September 27th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 245, Tom Bukovac, "Chops Vs Feel"

00:00 - Spacey, trippy playing
02:14 - Polychord? Pedaltone? (Important lesson here kids)
04:40 - Hello, folks! / Chill week vs. career crashing
05:33 - EHX Memory Man / New pedalboard
07:19 - Memory Man maximum delay time
08:00 - Use it in chorus or vibrato mode? / Demonstration
08:55 - Ebo E-Verb is amazing
09:45 - Special "Fuck-Off" for flipping guitars critic
10:39 - The whole point of the channel
10:58 - Do you like to play loud? / Kenny Wayne
12:24 - Rock 'n' Roll lawyer
13:04 - Undulating / Bending the neck
13:56 - Studio guys in live band context delicacy
16:26 - Tom's sons progressing at music beautifully
17:40 - Totally original guitar player?  Allan Holdsworth
20:17 - Drummers that have the best 'feel'?  John Bonham, Jim Gordon, Phil Collins
21:56 - Having guitar talent with no 'feel'
23:05 - What band do you not like...everbody else does?
25:00 - Expense of Les Pauls and progression
27:20 - Do I talk too much?
27:46 - Totally chopped Epiphone Crestwood
28:51 - Playing: Joy of big distortion
29:42 - Crazy edits video guy, Buddy Jolly

In this video Uncle Larry goes to some "unusual places"

Check out this guy's crazy videos next time you are bored.

September 26th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 244, Tom Bukovac, "Thrill To The Exciting New Sound Of Stereo"

00:00 - Plicking some Doors on '70 Mustang
01:10 - "Woke up this morning" / Doors / "Iconic Band" question?
03:31 - Episode 244 / Volto / Fall weather
04:55 - Garage Sale thank you
05:20 - Garage Sale: 1970 Fender Mustang for sale / Give away guitars
06:27 - Garage Sale: 1952 Gibson Les Paul
08:38 - '52 Les Paul playing
10:13 - Tube reverb
11:18 - Tone shaping with Ebo Customs E-Verb
13:20 - How good can a guitar sound?
14:14 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Favorite song to play live?
15:03 - Hit songs and the power
17:58 - Gibson's biggest fails?
23:30 - Electro-Harmonix (EHX) best pedal company
25:30 - Bought entire collection
28:35 - Biggest regret selling guitar? / Not a hoarder / '59 Jazzmaster (the best)
30:30 - '61 Gibson SG TV Junior / Pulling the trigger / Doubleneck
33:30 - "Soft porn" YouTube instrument lessons
35:17 - Footage of Eric Clapton & Stephen Stills

There's a lot here...

Email me at tombukovac@gmail.com if you want one of these old plunks

August 31st, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Volume 241, Tom Bukovac, “Johnny Unitas Blues”

00:00 - Pink Floyd mashup ending with Country singing
07:00 - Hello, friends! / Direct TV
08:00 - White Falcon / Modulation / Thanks!
08:48 - Teddy Boy rehab / Childhood from bullying to being a camelion / Spelling
10:45 - Hermanos Gutierrez
11:22 - Tomo Fujita
12:00 - EHX Big Muff Deluxe
13:00 - Lesson: Pink Floyd motifs / (Em -> C) / (Cmaj7 -> Bm -> Fmaj)
15:03 - Lesson: Tritone (F -> B) / Beatles - I am the Walrus
15:50 - Every song has mix of 4 chords
16:45 - Tomo's nice, new Gibson Les Paul / Guthrie and big night out
18:45 - Keep practicing and bedtime trick
20:00 - Lunch with David and Tomo

Uncle Larry extols the virtues of the 2min to 5 progression that you have heard on a million songs of your youth.

Massaman on the moon

June 1st, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Studio Update, “Atmos Man”

00:00 - Recording a solo for a song
09:20 - Gear, gear and more gear

June 1st 2023....at an overdub session with my dear old friend, engineer Mills Logan....who happens to reside in a house i used to own many years ago.

Working on a track for a band called Mister Vertigo from Boston.

Camera work by Grant Morgan.

Tone courtesy of a '63 Gibson ES-335 in a very "cheerful cherry" finish....an exemplary old chunk of lightweight and perfectly balanced Kalamazoo... built during the often talked about "Golden Era of guitar manufacturing" which took place in the United States from 1935 to 1965

Distortion courtesy of a Gerald Ford era (1973) Electro-Harmonix Ram's Head Big Muff....which Uncle Larry considers to be an absolute MUST have for any guitarist who takes playing the instrument seriously.

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December 7th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 178, Tom Bukovac, “Blues For Don Ho”

00:00 - Most Rock 'n Roll scream (Ann Wilson, Sean )
01:45 - Gibson Roy Smeck playing
02:35 - Gibson Roy Smeck guitar
04:07 - 50th birthday party / George Gruhn story
07:20 - Football cards
08:58 - Baseball card set story
10:49 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Electro-Harmonix & Boss pedals
14:13 - Vignette
14:42 - Cool sounds / Rules of recording
16:50 - Microphones & get creative with mics
18:28 - Digital world
18:47 - Oz Noy
20:13 - Favorite phaser?
21:25 - Ann Wilson & recording
22:29 - Lesson: Slide playing
23:40 - Football concussion and crash test

Uncle Larry deep dives into some uncomfortably non music related musings….and sings the praises of the greatest pedal company of all time.

Here's a video you might get a kick out of:


Here's a story you might get a cry out of:

December 6th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Noise??…What Noise???”

00:00 - Electro-Harmonix - Frequency Analyzer and idea
03:20 - Electro-Harmonix - Electric Mistress
05:13 - Ibanez FL-305 Flanger

Uncle Larry takes you on a trip to Analog City….a long forgotten place where tape hiss and noise were just part of the scenery.

There is a big difference between modern high definition video and a slightly blurry Super 8 film from the 70's....kinda the same thing with guitar pedals....

Hope you enjoy friends
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August 8th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 109, Tom Bukovac, “Mr. Blackfinger”

00:00 - Amazing mixed jam
04:21 - Hello, friends!
04:40 - Open strings / Deblocking chords
07:20 - EHX Blackfinger

A brief chat on chords and a look at one of the most overlooked effects in pedal history…..

Todays sound courtesy of a 1960 Stratocaster and a 64 Vox AC40 top boost. Reverb courtesy of a Boss RV-6.

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