May 8th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Petit Bouche”

00:00 - Intro
00:21 - 1950 Petit Bouche / Django Reinhardt sound (Jazz)
01:28 - Petit Bouche playing / That tone
02:40 - '30 Gibson L-5 (George's loudest ever heard)
03:38 - L-5 playing
04:46 - "I can play Foghat"
05:10 - Comparison of guitars
06:00 - Stromberg vs. L-5
06:30 - What do you like best?

Hello friends…I just wanted to do a quick video with George after I fell absolutely in love with both of these KILLER guitars, even though I have no idea how to play them…

If any of you guys out there play this type of music i can tell you for a FACT that either of these old guitars are a no brainer.

August 15th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Goes To Gruhn’s Volume 4

00:00 - Intro to Corey Terrell, Eric “Ebo” Borash, Greg Voros
02:47 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son (John Forgerty)
04:27 - Fortunate Son tuning, playing, and son realizing playing incorrectly
05:48 - Tom's parts playing with John Fogerty
06:18 - Bad Moon Rising
07:11 - Discussing fucking cool guitars and P90s
12:40 - '56 Gibson Junior / '56 Gibson Junior Double Cut / Comparison
14:50 - Playing '56 Gibson Junior #1
15:45 - That acoustic guitar quality when turning it down
16:45 - Playing '56 Gibson Junior #2 / No one plays those frets
18:10 - Lower output of #2
18:46 - Back to #1 and brighter
19:05 - Gibson Double Cut with Music City Bridge
20:30 - Playing Double Cut
21:28 - Lesson: Mashing fingers bends / Playing
23:23 - Bending tip with vibrato / Playing
26:05 - Fucking awesome faux delay
27:05 - '56 Gibson Junior TV
28:25 - Led Zeppelin - Misty Moutain Hop / Playing
30:00 - Pickup height
35:00 - Bursts
46:00 - Repaired guitars, ethics, and price differences
57:00 - George Gruhn's wisdom enters the picture
65:00 - "Is there a change in the air?"

Starring the usual cast of characters

Special thanks to Heavy Duty for filming this mess.

June 30th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Goes To Gruhns Volume 3

00:00 - Intro
04:30 - Not point to video, but fine instruments
06:00 - Human interest story (Corey at 13yrs. and a strat)
13:45 - Greg and "metal" guitar
16:00 - Pet peeves / Stairway to Heaven
17:00 - Girl names for guitars
20:30 - Craigslist "Killer" / "Rare" / "Axe" / "Quiver"
23:35 - Newbie just learns and doesn't know they really don't know
29:00 - Pulling the strings out of tune and blaming it on guitar / White knuckle
34:00 - Songs not being played the way someone else plays it (Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC)
38:50 - Pole pieces the same direction
40:00 - 3 humbuckers / Gibsons, 335, Les Pauls
62:00 - Ugliest guitar? / Most beautiful guitar?
75:00 - George enters
80:00 - Cheapest star / Guitar as art


UNLESS of course you happen to be one of THOSE guys….

oh, you know the ones i mean…the ones that love to complain about not being able to hear every single word of dialogue perfectly clearly in a totally free video….after 50 years of working with power tools with no hearing protection.

I simply cannot deal with any more of the dumb ass “biggest guitar store in North America and they can’t afford a microphone?” comments

Please keep in mind that these are extremely loose casual conversations that are recorded with a simple iPhone….just a few dudes who have spent their entire lives in the old guitar racket sharing a few laughs, and a couple brews (courtesy of dear Wayne Baswell) and the occasional “hot take” on a particularly touchy subject

Greg “Old World” Voros
Eric “Ebo” Borash
Corey Terrell
George Gruhn
Geoffrey from Atlanta

and a very special thanks to sweet Tosa from Atlanta for holding her arms up for over an hour straight filming this video. (Try that sometime folks…after 15 minutes it starts becoming a real problem)

Like all Homeskoolin’ products…this video is meant to be taken in good fun.
it is not meant to offend anyone…

please people, if any of the views expressed here-in don’t align with your own….please do not take it personally.

I am pretty sure you guys would rather see some raw unedited real shit rather than some smoothed out corporate PC bullshit….am i right?

Besides there is already enough people out there who hate me for providing 600 free guitar lessons.

Thanks for watching kids…please visit this amazing store if you ever get to Nashville…it is really something special.
George has been the king of the vintage guitar mountain since 1970.

Editor’s note:
I meant to say “tremotone”, not “frequensator” when I was referring to a few of Gibson’s questionable moves during the golden age.

June 2nd, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Field Trip To The Brand New Gruhn Guitar Factory

00:00 - Tour of a new George Gruhn factory

June 2nd 2023

Uncle Larry visits and gets a comprehensive tour of the brand new Gruhn guitar factory in downtown Lebanon TN.

The brainchild of George Gruhn, Greg Voros and Eric Newell....this factory is building some fine affordable acoustic guitars, based on the design of the original Tacoma guitars that George helped pioneer years ago.

Today's video stars of course our beloved Homeskoolin' friend Greg “Old World” Voros, AND my dear old session buddy friend Jim “Moose” Brown.

Moose and I have logged many long session days (and several long extremely debaucherous non-session nights) together over the years....he's a damned fine piano player, a damned fine guitar player, and one of the funniest dudes i have ever known.

Moose toured with Seger.....(yeah BOB Seger)... for years and he co-wrote a little tune you mighta heard called "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere", by Jimmy Buffet & Alan Jackson.

It has been said that ever since that little song came along, old Moose has been "shittin' in tall cotton" (as they say in the south)....I'm not sure I know exactly what that means, but i think it's a good thing.

