world of Gen Z cellphone tone and goes back to his analog roots....

here's a couple things you guys might like...

full original broadcast with commercials and all...fuckin' rad

November 22nd, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Rare Gear Review

00:00 - Ruby Tuesday intro
00:40 - 'Hot pedal review' explanation
01:28 - Recommended pedal Chroma Console
04:00 - Good stuff

This morning Larry discussed the Hologram Chroma Console and more importantly, shows the genius of Brian Jones

October 29th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Big Owl”

00:00 - Rockin' it
01:25 - Practicing / Serious thank you!
02:57 - NRBQ Big Al Anderson and garage sale
05:05 - Asher
05:48 - Fulltone Tape Echo
06:04 - Vox AC15c
06:32 - Hamer Newport
08:00 - Big All home footage
09:59 - Session footage

Hello friends.

Thank you for the purchases of the Plexi Soul vinyl. If you haven’t got one yet here’s the two links you can use:

Email me at if you wanna buy some of Al’s gear

Asher tele 2500 (will ship)
Fulltone tape echo 1500 (local pickup only)
2 Vox “Maroon Bronco” AC15C 1x12 combos with nice covers 500 apiece (local pickup only)
2009 ish (I think) Hamer Newport hollowbody electric, plays nice 1200 (will ship)

September 28th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Cereal Box Blues Mach II”

00:00 - Nice feedback, slide guitar

Larry being driven around by one of the cleanest late 50’s Danelectro U-2’s a man could ever find after a long day of sessioneering.

June 12th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Saturday Night Family Jams

00:00 - Covers by Uncle Larry's family

Uncle Larry and his two sweet sweet boys get their ya ya’s out on a Saturday night….

Leo (age 7) on the Hammond B3


Marshall (age 10) on the 1990 Gibson Flyin’ V he just got today at Rumbleseat Music

May 19th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 219, Tom Bukovac, "The Phases"

00:00 - Remember when songs had chords
01:24 - Hello, friends! / Talent show "Back In Black"
02:30 - Contest update / Strumming away
04:10 - Text thread
05:45 - Strymon Flint secret
06:40 - Magic setting (Give credits to Renn)
07:30 - Theory of phases of guitar player's life (Pedal Steel, Pawn Shop, Bass, Acoustic, No pedals, Princeton)
09:45 - Harmony, Kays, and pawn shop guitars
12:00 - Being a bass player / Most fun instrument
13:00 - Acoustic only / No pedals
14:36 - Friendly commentor saying something offensive / Messing with someone's business
16:20 - Sharkline / Things that don't fly in the bro code
18:06 - Photo montage

Strymon Flint are welcome.

Please give all the credit to dear Renn...I am only the messenger....i want you to SOLELY visualize Renn when you are taking care of business after your girlfriend/wife etc is instantly seduced by the tone you are conjuring with the "magic setting".
Here he is

a LOT of new viewers have recently asked "where is the tip jar?" when they felt led to contribute something after 219 free guitar lessons...despite Dominic Hudson's best efforts to deter them.

You can make PayPal donations to this address:
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A lot of these very same new viewers don't seem to know that Uncle Larry made a couple records that they could potentially listen to...
one is an instrumental solo record called "Plexi Soul" that is available here:

another is an instrumental collaboration with his dear friend Dean Deleo (originally from the Stone Temple Pilots organization) that is available here:

and a LOT of people don't seem to know that they can go here to purchase a myriad of Homeskoolin' related merchandise..including several different T-shirts and some beautifully constructed coffee mugs for those afflicted with thin lips...

March 31st, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Special Episode, “Uncle Larry's Hearing Test”

