June 1st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Standing Room Only”

00:00 - Mellow day playing
02:57 - Hello, friends / Tickets for Aug. 16th & 17th at 3rd & Lindsley / Special guests
04:34 - Dave Cohen (keyboard/producer)
04:53 - Brought newer gear to a session
05:54 - Piezo pickup / Duesenberg Session Man
07:00 - Old Fender blonde 2x12 with Electrovoice (EV) SRO speakers
09:00 - Pic of speakers and cab

Uncle Larry talks about some new wood and some old speakers...

If you wanna come see dearest Guthrie and myself at the "In Stereo" record release party gig on August 16 and 17 check out this link friends...


March 7th, 2024

Try To Play This Lick (episode 1)

00:00 - Country lick

If you can get this one fast and clean you are gonna blow people’s minds at the next country jam night.

February 21st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 285, Tom Bukovac “The Top 5 Most Asked Homeskoolin’ Questions”

00:00 - Hello, friends! / Elaborate full production
00:32 - Jacob Collier / "Greatest Night in Pop" (We Are the World)
02:13 - Martin D-45 / "Then I'd be happy" (Black hole inside us all)
03:19 - "What are the top 5 questions?"
  1. "New, cheap guitar as good as old?"
  2. "What New pickups as good as old?"
  3. "Desert island guitar and amp?"
  4. "Will you evaluate my playing?"
  5. "Are new Nobels pedals as good as old?"
04:50 - Today's setup
06:20 - Duesenberg bridge
06:50 - Duesenberg neck
07:09 - Burst with PAFs bridge
07:49 - Burst with PAFs neck
08:21 - 2006 SG Special Lollar P90s bridge
09:01 - 2006 SG Special Lollar P90s neck
09:17 - '61 SG Special original P90s bridge
09:49 - '61 SG Special original P90s neck
10:30 - Fender Tele with '62 and Ellis bridge
11:26 - Esquire with original bridge
12:03 - "What New pickups as good as old?" / Don't know
12:32 - "Desert island guitar and amp?" / Goldtop and Princeton
13:00 - "Will you evaluate my playing?" / Don't always have time / Lessons
13:33 - "Are new Nobels pedals as good as old?" / Nothing as good as original

The title pretty much says it all here kids....

today's test gear...
amp: dead original 1965 Fender Princeton Reverb with original 10" Jensen
pedals: original no-balls ODR-1, strymon el cap slapback, tiny bit of reverb from the amp

full disclosure...i completely forgot to mention that the bridge pickup in the 1954 esquire is actually an original wound fender pickup taken out of a 1960 tele custom, so not original to the guitar, but still over 60 years old.

If you guys are getting something useful out of these ridiculous videos please feel free to visit the tip jar...

paypal is tombukovac@gmail.com
venmo is @Tom-Bukovac-1

Thank you for watching...and i TRULY mean that. Uncle Larry realizes that you have PLENTY of other choices when it comes to Youtube travel.

December 12th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Volume 262, Tom Bukovac, “Meet The Modern Stone Age Family”

00:00 - Continuing the Blues
08:45 - Gibson parts catalog and Paul McCartney being strictly vegan
09:45 - NFL / Buying 3 guitars
10:15 - Thank yous / Marvin Gaye and his greatness
12:30 - Scam ("Let's have a conversation")
14:00 - Nobels pedals and pedalboards / Swapped pots
16:00 - Marshalls (Hugh)
16:50 - Treble bleeds??
17:13 - Harder on guitar than seems?
18:15 - Producer Larry
18:55 - '54 Fender Esquire
19:15 - Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani montage

Uncle Larry crawls through the bowels of the blues like an insatiable tape worm….smoking filterless cigarettes and eating a cold greasy pork sandwich off a dirty ashtray….last night’s drunken pants still sick in the corner…searching for the whore who stole his poems.

oh...and Larry told me to tell you that this guy frightens him...for real...

mommy, make the man stop...

(whatever it takes, you absolutely MUST endure all the way to the end...)

October 3rd, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Volume 246, Tom Bukovac “You’re Soaking In It”

00:00 - Rockin the Fender with a lil' Rough Boys
02:00 - The Who - Rough Boys and Pete Townshend
03:09 - Listening to the song
04:54 - Thanks and appreciation
06:34 - Another "Fuck Off" and more garage sales
07:12 - '54 Fender Esquire / Meeting people at a party analogy
09:53 - What is your favorite Genesis album?
11:24 - What is your favorite Yes album? / Some bad and good songs (Future Times)
14:00 - Keeley Noble Screamer / Ebo E-Verb
15:25 - Roxy Music?
17:15 - Why don't you like Cream?
18:14 - "Wedges are death" vs. in-ear
20:16 - Journey as a player?  Progressing and making records
21:45 - Allan Holdsworth brain implant chip / Play what you want to play
23:50 - Fishing for a cool chord
24:31 - Lesson: Golden Earring - Radar Love / Norway musicians story

Special thanks to Blackbird Studios for letting me use their blazing fast 5G internet to upload these videos.

