July 2nd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 324, Tom Bukovac, “Drive Vs. Talent”

00:00 - Fuckin' rawkin' the doubleneck
01:43 - Hello, friends! / Working the sessions today
03:30 - Listening and be tasteful with great musicians in a session ("Don't throw too much paint")
05:34 - Ann Wilson cancelled tour due to cancer
06:17 - Gibson Doubleneck (EMS-1235 unique hollowbody) / Joe Bonamassa
08:31 - Positive comments about Class Presentation / Economics about project
09:56 - Teaching classes in the future / "Pisses me off" when teaching and they didn't practice
11:00 - Lesson: Practice what someone shows you and then Explore
11:51 - Always be in song mode, don't start and stop / Bubba
14:50 - "Caucasian people rushing" / Out of context / The Gear Page
16:00 - Playing
17:16 - Lesson: Smitty's lick (5 note lick)

Uncle Larry gets his chunk on after a fun day of sessioneering with some sweet old friends.

This one goes out to our boy Deercreek Audio, also known as "The Poolside Stalker".
Deercreek is a long time Homeskooler who likes to sit in his studio late at night in his tight bike shorts and put drums on my little jams using his trusty Alesis HR-16 drum machine....and he also loves to substitute all of my original bass notes with his Yamaha DX-7 set on the "Night Court Bass" (patch number 78).

Deercreek and Sting Locker (V.P. of Homeskoolin' Industries) have a bit of what some might call a "strained relationship".....kind of a love hate thing you might say.

April 25th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 140, Tom Bukovac, “List Of Things To Do In The Morning”

00:00 - Amazing playing as always
02:13 - Hey friends! / Writing tunes
03:38 - Time constraint vs experiementing with songs
05:58 - Open tunings
06:14 - Play a song over and over / Tedious long hours
09:41 - Strings / Open G Tuning
11:02 - Lesson: Bar chord, hammer on
11:48 - Lesson: Devilish sounding guitar in Open G
13:45 - Lesson: Zeppelin-ish song for Ann Wilson
14:29 - "It's all been done before" / Clever ways to make it fresh
15:14 - Great story about Reese Wyman / "Every note was new"
08:04 - Lesson: The Devil's lick

1) breakfast
2) put dishes in sink
3) brush your teeth and fix your hair
4) put your homework in your school bag
5) make sure you have your chromebook laptop AND the charger

And then…get out your ‘38 bone and get to work

Thank you guys for keeping the Homeskoolin’ dream alive….hope you are learning a TON from these videos….have you all visited the night time drop box at the musicians union yet?

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