November 1st, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 251, Tom Bukovac, "Halloween Candy Hangover"

00:00 - Some straight off the press raunch
03:47 - Hello, friends! / Halloween hangover
04:15 - Firebird is back / Amazing intonation
05:40 - Intonation and bending out of tune
06:08 - Lesson: Ziggy Stardust intro out of tune (YouTube)
06:48 - Firebird I description sheet
08:15 - Halloween adventures
08:45 - Gig at 1979 studio
09:03 - Shootout Firebird I vs Firebird V
10:00 - '63 Firebird V
10:58 - Differences Firebird I vs Firebird V
11:35 - Try again
12:00 - 250 episodes of Homeskoolin'
12:47 - Firebird I
13:33 - Acoustic test / Firebird I
13:55 - Firebird V acoustic / 0.5 as loud
14:22 - Firebird I loud test / Why the difference in loudness
15:00 - VCB / Favorite song from The Cure - Facination Street / Sppreciation
15:39 - Kirk Hammett respect
16:12 - Lesson: Genesis - Turn It On Again
17:44 - More vocals / Mick Ronson - Soul Love
18:58 - Rather be in a band? / Getting bored
20:15 - 80's documentary, Husker Du, Bob Mould

A little wednesday morning blooze for ya on two different '63 birds.

Very special thanks to dearest Lin Crowson at Gruhn Guitars for breathing some new life into this wounded old bird.

Dig this great old 90's power pop....getting guitars THIS loud in a mix where they don't hurt at all is no easy feat. Brilliant track


go to www.ziggysartstudio if you want to check out one of the rad limited edition prints he drew up to commemorate episode 250

and...we are getting damn close to 90K prescribers....wow

and i think there are a couple hundred vinyl copies of Plexi soul still left...if you want one go to either of these two links folks



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A lot of these very same new viewers don't seem to know that Uncle Larry made a couple records that they could potentially listen to... one is an instrumental solo record called "Plexi Soul" that is available here:

another is an instrumental collaboration with his dear friend Dean Deleo (originally from the Stone Temple Pilots organization) that is available here:

October 3rd, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Volume 246, Tom Bukovac “You’re Soaking In It”

00:00 - Rockin the Fender with a lil' Rough Boys
02:00 - The Who - Rough Boys and Pete Townshend
03:09 - Listening to the song
04:54 - Thanks and appreciation
06:34 - Another "Fuck Off" and more garage sales
07:12 - '54 Fender Esquire / Meeting people at a party analogy
09:53 - What is your favorite Genesis album?
11:24 - What is your favorite Yes album? / Some bad and good songs (Future Times)
14:00 - Keeley Noble Screamer / Ebo E-Verb
15:25 - Roxy Music?
17:15 - Why don't you like Cream?
18:14 - "Wedges are death" vs. in-ear
20:16 - Journey as a player?  Progressing and making records
21:45 - Allan Holdsworth brain implant chip / Play what you want to play
23:50 - Fishing for a cool chord
24:31 - Lesson: Golden Earring - Radar Love / Norway musicians story

Special thanks to Blackbird Studios for letting me use their blazing fast 5G internet to upload these videos.

April 6th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 208, Tom Bukovac, "How To Properly Match Your Shirt To Your Guitar"

00:00 - Fingerstyle guitar
03:30 - Hi guys / Quick morning beer / Fun days
05:23 - Twitch with the Wook and Guthrie
06:30 - Back to guitar playing
07:20 - Gruhn's videos / John McBride (Blackbird Studios)
09:40 - Lesson: Genesis - Supper's Ready
12:00 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / The Gear Page
13:12 - Dementia story and Homeskoolin' videos
14:40 - Favorite Song? / David Bowie & Freddie Mercury - Under Pressure
17:15 - Nice people comments / Sitting around music stores hanging out
18:28 - Music store stories (Ron Blair)
21:00 - Joe Jackson song and comments
21:43 - Corona Lesson videos
23:20 - Lesson: Tapping (Dark Side of the Moon)
25:50 - Lesson: Chord tapping / Eddie Van Halen taking off
27:40 - Muting / Learning process
30:00 - Lesson: Muting


Uncle Larry carryin' on with nary a comma today...to the point where he reaches double the time length of one of his "normal" videos....

here is the link for tonite's livestream with sweet Guthrie....which will start at roughly 8PM central.


and if you haven't checked out some of the exciting things happening with Homeskoolin' merch in a while, you can certainly do that here....

