May 23rd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 311, Tom Bukovac, “Uncle Larry’s Lawn Care Service”

00:00 - Morning music from Uncle Larry
01:49 - Matty Alger studio and Trip The Witch resurrection Dean DeLeo
03:12 - Lesson: Expensive chords
03:33 - Producing K's Choice
04:18 - Creative fervor and no more mowing lawns
05:01 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Playing scales and putting them in a blender
06:55 - Piano playing and an amazing player
07:22 - '63 Strat is kinda cool with sex appeal
08:09 - Acoustic album? / Instrumental music and album / Baggage attached to singers
11:00 - Do you get a lot of emails?
11:58 - Doing the Uncle Larry thing and the 2AM Me
12:52 - Guthrie gig amp and experience
14:15 - Sojourns out West and gigs back then
16:13 - Lesson: Learn scales and jumble them up

Family owned and operated since 1968....we charge extra for bush trimming

check this shit....this gal is a bad motherfucker
Giant Steps...But It's Played by 8 Legendary Jazz Pianists

April 11th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 210, Tom Bukovac, "He Came From Somewhere Back In Her Long Ago"

00:00 - Pickin' with the best of them
04:04 - Hello, friends! / Trip The Witch mugs
05:00 - Some amazing picking ascending into finger picking
06:02 - Lesson: Cool lick
06:52 - Twang like a Jazzmaster / Mosrite Combo
07:28 - Back to picking
08:54 - 50% hit ratio on licks
09:25 - Sweet gifts (NFL puzzles, Spuds lamp)
11:50 - The Gear Page comments
13:20 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Percentage of wankers?
14:57 - Certain artists' insecurity / Having a good time / Dan Auerbach
17:10 - Building your own studio?
17:58 - The Gear Page comedy / Chumbawamba
19:27 - Trip The Witch with Dean DeLeo / Guthrie project

Uncle Larry damn near strangles this poor old 64 Jazzy to death in a desperate search to find the lost chord.

Followed by an awkward transition into the VCB.

Trip the witch mugs available here

December 5th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 177, Tom Bukovac, “Burstographer”

00:00 - Exploring the slow jam and delving into the blues
04:59 - Hello, friends!
05:35 - Eleanor Jane photographer / Calendar
07:34 - Paper football
07:50 - Oz Noy episode thank you
09:00 - Dean DeLeo and Trip The Witch
10:45 - Lesson: G7 to 4 chord

Hello dear Homeskoolers…hope all is well.

Please check out sweet Eleanor Jane’s Instagram at @eleanorjanephoto

You might want to purchase one of these lovely calendars that she made…a calendar that depicts photos of bursts and goldtops so warm and detailed that your mind can get lost on a cosmic journey just following the various flame patterns and wiggly bits.

A portion of the money from her sales goes to Macmillan Cancer Support and Alzheimer’s Society.

Thanks for watching guys

February 8th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 128, Tom Bukovac, “Through The Past (not so) Darkly”

00:00 - Funky playing
01:38 - Hello, friends!
02:06 - Ricky Gervais podcast
03:19 - Jeff Senn Strat / Cancelled session
03:35 - Trip The Witch songs and lessons
04:19 - "Dressed to Kill Myself" listen

A not so brief reflection on making a record with one of the sweetest, coolest most talented people i have ever known.

here's a link to the record lads

February 6th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 126, Tom Bukovac, “A Hillbilly’s Approach To Major Tonality”

00:00 - Slow intro playing
02:45 - Deluxe Reverb / Covid / Thanks
04:29 - Bob Ezrin / Peter Gabriel / Tony Levin / Sting
08:40 - Sessions, voicing chords
09:54 - Chords and "bonus notes" (Tim Lauer - keyboards)
12:25 - Staying away from chords
13:29 - Piano voicings and extensions
18:46 - Gibson Les Paul setup
19:21 - Return to chords and voicings
20:20 - Internet at Bukovac house
20:45 - Expand your chords
21:10 - Guitar tuned
22:58 - Dean DeLeo signing CDs

Uncle Larry on day 4 of having Covid, gettin’ all deep and probably pissing some more people off, as usual

correction....Allan Schwartzberg played drums on the first PG solo album, not Jerry Marotta...
also, please note I named every song on that album from memory except..."Waiting For The Big One" hahaaaa

February 5th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 125, Tom Bukovac, “Cabin Fever Jazz”

00:00 - Crazy guitar playing
09:30 - '54 Esquire / Old Brain Twister lesson
11:25 - Trip The Witch CDs & t-shirts
12:05 - 4 note chromatic pattern playing
13:20 - Sound and fun playing
14:14 - Difference Rosewood vs. Maple teles / Blues pickin'
16:16 - E13 / Index finger crazy shit
17:40 - Cool sound upstroke on saddles / Clavinet imitation

“Well…maybe he HAS finally lost it….”

September 15th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 111, Tom Bukovac, “Wagons In Space”

00:00 - Space Wagon playing
01:53 - Hey, Homeskoolers!
02:43 - TTW thanks
03:51 - "Prog Jam" song
04:08 - Martin acoustic
04:20 - Space Wagon lesson / Chords
06:26 - Melody / Sarah Buxton
07:12 - Tricky verse part
08:58 - Building the song
09:44 - Playing the song
11:17 - Studio mess, campout

Hello class!!! Its your weird old uncle….tonites lesson teaches you how to play "Space Wagon" from the Trip The Witch record that came out recently. This track is probably my personal fave on the album, although its a bit of a wall flower at first glance.

Today was day one of a four day Morgan Wallen record at Blackbird studios in Nashville….its nice to be able to camp out for a few days and get weird…bring out the weird toys.