00:00 - Pedals, pedals, and more pedals (Duelist, Memory Man, etc.)
04:30 - XTS pedal tester
07:18 - Test setup
10:32 - Test starts / Klon
12:18 - Ibanez - Mostortion
13:22 - Nobels - ODR-1
14:30 - Ibanez - Tube Screamer
14:39 - Klon
16:15 - Analog Man - King of Tone
16:48 - Nobels - ODR-1
18:07 - Redo / Ibanez - Tube Screamer
18:29 - Klon
18:39 - Stand outs / Nobels - ODR-1
18:50 - Ibanez - Tube Screamer
19:07 - Analog Man - King of Tone
19:25 - Results of old pedal test
20:40 - More modern pedals / Test setup
22:35 - MXR - Timmy / Brighter hands (Ford Thurston)
23:49 - KingTone - HeavyHand
25:05 - Pedaltrain - Nightlight Distortion
25:25 - Comparison: HeavyHand vs. Nightlight / Cars - Dangerous Type
27:50 - Strymon - Sunset / Randy Rhoads - Crazy Train
30:36 - Browne Amplification - Atom / Atom vs. Nightlight
32:15 - Results of new pedal test
33:45 - Nobels vs. Nobels / Differences
38:10 - Clean sound
38:40 - Marshall - Bluesbreaker
39:17 - Roger Mayer - Voodoo-1 / Michael Landau
40:32 - Nobels vs. Nobels test setup
41:11 - Nobels mini (4)
41:43 - Nobels (2) / Mini (4) vs. (2)
42:45 - Nobels (1)
43:08 - Nobels (2)
43:26 - Nobels (3)
44:11 - Swapped pots
44:30 - (3) vs. (1)
45:00 - Mini (4) vs. (1)
46:00 - Roger Mayer - Voodoo-1 (palate cleanser) / Runthrough test
47:15 - Pedal runthrough
50:28 - Results of the Nobels / Runthrough again with matched volume


Uncle Larry doing a blind pedal shootout where it is absolutely impossible to “listen with your eyes” like people sometimes do....special thank you to all the sweet friends who helped put this video list below.

Ryan Nixon and Brett Moore from

Barry O Neal and Greg Walton from XTS pedalboards

March 16th, 2023

Homeskoolin' VOLUME 200!!!! "A Special Treat"

00:00 - Intro 200th episode / Pacifico and wine
03:08 - Homeskoolin' thanks / Dann Huff as a producer
06:18 - Collaboration and dictatorship / No right way to finish line
12:24 - Moment knew when making big
15:45 - Dann's take on guitar tone
18:00 - Dann bought Tom's pedalboard
18:53 - No greatest tone / Leslie West story
21:00 - Van Halen (tuning)
23:15 - Midrange / Small guitar tones
27:00 - Cool Dann story (Van Halen)
30:50 - Bass content with guitars
34:00 - Most genious overdubbing
35:50 - Great guitar tones / Billy Gibbons stories and Guthrie Trapp
38:19 - Great tones continued / Billy Gibbons - Jesus Just Left Chicago
41:16 - Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile
43:08 - 50% more distortion / Distortion and guitar
47:22 - Marshall Plexi tone / Foreigner - Hot Blooded / Greatest power chord Foreigner - Juke Box Hero
53:45 - Roxy Music - Love is the Drug solo
55:55 - That one note of Steely Dan
58:10 - Cooper Time Cube - 100 ft of garden hose (doubling effect) / Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good
63:10 - Steve Miller Band

One of my favorite humans on this planet

Sweet Dann Huff

March 14th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Bonus "Super Echo Twin"

00:00 - Jamming away on the Silvertone
02:35 - '64 Ampeg Super Echo Twin ET2


You gotta admit...people really knew how to name shit back in the 50's and 60's...

I mean..."super echo twin" bad ass is that???

Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster

Vibrolux and Tremolux

Think about what Ford was coming up with:

Ford Galaxie 500...Mustang...Falcon....Fairlane

and then there was

Camaro (which a lot of people don't realize is a little used Spanish word for "friend")

AMC Rambler

Buick Skylark

Pontiac Tempest and GTO with fuckin' Tri-Power Ram Air

Plymouth Barracuda and Fury

Dodge Coronet with a goddamn Hemi Six Pack

I'm talking some bad ass names for some seriously awesome shit right here people.


Chris Craft

You get what i'm saying.....

or maybe it was just that all the cool names weren't already taken back in those days.

Now we have "Veloster"..."Tiguan"...."Prius"..."Swift"

We are doomed

and totally unrelated...