August 26th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 161, Tom Bukovac, “Rainbow Blues”

00:00 - Song playthrough
03:25 - Hello, class! / Uncle Larry
04:00 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Thanks
05:15 - James Honeyman Scott & episode
06:02 - "Good tone is heavy and hard to carry."  -Tom Bukovac (Amps)
06:24 - Stringing guitar
07:29 - What was your first pedal? DOD Flanger
08:01 - Chrissy Hines and James Honeyman Scott appreciation
08:25 - Any advice? Don't end up in jail or killing yourself, you're good
09:30 - Steve Hackett - The Battle of Epping Forest (echo)
12:05 - Pet peeves / Gruhn's Guitars / Original guitars (Beato & Rhett)

This one goes out to one of the baddest motherfuckers that ever roamed this earth….Joey D

RIP brother

and...the echo guitar that kicks in at :51 on this....come on man

and....if i ever heard a pedal that can create the effect that happens at
3:16 of my pitiful video today when both guitars play the same thing. that would be cool

August 23rd, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 160, Tom Bukovac, “The Honey Man”

00:00 - The Pretenders - Kid play through
01:20 - Hello / Analog Man
02:52 - Genesis and challenge
03:50 - MXR Dyna Comp / Foam turns to glue tip
05:45 - The Pretenders history and talk / Lesson: Chord
08:38 - Lesson: The Kid bridge lesson
10:12 - Lesson: The Kid solo lesson
13:00 - VCB
13:20 - Amp-like pedals / Modeling
15:56 - Epiphone Casino / Choppers and modifying guitars / Tremolo vs. Vibrato
19:00 - David Gilmour / Variation of out of tune makes it real
21:33 - Apple products
22:04 - Musical memory and ear training
24:39 - Hanging out with Ann Wilson

A brief look at some genius shit from 1980…and a gaze into the vast crevasse (i like to say it like kruh-vaaaaahhhhzzzz) that is the VCB

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April 22nd, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 139, Tom Bukovac, “Well How Big Ol’ Boy Was He?”

00:00 - Passionate swirling playing with a flanger
03:09 - Ibanez Flanger (FL-305)
03:30 - Hey friends!
04:00 - Sessions with Ann Wilson and Tom's new song
05:15 - Collaboration is the greatest part of music
07:48 - Creative people
08:50 - '57 Gibson Les Paul Special and Music City Stud Finder bridge
09:15 - Musician Union drop-box idea
10:15 - Music City Stud Finder bridge
11:13 - Randy Newman - I Love LA
13:00 - I Love LA poly chords lesson / Genesis & Tony Banks
14:40 - Lesson: Bass note with sliding 4ths and little rubs
17:47 - Lynyrd Skynyrd - On the Hunt playing

A brief discussion on using triads over a single pedaling bass note to create "harmonic tension"

There have been many musical giants who have roamed the earth and conquered long before the time we are in now…we must always listen back and learn from those ancestors who learned/wrote and performed music before “the great distraction” took place.

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August 29th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 110, Tom Bukovac, “Unclelectric Larryland”

00:00 - Bad ass intro jam / Come On
02:00 - Hello, class!
02:58 - Stressful morning / Leo (son) sick
03:25 - Cover tune / Jimi doing Earl
04:42 - '60 Strat / Tuned down to Eb
05:07 - The Gear Page / Thin Lipped Cups
05:52 - Trip the Witch / Jon Anderson
07:30 - Viewer Comment Bin / Football
07:52 - Best 5 guitar amplifiers
09:01 - Direct box
09:42 - Bus story and sense of humor
10:52 - Roland BeeBaa Fuzz
11:31 - Top 5 Worst Guitar Inventions / Thanks
12:45 - EHX Frequency Analyzer

A brief chat on many things, including hurricanes, tunings, pedals, and people who are NOT fun to hang out with at parties.

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December 30th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 83, Tom Bukovac, Trip The Witch

00:00 - Beautiful intro jam
01:53 - Hello, class! / Duesenberg Session Man Guitar
05:03 - "Trip the Witch"
05:59 - Leslie West loss
06:49 - Christmas Depression
07:57 - Chords with harmonics / Low voicings
09:55 - Steve Morse rabbit hole

Hello class, to find the the Steve Morse video I've been obsessing over, just search for "Steve Morse band live in 1984 Part 4" sorry I'm too computer illiterate to know how to actually "post a link"...i honestly don't even know what i was thinking... beyond that, this video shows unveiling of the new Duesenberg Session Man guitar, and a brief discussion on poly chords and Christmas depression for young folks in their 20's and 30's

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December 6th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 82, Tom Bukovac, “Ph-ph-ph-ph-phases”

00:00 - Slow jazzy intro
00:24 - Hello, class!
01:16 - Phase shifters
02:54 - MXR Phase 90 demo
03:30 - Musitronics - Mu-Tron
04:00 - All-time greatest phaser riff
05:18 - EVH - MXR Phase 90
05:46 - Genesis tune lesson
10:42 - Nashville auto mechanics?
11:27 - Tweed Bassman

A brief rant on one of America’s great past time....phase shiftin’!!!

Happy Sunday

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May 26th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 34, Tom Bukovac, “Strat Fury”

00:00 - Intro blues jam
03:33 - Hey guys
04:17 - Pick lesson
05:00 - Viewer Comment Bin / Theory
06:50 - Amsterdam bender?
07:15 - Petra Haden - Tattoo
07:46 - Session man / Popular songs
10:08 - Younger guitar rig
12:17 - Funny story / Fayreweather
14:58 - Blues playing / Lesson

A brief walk through of some common shapes in the peoples key.  Homeskoolin' T shirts and coffee mugs available at guitarhouse.net if you like the show, PayPal tip jar: tombukovac@gmail.com


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