July 25th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Bonus Jam "Beat It Like It Owes You Money"

00:00 - Rockin' and a pickin' the money out of it

Larry takes a swing on a sassy old 54 Esquire.

Hello friends....getting stitches out tomorrow and my big fat Slovenian face is very slowly healing up.
Thanks for all the concern and support.
Homeskoolin' is cool.

June 7th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus, “Oh, Hey Man..."

00:00 - Intro to Robert Baker
04:20 - Fender Esquire
06:00 - Potientiometer codes

Uncle Larry gets a visit from a friend and well known YouTuber, dearest Robert Baker….who just happened to move here to the great country of Nashville .....a place that is completely isolated in it's own economic and social bubble.... and thusly absolutely impervious to any of the "economic woes" that may happen to occasionally devastate the rest of the United States at any given time.

Welcome my son….welcome….to…the machine….

...and if anyone wants to see ol' Uncle Larry plunkin' it waaaaaay back in 1996 on a major television broadcast check this out.....

if anyone is interested in purchasing dear Robert's '58 Esquire for 15K with nice tweed case email me at tombukovac@gmail.com

May 11th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Goes To Gruhn’s Volume 2

00:00 - Intro
01:25 - Pet peeves when visiting Gruhn's / Playing guitars in house
04:18 - Hesitant repair vs. knowledgeable repair (Explaining and educating)
06:59 - Heirloom guitars that aren't expensive
08:00 - George Gruhn and his business
11:35 - '53 Telecaster / Cool factor vs collector's and playing guitars
14:40 - Back to the Tele
17:00 - Stickiness of a neck and lacquer
18:00 - Gibson ES-335 / "Electric Spanish" (ES) naming convention
19:25 - Playing Gibson
24:00 - 1931 OM Shade Top acoustic / Playing
27:40 - Checking on binding indicates refinish
29:31 - 1966 Epiphone Caiola / Playing
40:00 - 1965 Gibson Melody Maker D
42:20 - Gibson Melody Maker
43:30 - Joan Jett and I Love Rock 'N Roll cover (Arrows)
45:00 - 1963 Gibson Special (Lefty) / Playing upside down
49:00 - 1958 Fender Esquire (Lefty) / Playing upside down
54:10 - Back to the Gibson ES-335 / Prices
60:24 - Trivia: Pickup rings
62:25 - Closing statements too soon
67:12 - 1963 Gibson Firebird / Playing

The dynamic trio pulls 7 killer guitars from the current Gruhn’s inventory and takes them for a ride.

Greg Voros
Corey Terrell
Uncle Larry

May 9th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 214, Tom Bukovac, "The Viking Scale"

00:00 - Jamming on some strings
01:13 - Demonstration of ashtray (faraday cage) on a guitar (with and without)
02:00 - Hello / Box of Rock rehousing / Greg Voros coffee
03:08 - Speed playing around
03:28 - Lesson: "The Viking Scale"
04:12 - "Original Ace Hendrix Strap"
04:35 - '54 Esquire / Playing
05:45 - Ashtray cover back on comparison
05:58 - Pedals (Simulate ashtray cover / Snare rattle)
06:44 - Joe Glaser & Music City Bridge cool idea
07:15 - Tele bridge pickup in guitar demo
08:16 - Steel guitar playing / Waylon Jennings
09:13 - "Learn how to fix a Wurlitzer"
09:30 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Ebo comedic timing
10:00 - Grammar helping a viewer / Session players humor and getting serious
11:45 - Bohemian Grove
13:22 - Double slide / Learning new tricks
14:17 - Lesson: New trick / Doubling track
16:37 - The Gear Page and the ODR-1 / Social Media is not cool

Uncle Larry filets and pan fries the VCB and plunks around on a nice old slab of golden age Fullerton Fender.

January 17th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Volume 188, Tom Bukovac, “Video Killed The Funk 49”

00:00 - Plucking some familar tunes on the Tele
01:53 - Hello, folks! / Boat drink
02:20 - Update and Vince Gill project / New subscribers and misunderstanding and welcome
04:14 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin)
04:34 - Gordon Mote...amazing
04:50 - New guitars? Duesenberg
05:14 - Thank you for comments and support
05:58 - Right hand picking
08:00 - Never let... [them] ...enter your kingdom!
08:30 - Don't change the channel!
08:43 - NFL Dream Team
09:02 - Gear and sounding the same / 99% hands - yep!
10:15 - Alrosa Villa nightclub playing and Dimebag Darrell
10:47 - Dallas Cowboys kicker / Fucking up on the job

Uncle Larry unsuccessfully tries to transfer the legendary Geoffrey Downes piano masterpiece over to guitar....

