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April 25th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Late Night PSA….”Black Mountain Ziggy”

00:00 - Thumb pick playing
03:22 - Hey guys! / Good day
03:47 - Hinged pick
06:56 - Open strings picking lesson

A brief slightly out of tune late night exploration on my dear son’s dakota red 66 fender duo sonic….and a little public service announcement letting you know about two things that are available.

check out the thumb pick with a very comfortable and unique “hinged” design that i am using in this video at:

AND….i thought these limited edition signed prints were all gone long ago, but ziggy, the amazing artist that drew these, reminded me there are still 21 of them left. Check them out at:

He also wanted me to tell you that there is free shipping on these prints.

Thank you guys for taking this class that seemingly never ends… i hope you all know how much i sincerely appreciate the Homeskoolin’ Family. I am always blown away by the kindness and warmth of the comments that i find in the VCB.

Yours truly,
Uncle Larry

February 17th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 129, Tom Bukovac, “Nantucket Hayride”

00:00 - Amazing playing w/ a little Nazareth
01:31 - Hello, class! / Kids
03:15 - 60's movie soundtrack sound
03:41 - 3rd person talking
04:10 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Rock n Roll heart
04:47 - Clarity of voice when playing
05:35 - Bringing out the sound / Voice leading
07:08 - Putting out a peaceful calm
08:21 - Hatemail / Captain Caveman
08:47 - Trip The Witch merch
09:31 - YouTube - Vice Grip Garage
13:08 - Ann Wilson day 2 / Paul Moak
14:04 - D Chord and "Smoke on the Water"

A brief chat about surf music and a look into the always fascinating viewer comment bin.

February 5th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 125, Tom Bukovac, “Cabin Fever Jazz”

00:00 - Crazy guitar playing
09:30 - '54 Esquire / Old Brain Twister lesson
11:25 - Trip The Witch CDs & t-shirts
12:05 - 4 note chromatic pattern playing
13:20 - Sound and fun playing
14:14 - Difference Rosewood vs. Maple teles / Blues pickin'
16:16 - E13 / Index finger crazy shit
17:40 - Cool sound upstroke on saddles / Clavinet imitation

“Well…maybe he HAS finally lost it….”

January 27th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Short…”Brain Twister”

00:00 - Chicken pickin'

The first Homeskoolin’ “Short”, for what it’s worth.

So, can anyone out there actually play this clean?

I almost got it….pretty fuckin’ tough riff at the end. Ya’ know, i got some great advice years ago…it was something along the lines of “Tom, don’t ever write a riff you can’t play”

This sweet old 54 Esquire chopper in this video is a cherished gift from a dear dear friend who would be a real strong contender for “the coolest dude to ever inhabit this earth”…if that was ever a contest.

Rock on Homeskoolers!!

December 29th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 122, Tom Bukovac, “P-90 Luft Balloons”

00:00 - Rockin' intro playing
02:14 - Hello, friends!
02:50 - Shopping accident / '58 Gibson Junior
03:25 - P90 pickups / Junior playing
07:16 - Gibson Special / P90 explanation
08:28 - Special playing
09:09 - Pickup height
10:18 - Special playing (part 2) / Tuning
11:12 - Junior playing (part 2)
12:08 - Return of the VCB / Musicman cabinets
13:48 - Good guitar player vs. great / Last 1%
15:39 - TGP / Playing with your mind, not fingers
17:30 - Picture what you want to hear
18:41 - Paul Davids video
19:30 - Music collaboration / Guitar advice
21:20 - Plexi Soul / Austrailia shipping problem

A not so brief look at the virtues of old growth Honduran mahogany that was fashioned into timeless tools of war by the (arguably….but not with me) greatest guitar company in human history that resided in a little town called Kalamazoo.

I will lay out the Plexi Soul “down under” shipping situation soon….special thanks to Jedd’s dad.

Thanks for watching the show and sorry for the gratuitous “over posting” and shameless flogging of all things Homeskoolin’….no sessions for a while…a man gets “bored” sometimes….so then that man sells a few of his tools of war…so that he can then purchase some other tools of war.

R.I.P. John Madden….one of the greatest football personalities that ever walked the streets of America

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October 5th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 113, Tom Bukovac, “Planet TD1”

00:00 - Bedtime quiet playing
02:41 - What's up, guys / Intro
03:15 - Trip The Witch - Planet TD-1 explanation
03:41 - Planet TD-1 lesson (Key G minor)
06:00 - Further explanation / Plasma Pedal
07:10 - Bending in general
08:17 - Gilmour playing / P90s
08:50 - Jam riff / loop lesson / Chord explanations
13:09 - "Boomer" bending / Shake it off
14:03 - Putting power into bending / Push fingers together
14:51 - Hillbilly outro playing
15:44 - Link Wray - Rumble playing

A not so brief discussion about bending and a couple tunes you can learn if you’re muy bored.

