April 6th, 2024

Homeskoolin' Volume 298, Tom Bukovac, "Something Borrowed Something Black"

00:00 - Session take on the goldtop
01:45 - Playing some ZZ Top montage riffs into full rock n' roll into Joe Walsh on a black Gibson Les Paul Custom
08:58 - The 3 best guitars I've played but don't own (Dan Auerbach - '60 Tele Custom, Jim Bagget - '38 Martin D-18, Elliot Michael - '59 Gibson Les Paul Custom)
09:27 - '59 Gibson Les Paul Custom
10:23 - Acoustically played
10:50 - Bridge pickup
11:32 - Playing like Jimmy Page
11:58 - Out-of-phase bridge and middle pickup (shit sound)
12:24 - Neck pickup
13:10 - Trying to buy the guitar / Headstock repair, doesn't care

"well the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar"...

The opening bit is one of Nicky G's soulful masterpieces...from the sessions we did this week.

October 10th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam “Wish You Were Graffiti”

00:00 - Recording of Tom playing with Page and Waters and adding some sugar

Sometime…somewhere…in the very distant past….Uncle Larry engaged in a cosmic jam with Jimmy Page and Roger Waters….

For many decades it was thought that this strange and surreal event was never recorded…but this extremely rare footage was recently unearthed.

Our editors worked tirelessly to restore the tape to as close as possible to it’s original condition, please disregard any signal degradation and tape warble.

November 1st, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 171, Tom Bukovac, “Trouble-Free Transmission”

00:00 - Led Zeppelin - Bron-Yr-Aur acoustic playing
01:51 - Hello, Homeskooler's
02:38 - Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page) - Bron-Yr-Aur
03:50 - Maton Messiah guitar (Australian)
04:30 - NFL / Browns
05:10 - Lesson: Tuning CACGCE (C6)
06:23 - Lesson: Bron-Yr-Aur, sliding, chords, hammers & pull-offs
07:25 - Thanks & VCB / Don't imitate, try to be original and creative

Uncle Larry takes you back to circa age 19…when you saw whatever you saw that “made your head explode dude”.......

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...and did you guys know Larry made a solo album a while back?

it's called “Plexi Soul” and you can can find it right here:

...and did you know that Larry made an instrumental record with Dean Deleo from Stone Temple Pilots called "Trip The Witch"?

...and did you know that Trip The Witch merch is also available??

May 16th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 142, Tom Bukovac, “Guitar Is Cool”

00:00 - Great playing with a little raunch
03:43 - Lost note / Hello, friends!
04:05 - Tube Echoplex
05:06 - Preamp control
06:30 - Demo without
07:24 - Demo with
08:23 - Comparison talk
09:09 - "Smell" pedal / Candles
10:17 - Volume control on guitar / Fuzz magic
14:07 - Holding guitar neck for sustain
15:20 - Herco pick / Back on the road / Twanging notes on a Tele

A brief look at “sustain” and “gain structure” and “scented candles for guitar nerds”….

“I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And i can picture us attacking that world because they’d never expect it”

Thanks for watching the channel kids

April 25th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 140, Tom Bukovac, “List Of Things To Do In The Morning”

00:00 - Amazing playing as always
02:13 - Hey friends! / Writing tunes
03:38 - Time constraint vs experiementing with songs
05:58 - Open tunings
06:14 - Play a song over and over / Tedious long hours
09:41 - Strings / Open G Tuning
11:02 - Lesson: Bar chord, hammer on
11:48 - Lesson: Devilish sounding guitar in Open G
13:45 - Lesson: Zeppelin-ish song for Ann Wilson
14:29 - "It's all been done before" / Clever ways to make it fresh
15:14 - Great story about Reese Wyman / "Every note was new"
08:04 - Lesson: The Devil's lick

1) breakfast
2) put dishes in sink
3) brush your teeth and fix your hair
4) put your homework in your school bag
5) make sure you have your chromebook laptop AND the charger

And then…get out your ‘38 bone and get to work

Thank you guys for keeping the Homeskoolin’ dream alive….hope you are learning a TON from these videos….have you all visited the night time drop box at the musicians union yet?

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March 28th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 135, Tom Bukovac, “Sympathetic For The Devil”

00:00 - Playing the double-neck with bliss resonance
02:42 - Hello, friends! / Guitar show
03:50 - Son into guitars / Inspirational message about kids
05:36 - Deals at guitar show
05:54 - 1958 Gibson EMS-1235 hollowbody double-neck
07:07 - Demonstration
08:36 - 1967 Marshall PA 50 watt plexi
09:00 - Pedal trading / Pre-Rocked Pedals / Lessons coming

A brief chat on sympathetic string vibrations on double neck guitars….fatherhood…and the virtues of vintage guitar shows…

Companies mentioned in episode are
Pre-Rocked Pedals
Diablo Guitars
Abalone Vintage

In this video Larry is plunking a 1958 Gibson EMS-1235 hollow body double neck through a 1967 Marshall PA 50 watt plexi.

Thanks for watching the show friends

April 22nd, 2020

Homeskoolin' Volume 13, Tom Bukovac, "Dancin' Days & Open G"

00:00 - Thank you
02:07 - Coffee
02:59 - Favorite movies?
04:24 - Open tunings
07:18 - Guild Thunderbird
07:40 - Dancing Days lesson
12:38 - Rolling Stones lesson
12:55 - Cool stuff in open tuning

Thank you guys, I sincerely appreciate this little "Homeskoolin' family" more than you all know. Here's a brief chat on the classic open G tuning after a rough morning.... (from low to hi D,G,D,G,B,D)

April 12th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 4, Tom Bukovac “The Smear”

00:00 - Welcome
00:48 - The Smear (Billy Gibbons king) lesson
02:39 - ZZ Top - "Arrested For Driving While Blind" lesson
03:45 - Contrast bass notes lesson
04:12 - Alex Harvey Band - "Midnight Moses"
04:56 - Double-stop bends
05:43 - "Whole Lotta Love" smear lesson
06:41 - "War Pigs" smear
07:21 - Key of G (Edgar Winter)
09:44 - Aerosmith Tune?
10:43 - Play for a minute...
11:20 - Van Halen - "Janie's Crying" lesson

An in depth look at one of the great natural wonders of the world...the smear.


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