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April 11th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam “Heartburn Highways”

00:00 - Masters playing

Little Tommy and Cousin Bryan get into some fretboard shenanigans on company time.

Cinematography by Jimmie Lee Sloas.

April 6th, 2024

Homeskoolin' Volume 298, Tom Bukovac, "Something Borrowed Something Black"

00:00 - Session take on the goldtop
01:45 - Playing some ZZ Top montage riffs into full rock n' roll into Joe Walsh on a black Gibson Les Paul Custom
08:58 - The 3 best guitars I've played but don't own (Dan Auerbach - '60 Tele Custom, Jim Bagget - '38 Martin D-18, Elliot Michael - '59 Gibson Les Paul Custom)
09:27 - '59 Gibson Les Paul Custom
10:23 - Acoustically played
10:50 - Bridge pickup
11:32 - Playing like Jimmy Page
11:58 - Out-of-phase bridge and middle pickup (shit sound)
12:24 - Neck pickup
13:10 - Trying to buy the guitar / Headstock repair, doesn't care

"well the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar"...

The opening bit is one of Nicky G's soulful masterpieces...from the sessions we did this week.

March 15th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ “Hey Man Show Me A Cool Lick” (expanded edition)

00:00 - Interview with Bryan Sutton in session
02:13 - Show me a good lick
02:50 - Acoustic bliss
03:18 - Lesson: Jerry Reed-ish change
04:08 - Lesson: Decending lick
05:30 - Lesson: Dmin decension to G7 with sweep
06:50 - Lesson: Bluegrass vs Rock open chords picking
07:38 - Picks
10:35 - Lesson: Rhythm (important deep dive)
13:48 - Joey Moi interview
16:05 - Danny Dugmore appearance

Bryan Sutton
Joey Moi
Danny Dugmore

March 13th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Bros Before Hoedowns”

00:00 - Playing like there is no tomorrow
03:43 - Hello, Homeskoolers'! / Sessions and scheduling (The Triple) / Gwen Stephani
05:35 - Thank you for setup videos
05:50 - Livestream
06:40 - Lesson: Mountain jam

Uncle Larry STILL tickin’ after 11 straight hours of intense sessioneering….

Why does he do it you ask?
Because he knows that one day he is gonna look back on these times as the REAL good old days and he knows that one day he is gonna really gonna miss the shit out of all this music and all these people.

End of day one of two solid days of Gwen Stefani sessions…a little tired, but absolutely thrilled to playing with such an amazing band in an amazing studio with an amazing artist.

October 24th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ “The Genius Of Gordon Mote (Pt. 2)"

00:00 - Gordon Mote in session
02:45 - Playing song
07:00 - Take 2
09:45 - Discussion
12:00 - 3 variations test / "Break" - in the piano strings

Here he is again folks.

A clip from a session we did today with Vince Gill at Vince’s studio in Nashville...

I thought you guys might learn a lot from seeing Gordon play some beautifully understated shit on an actual track in a large ensemble, instead of the usual effortless mind boggling feats of solo piano showbiz you guys are used to witnessing him do.

Dig the otherworldly touch…dig the ancient pocket.

This is once in a lifetime shit here friends.

There are literally only a few people left on this entire planet who can play LEGIT traditional old school country and western piano in it's purest form and successfully conjure the ghosts of Pigg Robbins and Floyd Cramer, and TWO of those people are on this very same session...Gordon and John Jarvis.

Believe me, we all clearly realize how spoiled we are....it's like having Jim Brown and Walter Payton in the same backfield....fun stuff kids

October 23rd, 2023

Homeskoolin' Bonus "Steel Your Heart Away"

00:00 - Ole cowboy playing
02:30 - Hello, friends! / Long day Vince Gill session
03:32 - Real quick message about Plexi Soul
04:50 - Guthrie Trapp record
05:58 - Footage from session

Kids...we are SO CLOSE to having Plexi Soul on vinyl!! Stay tuned for forthcoming link friends....

The inside of the luxurious gatefold cover opens up to quite the scene....picture basically my entire life story shown in several grainy Polaroid photos laid out on a messy coffee table the morning after a boozy party strictly for grown ups.

And....if thats not enough to get your blood pumpin', you can thrill to the sound of the greatest living pedal steel guitar player on this planet...Paul Franklin.

Oh, and fuck off Teddy Boy you miserable twat...

August 29th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Studio Update.... “Get Me On It”

00:00 - The man at work
02:17 - In the control room
04:40 - Gordon's genius
07:00 - Mchugh's drums

Studio update
Aug 29th 2023

Peter Frampton’s studio in Berry Hill

Session personnel:
Brandon Hood: producer and mandolin
Reed Foley: artiste
Seth Morton: lead engineer
Stix Mchugh: drums
Jacob Lowery: bass
Kris Donegan: guitar
Gordon Mote: keys
Bruce Bouton: pedal steel
Tom Bukovac: guitar
Jordan: assistant engineer

August 7th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Bryan & Brent”

00:00 - What it takes to be a studio musician
05:00 - Gear / Telecaster
13:55 - Lesson: "Show Us A Cool Lick"
16:00 - Tanya Tucker lick
26:45 - Best pedals?