Thank you guys so much for the flood of positive feedback about the Trip The Witch record….it means the world to Dean and myself.

Stay tuned for a my solo record which is coming VERY soon….in two formats…one with my annoying solos, and one with space for YOUR annoying solos.

You guys are awesome, thanks for the continued support….and to the 11 people who religiously watch every video i put up and still thumbs down it, suck a dick.

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July 17th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 107, Tom Bukovac, “Penalty Kick Blues”

00:00 - Texan blues intro
01:14 - Hello, class!
01:48 - NAMM show
02:19 - Health concern addressed
02:50 - Viewer Comment Bin / Busy
03:04 - Mystery project
03:57 - Soccer
05:06 - Yola - Stand For Myself (acoustic intro)
05:56 - Ann Wilson gigs
06:50 - Effects loop vs. plugging into amp
07:54 - Albums coming out / Uncle Larry Album
09:08 - Gibson Firebird
09:27 - Mutant hybrid picking / 4ths / Thumb picking
10:23 - Chords and polychords
11:14 - Neck pickup soloing jam
11:30 - 100k pots / 'The heavens parted and God said...this is your Firebird'

Hey guys….if you’re looking for a SUPER COOL place to take your kids for an afternoon, you gotta take them to the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville. You’re not gonna see a bunch of old Chevelles and the ordinary old car stuff, this place is jam packed with rare and exotic vehicles from all over the world….its a nice quiet peaceful calming afternoon, kind of like a NAMM show right?
You might even see Uncle Larry and his two sweet boys there.

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June 10th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Track, “High & Lonesome”

00:00 - Beautiful pedal steel-esque playing

Here’s one for the night owls….cheers to all you sweethearts


Uncle Larry

March 28th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 99, Tom Bukovac, “Blues In Sea”

00:00 - Blues soloing
10:24 - Hello, class!
10:45 - Divorce / New house / Flood / Garage
13:31 - Blues in C
15:47 - PRS Cleveland Korina
16:32 - Sessions

Hello dear class, checkin’ in with some flood and divorce updates....thanks very much to everyone who sent sweet messages being concerned about the recent bad weather.

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I sincerely thank all of you sweet people for watching the show and being so supportive and encouraging over the last year or so of madness.

February 27th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 95, Tom Bukovac, “Seven Kalimbas”

00:00 - Far out blues loop intro jam
04:06 - String plucking lesson
05:01 - Hi guys
07:35 - 1937 Gibson L5
09:14 - Thanks
10:04 - Brain-twister 3 chord loop lesson
11:44 - Soloing over the loop
12:36 - Soloing / Sliding lesson

A brief chat on one of my favorite guitar techniques....the 6 string Cleveland kalimba. Check out 100th episode limited edition print at www.ziggysartstudio

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February 6th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 89, Tom Bukovac, “Light Up The Eagle”

00:00 - Hank Williams Jr - A Country Boy Can't Survive
05:09 - Hello, class!
06:39 - Viewer Comment Bin
06:45 - Philly band
07:10 - Tuning
08:31 - Record dry or with effects
09:45 - Straight into the amp
11:03 - Lap Steel
11:22 - Pre-Homeskoolin' - Corona Lessons
12:32 - Favorite comment (Jazz, Blues, and Honesty)
13:45 - Fingerpicking, muting lesson
14:54 - Hank Williams Jr genius chord progression lesson

A brief discussion on the genius of Hank Williams JR.

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January 24th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 87, Tom Bukovac, “The Big Apple”

00:00 - Mellow intro riffage
02:42 - Hello, class!
04:00 - Rolling Rock guitar
04:30 - Viewer Comment Bin
04:52 - Chess / Agadmator
06:06 - Proud of material / Chris Donahoe - My Boy
07:23 - Aaron Frazer record
07:59 - Chops vs. Tone / Tone is everything
10:01 - "Just work at it"
10:54 - Strings do you use? D'Addario
11:43 - Punk or garage phase? / NYC - CBGB
14:36 - Riff / Moody chord / Suspended soloing lesson

Hey guys, here’s a not so brief chat on many are some of the things i mentioned in this video if you are so inclined to check them out...if anyone can post links that would be very sweet.