If you want to relieve some of the massive burning guilt that has built up inside you from learning and stealing SO MANY of my licks and ideas for free, then i suggest you visit the Homeskoolin' PayPal tip jar at
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January 5th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Volume 183, Tom Bukovac, “But I Never Sarrr Them Winging”

00:00 - Tranquil playing
02:39 - Hello, friends! / Gildan
03:30 - Stuffed toy
04:53 - Real estate agent
08:15 - Whackiness and friends
10:00 - The ole garage
10:47 - Pool and swimming
11:47 - Encompassing life
12:45 - Spontaneous fucking around videos
13:36 - Yards
15:30 - Find gear what works for you
16:25 - Various guitars vs. one / George Gruhn
17:53 - Billy Gibbons
19:16 - Gear doesn't matter
20:45 - Good guitar player can play anything
21:20 - Perfect pitch and great musician
21:45 - Jimi Hendrix thoughts / Little playing
23:43 - Lesson: Tritone substitution

Rant away Larry…rant away....

oh, and here's a song everyone should know

September 14th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 165, Tom Bukovac, “Flutter And Wow”

00:00 - Hello, class! / Video intro about loop building lesson / '62 Strat
01:17 - Loop: Starting the loop
02:04 - Loop: Changing loops
04:02 - Get the bass / Tuning
05:38 - Lesson: Chords and progression
07:30 - Harmony H22 hollowbody bass
07:56 - Loop: Bass recording and play along
10:49 - Getting ready to solo / Looper
11:40 - Loop: Practice soloing
13:00 - Marshall 50-watt Combo Amp / Cleaning it up
13:45 - Loop: Restarting the loop for solo
16:35 - Tone (pickup, pedals)
17:34 - Loop: Take 1 soloing
20:33 - Summarizing

Uncle Larry takes the class along on a leisurely stroll to looptown….with a cameo appearance by his son’s old Harmony H-22 hollowbody bass.

Ampluhmicatiun provided by a ‘78 Marshall JMP 50 watt 2x12” combo with master volume.

If you guys are indeed learning and enjoying these meager low cost tutorials…the tip jar is just a click away…and it’s TOTALLY on the honor system.

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Thank you for watching friends, i mean it

September 12th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 163, Tom Bukovac, “Charcuterie & Crudite Blues”

00:00 - Raw pickin' and chuggin' intro
03:40 - Hello, class! / Being back home / Upcoming gigs and musicians
06:00 - Jim Irsay private plane and hotel
09:10 - Danny Nucci
10:00 - Buddy Guy encounter
12:08 - Harmony Silvertone Jupiter / h47 Stratotone guitar (1423)
15:00 - Lesson: Nastiest G Minor 6th chord (Bluesy Pentatonic)

A brief discussion on how once you fly private one time, you’re basically ruined for life. And….a look at how nasty a minor 6th can be.

September 6th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 162, Tom Bukovac, “You Guys In A Band??”

00:00 - Beautiful playing
01:43 - Hello, lads and lasses / Back home / Thanks
02:29 - Acoustic guitar Martin D-28
03:00 - Maton acoustic guitar
04:45 - Amazing Dawgs, bandmates, and being in a band
08:40 - Gambling / Spam and YouTube filters
09:54 - Bonus footage

Television's own Uncle Larry, absolutely exuberant about finally being home and being reunited with his trusty old '38 bone…waxes rhapsodic about that one thing we have ALL thought about since we were little kids….what it's like to really be in a band.

(and now, shift to "first person")

Now that touring is finally calming down and fall is on the way (praise God) it's time to put some focus on some projects that i started on a while back, such as this little instrumental EP that dear Guthrie Trapp and myself are putting together…it's so much’s a little snippet from one of the three tracks we already have "in the can"....gonna go back in soon and do some more.

Also, I couldn’t help but add in a few other crazy things at the end of this vid...a dumb meme that cracks me up... " I AM THE JUAN PERCENT"....oh and my alltime favorite thing that my sweet little boy Leo ever drew for his dear old dad….a totally random partial list he made at school one day of some of our favorite songs we like to jam in the car…precious keepsake.

"you got another thing comin"
"black sabbath"
"hot rod lincoln"
"iron man"
"rock and roll music"
"yellow submarine"
"starship trooper"
"hard day's nite"
"breakin' the law"
"don't stand so close to me"
"behind my camel" (instrumental by the police off zenyatta mondatta)
and one more i could never read

Thanks again for supporting the channel folks….i am doing everything legally allowed to show you guys whatever i can…absolutely free of charge of course. Why am i doing it? Because music has been really good to me in this life, and i feel like it’s the right thing to do to give it all back to a bunch of total strangers...

i hope you guys know how much i sincerely appreciate the little community we have built here …. ya’ know, except for a few kids in the back of the room that get a little too excited at times (like Brock what a tool) we got something very real going here….i for one do not take it for granted.