Hello class, I am fortunate enough to hang with these two legendary cats today, who were kind enough to let me ask a few poignant questions.


June 27th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Session Update, “Division Street”

00:00 - Session and talk with Russ Pahl
02:55 - Tour of Omni
04:30 - Little keyboard playing

THE BIRTHDAY CONCERT VID IS OFFICIALLY LIVE ....go to thesessionman.com if you wanna check it out!

Uncle Larry was busy as usual today kids….he did two sessions in two different studios that were waaaay across town from each other.

This little clip is from the morning session where I led a demo session (four songs in 3 hours) for my old buddy Dan Friszell at an old studio downtown called Omnisound on Division Street.

The band was
Russ Pahl: pedal steel
Evan Hutchings: drums
Mark Hill: bass
Jenee Fleenor: fiddle
John D Willis: acoustic
David Crutcher: keys
Uncle Larry: electronic guitar

When I say i “led” the session that means I wrote the charts and got twice as much dough as the rest of the guys for doing so. By the long-standing rules of the Nashville Musicians Union AFM branch 257, every session must have an assigned “leader”, who makes twice the dough of the other cats, in return for going through the trouble of making all the charts beforehand. Also, historically, whoever is the leader of the session gets to boss people around a little more than usual on that day, People kind of treat you like it's your birthday when you are the "session leader".

This video stars the legendary Russ Pahl, who has played pedal steel and guitar on A LOT of records…he has played with Vince Gill, Dan Auerbach and Bob Plant to name a few. Russ makes some really nice guitars under the brand name of “RP Guitars” (mostly Fender Tele and Strats with a few twists and turns) and he hand winds his own custom pickups. He is the living definition and pure embodiment of the phrase "tinkerer". Contact me for his email if you would like to investigate his work further.

And…if you can name the tune that i play on the piano at the end of this video, then I KNOW that you are a cool person

June 14th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Bonus, "Deep Album Cut Wednesday"

00:00 - Singing and strumming some Lynyrd Skynyrd / Thanks / Kids and music
03:20 - Selling Harmony Sovereign 1260
04:12 - 3rd and Lindsley remix / Guthrie update
05:17 - Trying out some guitars at Rumbleseat

Larry sings ya' a pretty obscure old tune and gives ya a little news you can use.

oh, and if you've never seen this before, you're welcome...

June 12th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Session Update, “Larry World”

00:00 - A view from Tommy's world

June 8th 2023….
day one of a two day Kameron Marlowe session at Backstage studios in Nashville Tn.
I must say, after several sessions with Kam over the last couple months, it has become abundantly clear that the boy can sing his fucking ass off.

Dann Huff: producer
Drew Bollman: lead engineer
Joel: pro tools guy
Dave Cohen: keys
Ilya Tochinskiy: acoustic
Jimmie Lee Sloas: bass
Miles McPherson: drums
Tommy Bukovac: electric


May 18th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 218, Tom Bukovac, "The Bad News Vent"

00:00 - Intro playing
04:00 - Hello, friends! / Thanks / Taking kids to school
05:30 - Contest and the myriad of players, even weirdos
06:40 - "Can't stand looking at your mouth"
07:00 - Young gal from Jersey and a TV show
07:53 - Friend's Fender Stratocaster (Black?)
08:00 - Strung Out Repairs - Andy Jellison
10:00 - What kind of fuzz is that? / Can't tell you everything!
10:30 - Favorite comments -> Melodic pickups! :)
11:27 - Ann Wilson decision
12:33 - Producing credits, stepping on toes, and lucky to be here
14:30 - Can't tell a person, "that stove is hot!" / Got to learn firsthand experience
15:30 - Producing for people / Driving or guiding the project
16:50 - Father like son, telling people how to do their part
17:45 - Collaboration lights the fire
18:18 - Involuntary guitar face
19:25 - Bring string bending back / Bending in tune
19:50 - Being in the studio under a microscope / Exploiting weakness / Special person for session work
21:30 - Checking the phone
23:20 - Music style reflects society and how newer generation is growing up

Larry gets a little deeper here than he does on most Thursdays after a busy week of sessions.

a LOT of new viewers have recently asked "where is the tip jar?" when they felt led to contribute something after 218 free guitar lessons...despite Dominic Hudson's best efforts to deter them.