1) Track i played acoustic on before falling gravely ill a few years back... "My Boy" by Chris Donahoe (available on spotify)

2) amazing chess teacher... "Agadmator" on youtube

3) extremely influential record of my youth... Life Sex & Death "The Silent Majority"

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January 9th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Volume 85, Tom Bukovac, “We All Get Replaced”

00:00 - Slow intro jam
03:01 - Hello, class!
04:29 - Viewer Comment Bin
04:40 - String bending / Lesson
08:05 - Sharp pointers on guitars
08:52 - Rolling Rock
09:40 - Internal crash cymbal, click track
10:03 - Framing the vocals / Steve Cox
11:11 - Regular day job?
12:09 - Bass playing
13:12 - Switch picking
14:23 - Dean DeLeo / Feelings hurt

A brief chat on bending, my brother Mike, and the sad truth of life that once we leave the studio, our poor tracks have no one to defend them.

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November 15th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 78, “Uncle Larry’s Slight Return”

00:00 - Intro up-tempo blues jam
01:55 - Hello, class!
02:49 - ' 69 Gibson Les Paul
03:47 - Thank you for gear
04:14 - VCB / Position of guitar on lap
05:30 - American Politics discussions?
06:30 - Shoulder of pick
07:05 - Appreciation as you get older / Jerry Lee Lewis song
08:36 - Bob Seger - Rick Veato
10:42 - Compliments to the Session Man / Little arpeggiating lesson
12:14 - Totally exposed / Iron Man / Heated battle
14:04 - Crazy blues lick lesson

Heres a little tune called "I Always Pictured You Wearing Pants (part two)"
Glad to be back...happy Sunday to all.
Go to Farmland!!!

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November 3rd, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 77, Tom Bukovac, “Elexshun Day Blues”

00:00 - Intro space blues jam
02:52 - Hello, class!
03:47 - '64 Gibson SG (335)
04:12 - VCB / Dave Stewart
05:07 - High end bar food diet
06:11 - Requirements to buy a guitar?
07:43 - Mind blowing music lately
10:20 - Bridge vs. Neck pickup
11:47 - Advanced left-hand muting lesson
14:50 - Shifting time signature lesson

A brief chat on time signatures and left hand muting. Remember the cool limited run of 75 Uncle Larry prints that Ziggy O’Leary did? Well they are all sold out but he still has the original one...a hand painted 24X30 canvas. If you want it contact him at I think the price is 700 framed and shipped

Thanks for supporting the show guys

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October 17th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 74, Tom Bukovac, “Campin’ Man”

00:00 - Intro bluesy jam
03:00 - Stratocaster, vibe trick
03:28 - Hello, class!
06:01 - Viewer Comment Bin / EVH
09:03 - Nervous during sessions?
10:22 - Cheap guitar playing
12:06 - Blues lick lesson / Power of the 5th

A brief discussion on the flatted fifth and the recently departed master of the pick scrape. Wish me luck today, I aint much of a wilderness man.

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September 3rd, 2020

Homeskoolin Volume 67, Tom Bukovac “Rattlin’ Tube Blues”

00:00 - Long raunchy rock jam intro / "I'm in a mood today."
03:50 - Hello, class!
04:10 - Video / "Boys being boys" / Gambling
04:38 - Dave Stewart project / Sweet Dreams tracks
05:32 - 40,000 Subscribers / Thanks
06:02 - Viewer Comment Bin / Motorcycle?
06:50 - Go for it / Make mistakes
07:42 - Been to the Crossroads? No, Cleveland.
08:30 - Teach your parts to recording artist?
09:18 - Rob Thomas beat boxing
10:26 - Pick lesson / Major to minor blues lick
12:53 - How to get out of a rut?

A brief look through the VCB and a good illustration of why octal tubes suck.

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August 17th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 63, Tom Bukovac, “And Your Bird Is Red”

00:00 - Intro rockin' jam
02:16 - Hey, cats!
04:18 - Viewer Comment Bin / Rituals
06:41 - Copy right claim
08:04 - Humbuckers in Nashville
10:27 - Rock 'n' roll untamed lesson
11:42 - Speed picking / Thumb angle

See guys I’m still writing stuff in here...i thought about calling this video “My Red Bird Performs” but i thought that mighta been a little too inside for anyone who’s not from the UK...thanks for watching the show.

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July 30th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 59, Tom Bukovac, “Cardboard Cut Outs In The Shade”

00:00 - Intro cosmic jam
03:37 - Hello, class!
04:52 - Viewer Comment Bin / AC
05:43 - Pedal steel?
07:03 - Wah wah?
08:08 - Complementing the singer
10:22 - Cardboard cutouts
10:52 - Blues with weird time signature
11:43 - Tonal shading lesson

A brief chat on tone and Covid era sports.

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June 9th, 2020

Homeskoolin’ Volume 39, Tom Bukovac, “Funky Little Guitar Man”

00:00 - Intro montage / blues jam
04:26 - Hello, class!
05:14 - T-Shirt idea contest
06:37 - Lick idea / bends lesson
09:44 - Another blues lesson

A brief exploration of country guitar twang...and an invitation to design a t shirt. PayPal tip jar:
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