It is virtually impossible….i mean, just try these chords ferchrissakes…

From low to hi

C# over F
13,11,11,13,14,16 (this one is a KILLER)

Eb min 7

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January 9th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Volume 184, “Moving In Mono”

00:00 - Reflective playing
04:50 - Morph into Sting - Bring on the Night / Howya doing?
06:00 - The greatest cover songs of all time
07:00 - Lesson: Bring on the Night / Vince Gill
08:20 - NFL cards
09:46 - '54 Esquire from Greg Voros / Playing / Top hat flying off
13:53 - Thanks
14:55 - Lesson: Harmonics
15:42 - Unknown riff from the '80s
16:36 - Lesson: Cars - Since I Held You / Solo
19:41 - The Cars solos story / Band person vs live improv / Test of time

Uncle Larry takes a ride on a slightly out of tune chopped 54 esquire and reflects on some childhood guitar store memories.....and childhood memories of watching Letterman.

Even the thumbnail pic shows Larry in a very "reflective type" mood.

In truth, sometimes (like tonight for example) i don't even bother to tune the guitar before i do these vids....because i usually spend all day at my "day job" caring WAY too much about tuning...so when i get home at night, and it's just me all alone with my deep Cleveland thoughts it can be very stimulating for me to be a bit out of tune.
It's very freeing, sonically speaking, it's kinda like the emotional equivalent of walking around the house in your underwear.

I hope you guys don't mind.

There is one guy that watches the show that can't help but make a comment every time he hears five seconds of something out of tune on my totally unedited free form stream of conscious videos.  I think he's one of those unfortunate dudes who has to tune/edit/pocket shitty vocals on pro tools all day for bad local bands.

He probably also has a hard time enjoying led zeppelin and beatles records.

I've noticed that some people seem to feel really special when they can point out things that are "out of tune"....sometimes i think they think they are the only people that can "hear" it.

At any rate, thanks for watching guys

If you feel led:
the PayPal tip jar is always there...lurking...

so is that venmo one...

September 17th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Saturday Night Bonus Jam “Point Of Contact”

00:00 - Playing the chopper

Hello friends…a while back my dear dear friend sweet Greggy Voros gifted me a wonderful old 54 Esquire chopper that i have been slowly but surely trying to turn into the monster that i absolutely know it can be.

From the start this guitar had a hell of a lot going for it (super lightweight and the neck is to die for) but it had a long way to go. It started with refretting, then trying to find the right pickups…i ended up finding some great pickups, an original bridge pickup from a 1960 tele custom was a nice addition.

The original bridge saddles were driving me insane, so i just had my dear old friend Phil Crabtree install a set of Callaham compensated steel saddles. I picked it up from him today, Philly works alongside Tom Murphy at the Gibson custom shop. He is one of the sweetest kindest souls that has ever walked this earth. Thats him pictured at the end of this video.

Lord did these saddles help a lot…a MAJOR step in the right direction. The intonation is sooo good now, the string spacing is perfect, and the thing is just ringing beautifully acoustically, great sustain.

I swear the older i get i am focusing more and more on what i have always called the “point of contact” in guitars.

The purity and trueness of the way fretted and open notes pop out of a guitar, whether its electric or acoustic. The way the notes ring and sustain without an amp.

It’s the first thing i look at when i am checking out any guitar I haven’t seen before. It’s amazing how many guitars there are out there, even “high end” instruments, that just have terrible “point of contact”.

Strangled sounding dead notes all over the guitar, which could be caused by many things….a shitty bridge, bad fretwork, a fingerboard that is separating slightly from the neck, a pinched nut slot, and the worst offender, just plain dead wood.

July 8th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Session Update “Everybody Loves Danny”

00:00 - Back stage gear tour
04:00 - Danny Dugmore

Day two of a three day odyssey….special guests, our beloved Bryan Sutton and the legendary Dan Dugmore…check out his credits on allmusic.com kids…a true session man.

March 19th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Saturday Night Blast Off

00:00 - Country pickin' jam

Sorry guys, my kids are outta town for a week…i got too much time on my hands haha….

February 5th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 125, Tom Bukovac, “Cabin Fever Jazz”

00:00 - Crazy guitar playing
09:30 - '54 Esquire / Old Brain Twister lesson
11:25 - Trip The Witch CDs & t-shirts
12:05 - 4 note chromatic pattern playing
13:20 - Sound and fun playing
14:14 - Difference Rosewood vs. Maple teles / Blues pickin'
16:16 - E13 / Index finger crazy shit
17:40 - Cool sound upstroke on saddles / Clavinet imitation

“Well…maybe he HAS finally lost it….”

January 27th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Short…”Brain Twister”

00:00 - Chicken pickin'

The first Homeskoolin’ “Short”, for what it’s worth.

So, can anyone out there actually play this clean?

I almost got it….pretty fuckin’ tough riff at the end. Ya’ know, i got some great advice years ago…it was something along the lines of “Tom, don’t ever write a riff you can’t play”

This sweet old 54 Esquire chopper in this video is a cherished gift from a dear dear friend who would be a real strong contender for “the coolest dude to ever inhabit this earth”…if that was ever a contest.

Rock on Homeskoolers!!


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