I’m actually totally serious about eventually making the move to all combo amps….the big head/cabinet scenario has served me well for many years, but I always like to keep evolving and trying new things.

Thanks so much for the kind words about the TTW album, Dean and I really appreciate it.

September 3rd, 2021

Homeskoolin’ TTW Update

00:00 - Acoustic intro playing
00:41 - Howya doing / Trip The Witch
02:34 - Dean DeLeo - Sour Girl lesson

Hello friends…it’s just Larry bringing you the latest on guitar world’s exclusive premier of the first single released from the Trip The Witch album….a collaboration between myself and Dean Deleo. This is the only song on the album that has vocals. The entire album will be released on Sept 10…only available on streaming at this point sadly…all vinyl production facilities are WAAAAAAAY backed up at the moment, well into next year. Anyway, here it is….


I also included an old vid Dean sent explaining the CORRECT way to play “Sour Girl”…..one of my alltime fave Stone Temple Pilots numbers.

Enjoy lads!

August 27th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Update, “Travelin’ Session Man”

00:00 - Back to sessions

Just a quick hello to all you Homeskoolers out there…its been a while, but things are getting back to “normal”….and more importantly FALL IS COMING….Praise the Baby Jesus….

April 4th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 99 1/2, Tom Bukovac, “The New Fifths”

00:00 - Slow, mellow greatness
03:36 - Sliding 4ths lesson
04:55 - Hello, Homeskoolers
05:15 - Potentional new scene / playing
06:34 - Thanks / 100th Episode show
07:26 - Sliding 4ths lesson revisited

It’s just your weird uncle checkin in from sunny downtown Nashville TN to say Happy Easter to my dear Homeskoolin’ class....and to also bore you to sleep with a brief discussion on sliding 4ths.

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December 30th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 83, Tom Bukovac, Trip The Witch

00:00 - Beautiful intro jam
01:53 - Hello, class! / Duesenberg Session Man Guitar
05:03 - "Trip the Witch"
05:59 - Leslie West loss
06:49 - Christmas Depression
07:57 - Chords with harmonics / Low voicings
09:55 - Steve Morse rabbit hole

Hello class, to find the the Steve Morse video I've been obsessing over, just search for "Steve Morse band live in 1984 Part 4" sorry I'm too computer illiterate to know how to actually "post a link"...i honestly don't even know what i was thinking... beyond that, this video shows unveiling of the new Duesenberg Session Man guitar, and a brief discussion on poly chords and Christmas depression for young folks in their 20's and 30's

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October 23rd, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 76, Tom Bukovac, “Common Tones For The Common Man”

00:00 - Light loop intro jam
02:47 - Hello, class!
03:25 - Band name / Anonymity at risk
06:13 - Viewer Comment Bin / Ultimate tone?
09:55 - Connecting chords lesson

This is just a little tune i made up titled "I Always Pictured You Wearing Pants"

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October 17th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 74, Tom Bukovac, “Campin’ Man”

00:00 - Intro bluesy jam
03:00 - Stratocaster, vibe trick
03:28 - Hello, class!
06:01 - Viewer Comment Bin / EVH
09:03 - Nervous during sessions?
10:22 - Cheap guitar playing
12:06 - Blues lick lesson / Power of the 5th

A brief discussion on the flatted fifth and the recently departed master of the pick scrape. Wish me luck today, I aint much of a wilderness man.

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October 4th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 73, Tom Bukovac, “Uncle Larry Needs Your Help”

00:00 - Trippy, depressing jam
04:55 - Hello, class! / Analogman
05:55 - Uncle Larry needs your help / Band name
08:44 - Viewer Comment Bin / Duped
09:38 - Working with Mutt Lange?
11:11 - Risking anonymity / Farmland
13:04 - Loop, chord lesson

A brief look at the power of 6th chords and some shameless begging for you creative geniuses to help us think of a band name for this crazy instrumental project i am doing with Dean Deleo from STP.

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August 6th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 61, Tom Bukovac, “The Smuggler”

00:00 - Rocking intro jam
02:23 - Hello, class!
03:12 - '67 Smuggler's Tele
03:51 - Vivid memories of songs played
04:57 - Few hours with living player?
06:37 - COTCS
07:47 - Guitar and women?
08:39 - Homeskoolin' merch / Design
09:20 - Christine / Darnell's Garage
09:55 - Guitar lesson

See I’m writing stuff in here again....just to see if you guys read it.

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July 30th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 59, Tom Bukovac, “Cardboard Cut Outs In The Shade”

00:00 - Intro cosmic jam
03:37 - Hello, class!
04:52 - Viewer Comment Bin / AC
05:43 - Pedal steel?
07:03 - Wah wah?
08:08 - Complementing the singer
10:22 - Cardboard cutouts
10:52 - Blues with weird time signature
11:43 - Tonal shading lesson

A brief chat on tone and Covid era sports.

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May 30th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 36, Tom Bukovac, “Devil in the Details”

00:00 - Stone Temple Pilots jam
01:18 - Hello Friends
03:07 - Viewer Comment Bin
03:25 - How to dial in amp and guitar

06:16 - Session walk out
07:59 - Funny story / Struggling engineer
09:17 - Look back at old work
11:11 - '59 Les Paul Jr
12:34 - What drives you to help? Life lesson
15:00 - Dean DeLeo / Stone Temple Pilots
16:24 - Details / Lesson
18:15 - Funny story Scott Weiland

A brief examination of "Sour Girl" by Stone Temple Pilots and a look into the bubbling cauldron i sometimes call the "viewer comment bin".  Homeskoolin' T shirts available at guitarhouse.net if you like the show, PayPal tip jar: tombukovac@gmail.com


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