Thanks to the fine lads at the new factory for showing us around...sweet guys that clearly know what the hell they are doing.

Jay Myer: plant manager, former Martin rep for 20 years....Jay designed and built the first Martin "Sinker acoustics.

AJ Hancock: head luthier...total bad ass as you can see here.

hope you guys enjoy

May 21st, 2023

The answer to the age old question straight from the horse's mouth.

00:00 - When George Gruhn speaks, you listen

Was asked to make a nice video today of a few legends!!

April 8th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Goes To Gruhn’s, Episode 1

00:00 - Chatting with in-depth views at Gruhn's with Fender Stratocasters
03:00 - Introduction to Stratocasters
03:50 - Maple neck Strats opinions / Tom's opinion
06:00 - Corey's opinion
07:22 - Greg's opinion
09:00 - Fretboard repair standpoint
13:00 - Comparison of 4 Strats
13:50 - '57 Strat look / Tone control on bridge pickup
16:20 - '57 Strat playing
18:10 - Early '58 Strat playing
20:45 - Late '58 Strat playing
23:14 - '59 Strat playing / Activator switch
27:50 - Thoughts / Favorites
30:45 - Prices
31:45 - Favorites / COVID price effect / Left-handed
39:50 - '63 Strat with rosewood fretboard comparison with '57
40:57 - '63 Strat playing / Back and forth
45:40 - Thoughts?
50:20 - Pickup shootout
52:32 - Sounds - pickups about same / Neck sizes / Truss rod route
57:00 - Lead sounds
61:20 - George Gruhn and electric guitars


As promised, the first installment of what will hopefully be monthly collaboration videos between Uncle Larry and the legendary Gruhn Guitars store in downtown Nashville TN.
This amazing store has been around since 1970.

Filmed on Thursday April 6th 2023

Greg Voros
Corey Terrell
George Gruhn
Uncle Larry

and five bitchin’ old Fender Stratocasters, all with “field replaceable necks”….just like the 50’s Fender catalogs claimed.

January 5th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Volume 183, Tom Bukovac, “But I Never Sarrr Them Winging”

00:00 - Tranquil playing
02:39 - Hello, friends! / Gildan
03:30 - Stuffed toy
04:53 - Real estate agent
08:15 - Whackiness and friends
10:00 - The ole garage
10:47 - Pool and swimming
11:47 - Encompassing life
12:45 - Spontaneous fucking around videos
13:36 - Yards
15:30 - Find gear what works for you
16:25 - Various guitars vs. one / George Gruhn
17:53 - Billy Gibbons
19:16 - Gear doesn't matter
20:45 - Good guitar player can play anything
21:20 - Perfect pitch and great musician
21:45 - Jimi Hendrix thoughts / Little playing
23:43 - Lesson: Tritone substitution

Rant away Larry…rant away....

oh, and here's a song everyone should know

December 7th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 178, Tom Bukovac, “Blues For Don Ho”

00:00 - Most Rock 'n Roll scream (Ann Wilson, Sean )
01:45 - Gibson Roy Smeck playing
02:35 - Gibson Roy Smeck guitar
04:07 - 50th birthday party / George Gruhn story
07:20 - Football cards
08:58 - Baseball card set story
10:49 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Electro-Harmonix & Boss pedals
14:13 - Vignette
14:42 - Cool sounds / Rules of recording
16:50 - Microphones & get creative with mics
18:28 - Digital world
18:47 - Oz Noy
20:13 - Favorite phaser?
21:25 - Ann Wilson & recording
22:29 - Lesson: Slide playing
23:40 - Football concussion and crash test

Uncle Larry deep dives into some uncomfortably non music related musings….and sings the praises of the greatest pedal company of all time.

Here's a video you might get a kick out of:


Here's a story you might get a cry out of:

March 19th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “The Last One Holdin’ It”

00:00 - Gruhn Guitars Inc.
00:37 - Sprinkler system amp wrap
02:28 - George's overrated guitar? Gibson SG
08:36 - Greg's overrated guitar? Rickenbacker
09:46 - Les Paul and the SG
10:27 - Discovery of old guitars / Michael Bloomfield influence
13:24 - Tony Iommi's weren't Gibsons / Redesigning the SG
15:15 - Bloomfield influence cont.
16:56 - Les Paul
19:10 - Unbelievable guitars
25:10 - "Store's best customer" / Collection / Inspiration
28:41 - What guitar would you love to have?
31:39 - Guitar price "bubble"? / New generation of guitar buyers
36:05 - Heavy Metal / Women buyers / Inflation
38:18 - Guitar is a physical art you can feel, hear, and is alive
41:00 - Optimist vs. pessimist truth
42:42 - "Hot tip" of what is going to be valueable?
43:49 - 70's to present guitars
44:07 - 335 vs. Bursts prices
46:33 - "If there were a guitar...would be buying." / Guitars bought
47:49 - Not vintage guitar?
50:43 - Guitar to turn to crap? / Difficulty in supply / Bolt-on copies / Luthier
53:23 - New instruments from new builders and opinions
54:30 - 2 names of builders that are good?  Hugh Hansen, Paul Newson
57:19 - What are some of the things missing from builders who are missing the point?
61:52 - Best craftsmanship in guitar making?

Maaaaaaaaaany things to think about…..
George Gruhn
Greggy Voros
Joel Watrous
David Kreisel
and some sweet woman who’s name we don’t know (Cheryl)

Filmed on 3/19/22 on location in the infamous break room of the greatest guitar store in the world.


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