September 29th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Big Fish In A Big Pond”

00:00 - Recording pedal steel in the studio
06:47 - Drum playing and lesson

A brief chat with two of the baddest cats to ever put on a pair of headphones….Paul Franklin and Victor Indrizzo.

March 28th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 135, Tom Bukovac, “Sympathetic For The Devil”

00:00 - Playing the double-neck with bliss resonance
02:42 - Hello, friends! / Guitar show
03:50 - Son into guitars / Inspirational message about kids
05:36 - Deals at guitar show
05:54 - 1958 Gibson EMS-1235 hollowbody double-neck
07:07 - Demonstration
08:36 - 1967 Marshall PA 50 watt plexi
09:00 - Pedal trading / Pre-Rocked Pedals / Lessons coming

A brief chat on sympathetic string vibrations on double neck guitars….fatherhood…and the virtues of vintage guitar shows…

Companies mentioned in episode are
Pre-Rocked Pedals
Diablo Guitars
Abalone Vintage

In this video Larry is plunking a 1958 Gibson EMS-1235 hollow body double neck through a 1967 Marshall PA 50 watt plexi.

Thanks for watching the show friends

March 25th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus…”Vintage Guitar Show Etiquette”

00:00 - Setting up vintage guitars for display in Franklin, Tennessee
04:02 - Etiquette advice
08:42 - What should customers stop doing? / Have a starting price
10:12 - Customer has a fake guitar?

The lovely and talented Drew Winn from Guitar House in Tulsa explains the do’s and dont’s of a typical vintage guitar show type scenario….with some prodding by yours truly.

March 22nd, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Studio Update…”Live Streaming??”

00:00 - Home studio tour and live streaming

Ok lads….if you wanna watch the session today go to:

We should be online within the next half hour


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