Rock on cats

April 25th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 140, Tom Bukovac, “List Of Things To Do In The Morning”

00:00 - Amazing playing as always
02:13 - Hey friends! / Writing tunes
03:38 - Time constraint vs experiementing with songs
05:58 - Open tunings
06:14 - Play a song over and over/ Tedious, long hours
09:41 - Strings / Open G Tuning
11:02 - Bar chord, hammer on lesson
11:48 - Devilish sounding guitar in Open G lesson
13:45 - Zeppelin-ish song for Ann Wilson lesson
14:29 - "It's all been done before" / Clever ways to make it fresh
15:14 - Great story about Reese Wyman / "Every note was new"
08:04 - The Devil's lick lesson

1) breakfast
2) put dishes in sink
3) brush your teeth and fix your hair
4) put your homework in your school bag
5) make sure you have your chromebook laptop AND the charger

And then…get out your ‘38 bone and get to work

Thank you guys for keeping the Homeskoolin’ dream alive….hope you are learning a TON from these videos….have you all visited the night time drop box at the musicians union yet?

Paypal tip jar is

February 28th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 130, Tom Bukovac, “Involuntary Wah Face”

00:00 - Jamming some unexpected changes with wah
02:15 - Hello, class!
03:55 - VCB / ES-335 and other guitars
04:20 - '60 Gibson ES-335
04:55 - Keeping guitars around / Naming guitars / Great guitars
06:54 - Best guitar pedal ever made?
09:26 - Guess this song
10:24 - Makes me want to quit / Mistakes
12:07 - Pet Peeves (mini pedals, guitar locks, amps, old guitars)
17:00 - Def Leppard - "Bringin' Home the Heartbreak" analysis

It has been scientifically proven that no person on earth can play a wah without simultaneously moving their mouth.

Larry rambles on here about basically everything except Russia invading the Ukraine

Thank you guys for your continued partronage of the show. If you guys truly are learning something from watching a man self destruct before your very eyes, then please by all means, throw a little something in the tip jar. If you’re not and you think the show is complete bollocks then don’t.

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December 28th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Local Family Owned Sustainable Blues”

00:00 - Mesmerizing playing

A brief look at some of the things possible with an old Teisco made Silvertone TG-1 guitar with the built in .00000000000000000001 watt amp.

Thank you dear Homeskoolers for tuning in and saying such nice things to Larry.

Thank you for choosing to watch THESE videos when you are just one click away from watching a myriad of OTHER videos on youtube… videos of extremely scantily clad women “playing” guitars or pianos in that grey area blurred world of “youtube music porn”…

“Men of culture, we meet again”

Heres a bunch of drop D slide licks you can steal for free….sorry im not wearing a dress.

Cd’s, new t shirts, meatloaf recipes and anything else you need are available at

November 24th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 116, Tom Bukovac, “Slow Cooker”

00:00 - Melodic playing to loop with solo
03:35 - Hello, class!
04:05 - Thanks, kindly
04:35 - Viewer Comment Bin (VCB)
04:42 - Can you cook? / Slow cooker
05:28 - Chess?
06:25 - Newer music you like?
07:40 - Marriage proposal
09:15 - Fender Mustang
09:42 - Loop lesson

Happy Thanksgiving to all you dear Homeskoolers….

Love Unc

Heres the link to my new record lads

July 22nd, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 108, Tom Bukovac, “Reverb Math”

00:00 - Slow ambient jam
02:17 - Hello, class!
04:37 - Baritone strings / Gauge
05:29 - Wrapping strings
06:28 - Jerry Jones Neptune Longhorn Baritone / A tuning
07:40 - Gibson Eb-2D Bass garage sale

Hello class, just a brief exploratory look at baritone guitars….keep in mind, EVERY guitar sounds cool when you tune it down low enough. Props to John Scott from Bluesman Vintage guitars in Nashville. You may want to contact him if you like lightweight guitars…the Strat he had with him yesterday was literally the lightest Strat i have ever felt in my entire life…5 pounds tops.

If you guys want either of the two instruments from Uncle Larrys Garage Sale just email me at

Buyer pays all shipping

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May 21st, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Quick Update, “Hot Dogs & Miller High Life”

00:00 - House construction
00:30 - Tone Talk
00:59 - blog
01:27 - Little finger exercise lesson

Heres the two links cats:

If trying to play that lick with the middle, ring and little fingers doesn't make you feel like you are trapped inside a plastic bag then you're doing it wrong.

Homeskoolin merch available at
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