December 26th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Gutbucket Blues Version 2.0”

00:00 - Digging down to the roots hard core




This one goes out to my dear old friend Tom Britt

December 26th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ “Holiday Smears & The Mash-up The NFL Never Talks About”

00:00 - Digging down to the roots
04:46 - Little piano holiday music & NFL

Another snow day here in the hood….working on some new smears for 2023, and some banjo rolls (try doing that, it is soooooooo hard)….i spent years trying to get the same power out of each note that danny gatton did….while holding a pick in my middle finger.

June 17th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “What City Are We In?”

00:00 - On stage pedalboard sound experiments
02:50 - Bass drum head
04:18 - Bluesman Vintage bass / Bluesman Deville
06:29 - Backstage, amps, instruments

A brief look at some of the things the Amazing Dawgs do to prepare for a show….starring Tony Lucido, Eric “Ebo” Borash, Gary “Hard-On” Hartung, and Sarah Johnson.

September 22nd, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Edition Riff Giveaway, “Stream Of Unconsciousness”

00:00 - Soulful blues playing

Remember class…if you don’t get called for fouls, you ain’t playin’ basketball.

Fall is almost here….and I am SOOOOOO happy about it.

Today’s puzzle, a ‘58 Les Paul though an old bar whore ‘64 electric instruments Super Reverb my buddy Brett found me.

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August 10th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Monday Night Bonus…”Buzz Saw Blues”

00:00 - Badass Blues loop jam

One of my favorite guitar tones of all time is the super bright razzy blown speaker distortion effect. Such as the direct sounding buzz saw tone on "Black Dog" by Jimmy Page.

Getting pretty close here with an old Roger Mayer Voodoo-1 through an old AC30. Another old pedal that gives up that tone in spades is the old Multivox Big Jam Distortion…although sadly i dont own one. Hope you guys enjoy!

July 22nd, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 108, Tom Bukovac, “Reverb Math”

00:00 - Slow ambient jam
02:17 - Hello, class!
04:37 - Baritone strings / Gauge
05:29 - Wrapping strings
06:28 - Jerry Jones Neptune Longhorn Baritone / A tuning
07:40 - Gibson Eb-2D Bass garage sale

Hello class, just a brief exploratory look at baritone guitars….keep in mind, EVERY guitar sounds cool when you tune it down low enough. Props to John Scott from Bluesman Vintage guitars in Nashville. You may want to contact him if you like lightweight guitars…the Strat he had with him yesterday was literally the lightest Strat i have ever felt in my entire life…5 pounds tops.

If you guys want either of the two instruments from Uncle Larrys Garage Sale just email me at tombukovac@gmail.com

Buyer pays all shipping

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June 10th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Track, “High & Lonesome”

00:00 - Beautiful pedal steel-esque playing

Here’s one for the night owls….cheers to all you sweethearts


Uncle Larry

July 10th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 51, Tom Bukovac, “Smoky Mountain Blues"

00:00 - Smoky Mountain Blues

Just a little tune I have been mucking about with over the last 4 or 5 days up here in the Smoky Mountains on a nice little family vacay. Think of it as an addendum to Tom Sawyer....and don’t you fret because class will resume as usual VERY soon kids....love, your pal, Little Tommy

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June 22nd, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 44, Tom Bukovac, “Gimme All Your Tumblin’ Dice”

00:00 - Intro 70's jam
01:46 - Hello, class!
02:20 - 2 Loops / Blues over Major
02:48 - 4 Chord progression
03:39 - E pentatonic over Key of E Major lesson
06:50 - Loop - Key / Overdub
08:51 - Pull-offs lesson

A brief foray into the notes to avoid when playing in major keys. Coffee mugs and new t shirts are in at guitarhouse.net Homeskoolin  PayPal tip jar: tombukovac@gmail.com

June 9th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 39, Tom Bukovac, “Funky Little Guitar Man”

00:00 - Intro montage / blues jam
04:26 - Hello, class!
05:14 - T-Shirt idea contest
06:37 - Lick idea / bends lesson
09:44 - Another blues lesson

A brief exploration of country guitar twang...and an invitation to design a t shirt. PayPal tip jar: tombukovac@gmail.com

May 25th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 33, Tom Bukovac, “The Salad Days”

00:00 - Intro blues jam
03:03 - Hello, class!
04:35 - Viewer Comment Bin
05:30 - Kemper profile
06:39 - Rolling Rock baths
07:18 - Back life story
14:36 - Loop lesson

A brief look into the viewer comment bin and a description of my painful early years. Homeskoolin' T shirts available at guitarhouse.net if you like the show, PayPal tip jar: tombukovac@gmail.com

May 12th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 27 “Tom Bukovac, "Tennessee Jack Ford”

00:00 - Blues jam

A very brief three chord blues exploration in the key of B. Check out my friend and former 80’s guitar student Bobby Latina’s band “The Jack Fords” from Cleveland Ohio.

April 20th, 2020

Homeskoolin Volume 11, Tom Bukovac, “The Power Of The 5 Minor”

00:00 - Intro sad jam
02:40 - Guitar House
03:00 - Coolest viewers
04:02 - Monty Python reference
05:15 - Gear talk
06:56 - How sessions work
10:45 - Make session magic
13:20 - Tom's material / lesson
14:42 - Blues over major: "I don't fuckin' like it at all"

A brief chat on the strange elusive power of the “Coldplay chord”

April 10th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 3, Tom Bukovac, “Train-Kept-A-Memphis”

00:00 - Mean intro jamming
03:43 - Important discussion about bread
05:15 - Little lick lesson
07:17 - Little lick lesson 2
08:45 - Blues lick lesson (proper Sports Bar)
10:00 - Joe Walsh
10:49 - Pick Scrapes (Van Halen)
11:57 - Blues lick lesson 2 (Piano rip off)
14:35 - Noisey P90s

A discussion on bread and some semi-usable sports bar blues licks...filmed yesterday. Solid korina guitar my buddy made for me, with old Dimarzio Super Distortion plugged into an old Gretsch 6161 combo amp.

April 7th, 2020

Corona Lessons Volume 22, Tom Bukovac, “Homeschoolin’”

00:00 - Changing the name of the show
03:13 - Jeff Senn strat
07:18 - Jeff Senn video and people learning
08:10 - Song lesson
09:06 - Breakout of patterns and boxes lessons (gold)

Deep morning thoughts...reflections on my “dark years”


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