You can make PayPal donations to this address:

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A lot of these very same new viewers don't seem to know that Uncle Larry made a couple records that they could potentially listen to...
one is an instrumental solo record called "Plexi Soul" that is available here:

another is an instrumental collaboration with his dear friend Dean Deleo (originally from the Stone Temple Pilots organization) that is available here:

and a LOT of people don't seem to know that they can go here to purchase a myriad of Homeskoolin' related merchandise..including several different T-shirts and some beautifully constructed coffee mugs for those afflicted with thin lips...

March 27th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Chart Boy”

00:00 - Sessions and charting


Many years ago when I used to record with johnnie and Donnie van zant, they used to call me “chart boy”….cuz I was always making charts of the songs…well the name kinda stuck.

Here I am charting one for the Struts…of course the band already knows the song, but the additional keyboard player, the engineers and myself can certainly use one.

March 21st, 2023

Homeskoolin' Bonus Jam "Mad Dogs And Clevelanders"

00:00 - Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends (Joe Cocker / Tom Bukovac Rendition)
03:20 - All time favorite tunes / Howya going mate!
03:55 - "Mad Dog with Soul" (Joe Cocker documentary)
04:20 - The Struts (Session project)
05:00 - Watch Delta Lady from live performance of "Mad Dog with Soul"

Uncle Larry waxes rhapsodic about one of the greatest voices to ever step up to a microphone....and the great convergence of England and Tulsa.

March 17th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “And You’re With??….”

00:00 - In the sessions fun


A quick session update from the final day of tracking for the record Guthrie and myself are making

Steve Mackey
Brandon Bell
Lester Estelle
Guthrie Trapp
Brook Sutton
Uncle Larry

Hey guys there are still a few of those 200 limited edition signed 200th episode prints left at

Check one out if you feel that feeling…



March 10th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Vintage Long Form Session B Roll "Flower Power"

00:00 - Sessions: The work into forming a song


Taking you waaaaaay back to the chilly cold February of 2023....Larry was holed up for a few days in a home studio out by the airport to produce a few tracks for his dear old buddy Bobby "Gateweed" Gatewood from Cleveland Ohio. Bobby and Uncle Larry have been friends since the late 80's when Bobby originally hired Uncle Larry to play bass in his cover band called Calabash.

Every few years or so Bobby slips away from his cushy life as the mayor of Put-In-Bay Ohio and cruises down to Nashtown to make a record with the Nashville cats.

We are working at the legendary Headroom Studio in Donelson here and the engineer you are seeing here in this video is my dear old pal Rick "Sweet Ricky D" Delima. Rick's sweet wife Stacy helped out on the project as well with some lyrics and backing vox...and some delicious lunches.

Tasty live drums being provided by another fellow Clevelander, sweet Shawn Fichter....one of the sweetest human beings to ever inhabit this planet.

Bobby originally brought this tune in as an uptempo boogie woogie kinda thing...but i thought the sentiment of the song and the introspective lyric "all i was trying to do was find me" might possibly be better served by a wistful longing 60's hippie vibe, with some janglin' stoner guitars...so we proceeded down that path.

Then later on, after some group lyric re-writing and the addition of David "Bird Dog" Dorn's B-3 and bunch of tasty Haight-Ashbury guitars and some folky holllowbody bass, this track turned out fantastic.

When it's finished and mixed i will play it for ya.

totally unrelated:

Here's an old song from one of Bobby's earlier records (2007) that i produced when we were all very much younger...."Did We Try?"
This track has some bad ass cats on it....Joe Vitale on drums, Will Owsley on rhythm guitar. David Santos on bass, Mark T Jordan on keys, Troy Johnson on backing vox, Larry on lead.


If you like these videos, feel free to hit the tip jar
Paypal is tombukovac@gmail.com
Venmo is @Tom-Bukovac-1

March 8th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Larry At Work”

00:00 - Session playing


A sweet little tune from today’s session where Uncle overdubbed electrics on 7 songs at a home studio in Nashville…good songs and sweet people…and a nice Japanese themed lunch.

The singer?
Melissa Erin

The song? “Be The Sparrow”

The engineer? Chris “Gearhead” Condon

The bass player/producer? Phil Anthony

February 7th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Double Play Session Bonus Footage

00:00 - A look into sessions

From today’s Aaron Lewis session at the Blackbird Studio in sunny downtown Nashville TN.

January 19th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Daily Double “Session Footage”

00:00 - Session
04:05 - Credits

This little video was filmed and put together by dearest John Jarvis, piano player extraordinaire and future filmmaker….

at the end i hillbilly spliced on a close up of Paul Franklin’s feet killing it on some cryin’ steel guitar…absolutely mesmerizing

Thank you John!!



December 22nd, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus, “Session Man At Work Again”

00:00 - Rig sneakpeak (pedalboard, guitars, amps)
01:02 - In the studio

This is a two part thing…the first bit was shot at the gig by dearest Josh….
The second is Uncle Larry at a standard Nashville demo session this afternoon….which by the way, was his last session of 2022….praise Him


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