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May 23rd, 2022

Uncle Larry’s Garage Sale (Expanded Edition)

00:00 - Intro
01:35 - '76 BC Rich Mockingbird Supreme
02:36 - '80 Dean Elite Cadillac
03:41 - '57 Supro Ozark
04:25 - '60s Hagstrom 12 string
05:00 - Teisco TG-1
05:45 - '70s EHX Blackfinger
06:06 - '60s Apollo Crier Wah
06:25 - Systech Harmonic Energizer
06:51 - Dod Overdrive 250
07:07 - Original Fender Blender Fuzz
07:35 - '68 Bassman Head

11 items for you to peruse

email me at if you want any of this stuff

76 bc rich mockingbird supreme 5500
68 bassman head 1000 (local pickup only on this one item)
Original Fender Blender fuzz 425
60s hagstrom 12 string 750
Teisco tg-1 350
80 dean elite cadillac 1500
70s EHX blackfinger 225
57 supro ozark 1000
Systech harmonic energizer 1300
Dod overdrive 250 225
60’s Apollo Crier wah 100

Buyer pays shipping

No international shipping kids im sorry

March 3rd, 2022

Uncle Larry’s Garage Sale Volume 1

00:00 - Garage sale / Hayman Bass / Boss RPQ-10 EQ / Rockman / Steel Guitar

A few weirdo odds and ends some of you true weirdo guys out there might be into…i was about to put this stuff on Reverb but i decided to offer it to you Homeskoolers first so there would be no fees.

OF COURSE you guys know that all i care about is making as much money as possible from this channel, as Silviu pointed out a long time ago. By the way, have you guys seen the extremely nice comments Silviu has been leaving in the VCB lately?

Email me at if you want any of this stuff….PLEASE dont ask me to send any of this stuff out of the Continental US of A…im sorry but I’m too old to be dealing with international shipping….i went to Switzerland once …fucking beautiful place…zero trash and litter on the side of the road…classy as hell…but still, i ain’t shipping this shit there.

Thanks guys

November 30th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Update, “Larry’s Pet Falken”

00:00 - Beautiful loop playing
02:35 - Hello, class!
04:07 - Duesenberg Falken
05:19 - Chords lesson / Dropped-D
06:38 - Loop lesson
08:22 - Rolling Rock in a bottle
08:40 - Uncle Larry's Garage Sale / 1946 gibson j-45 neck
09:34 - 1964 Fender Vibroverb 1x15 combo amp
09:50 - 1959 Watkins Westminster
10:06 - Much thanks to all

Hey guys….thanks for watching the show. Check out for uncle larry merch…plexi soul cd’s and t shirts on the way.

Uncle larry’s garage sale…email me at if you are interested in any of this shit.

1) absolutely primo 1946 gibson j-45 neck only….AMAZING condition and original finish ….1500 firm…this could be a life changer for the right person/repairman out there

2) 1964 fender vibroverb 1x15 combo amp. As you know this model is BY FAR the most coveted of the entire blackface line by collectors…basically just a pro reverb with a 15” speaker, for twice the money. 4500 firm and i WILL NOT SHIP…you gotta come to larry’s house to get this if you want it. 7/10 cosmetic condition…has definitely been played and gigged. All original trannies and speaker…serviced by Ebo…sounds absolutely lovely

3) 1959 watkins westminster…small and EXTREMELY stylish little british tube combo amp….sounds good but could sound GREAT with a bit of tweaking and TLC….Sold as is for 1300 firm and I WILL NOT SHIP. Nice sounding tremolo circuit

September 21st, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 112, Tom and Guthrie, “Velvet Hammers”

00:00 - Dressed To Kill Myself playing
02:26 - Hello, friends! / Thanks
03:18 - Guthrie Trapp intro
04:02 - Dressed To Kill Myself lesson / Chords
05:34 - B-Section
06:19 - Beatiful solo playing
07:30 - Uncle Larry's Garage Sale / Gibson '65 335
08:20 - Guthrie Trapp playing

Hello class…in today's presentation…a walk through the chords of the Trip The Witch song “Dressed To Kill Myself”.

Also , a couple videos of my dear old friend Guthrie Trapp absolutely destroying my ‘38 OOO-18 and my ‘37 AJ.

Also, the lovely ‘65 Gibson 335 in the video is available in this episode of Uncle Larry’s garage sale. This guitar is ABSOLUTELY ready to be someone’s main squeeze….beautiful refret and it plays like absolute butter, dead in tune. Nice fuckin guitar in the original case. Has some Bigsby holes and original tuners reinstalled after some others were on it…best part about this guitar is it has the “tweener” nut width…it’s not the classic wide pre ‘65 1 11/16” nut width, but it’s not that super skinny late 60’s feel either…its a “tweener”

9500 plus shipping

Email me at if you need it

Stay tuned for super comfy Trip The Witch t shirts!

July 22nd, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 108, Tom Bukovac, “Reverb Math”

00:00 - Slow ambient jam
02:17 - Hello, class!
04:37 - Baritone strings / Gauge
05:29 - Wrapping strings
06:28 - Jerry Jones Neptune Longhorn Baritone / A tuning
07:40 - Gibson Eb-2D Bass garage sale

Hello class, just a brief exploratory look at baritone guitars….keep in mind, EVERY guitar sounds cool when you tune it down low enough. Props to John Scott from Bluesman Vintage guitars in Nashville. You may want to contact him if you like lightweight guitars…the Strat he had with him yesterday was literally the lightest Strat i have ever felt in my entire life…5 pounds tops.

If you guys want either of the two instruments from Uncle Larrys Garage Sale just email me at

Buyer pays all shipping

Homeskoolin merch available at
Paypal tip jar is
Venmo tip jar is @Tom-Bukovac-1

September 21st, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 70, Tom Bukovac, “Fall Is Here!!!!!”

00:00 - Beautiful, bluesy intro
03:17 - Hello, class!
04:13 - Rare edit (Pro-Reverb problem)
04:20 - Viewer Comment Bin / Busy
05:00 - Dirty Mary Crazy Larry movie
05:28 - Co-host w/ Michael Palmisano
06:06 - Musician and engineer relationtionship?
08:30 - Ron Ellis pickups / Gibson Les Paul
09:55 - Uncle Larry's Garage Sale (Echoplex)
11:18 - Fender Tweed Deluxe / E Blues lesson

Notes - Check out this cool table.

PayPal tip jar is
T shirts and mugs available at

August 23rd, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 65, Tom Bukovac, “Cadillac Larry”

00:00 - Slow rock intro jam
03:01 - Hello, class!
04:25 - 80's Dean Cadillac
05:20 - Speight custom made baffle
05:52 - VCB / Everything going to be alright
06:27 - Chordal ideas and progressions?
08:12 - Greatest guitar tone? Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking
09:06 - Uncle Larry's Garage Sale / Gretsch 6150T
10:02 - Black Sabbath / Gothic progression lesson

Hey guys....thanks for reading this....ya know, the stuff i write in here in important to me. First caller wins the little Gretsch 6150T for 550 plus 100 shipping domestic US only....

PayPal tip jar is

August 1st, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 60, Tom Bukovac “Full Rotor Jacket”

00:00 - Intro loop jam
03:16 - Hello, class!
05:30 - Video descriptions / Movie
06:49 - Session Man Sandwich
07:51 - Playing for emotion
10:27 - Leslie
11:04 - Uncle Larry's Garage Sale / Vintage Rat
12:28 - Guitar slide lesson

See? I write stuff in here.....stuff about the videos that you should consider reading before you ask me stuff .

PayPal tip jar is
T shirts and mugs available at
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