August 13th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus…”Uhhh…Is it Saturday? “

00:00 - Tour update
05:45 - Chord lesson

It’s just uncle larry clarifying a few things that got a little sideways yesterday…and also getting into a little mild major brand defamation…

man, i’ll tell ya, when you are on the road and you start getting into time zones that have half hours involved, it’s kinda hard to tell what day it is. I am loving it up here in St John’s, I haven’t kissed any cods yet, but there were a few down in the hotel bar last night.

Ok. so the following is a private message to Ken, the guy who got totally bent outta shape about Tony’s comment.

So if you are NOT Ken then please stop reading right here…………..right at this line.

“Hey bro….bro bro….if we were all chillin in the bar together…me you and tony, i guarantee you would instantly be taken by his charismatic charm and natural ability to light up a room with his intense neuroses and tortured deep inner trauma that he wears on his sleeve in the most beautiful way. We wouldn’t have any problems. You would walk outta there saying “man, that tony, what a cool guy” You gotta trust me on this…i don’t hang around with idiots, even though i am one myself. I appreciate what you are saying Ken, but you just gotta shake the etch-a-sketch and take a new look at all this…put a new spin on it all in your mind. Tony IS gonna start his own channel…and you will watch it and you will laugh at it, because he is a fascinating guy…truly unique, one of a kind….and those folks don’t come around very often. The voting was almost unanimous (besides you) that we keep this ABSOLUTELY FREE channel raw and unfiltered, just like its always been. If the occasional thing comes along that gets stuck in your craw, please keep in mind….none of this cost you ANYTHING. We are all good bro….im cool with you if you are cool with me.”

Ok…carry on boys

August 12th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Abstract Vignette

00:00 - The Guess Who footage

St. Johns Newfoundland Canada

August 12th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “The Millenial Buzz”

00:00 - Behind the scenes / Soundcheck
01:11 - "The offended language incident"
01:45 - Paul Moak pedalboard / Gear
02:48 - Tony's Bass
03:13 - AC30 / Gear cont.
07:45 - Drum insights

I thought you guys might appreciate this little illustration of exactly why most lifer musicians absolutely loathe soundchecks.

Soundchecks are always just a cacophonous labyrinth of disjointed rude sounds played by overtired people with bad attitudes and short tempers, whose only REAL concern is the catering.

But more importantly….please listen closely to what I’m about to say.

If there was ever any ONE LESSON that you all learn from any of these videos, let it be this my friends….

unless you are using Rockit Cargo or some other PROFESSIONAL gear transport company…do not EVER try to bring any of your own gear on an international trip….it is practically GUARANTEED to end in tears….and cost you a fortune while you’re at it.

We are just now getting Paul’s gear back from Germany…our poor manager Dave was stuck in Germany for 3-4 extra days trying to deal with the messy gear situation. They wouldn’t fly some of it back because the cases were oversized etc etc, which is strange considering they had no problem flying it INTO the country. As of tonight we are supposed to finally get most of it, but some of it is lost forever at this point.

The only real rule of flying gear international is that there are no rules….just rent whatever you can, and if you DO bring something make sure it’s something you don’t mind losing forever.

Special guest appearances in today’s vid by the crew guys
Steve (the drum tech)
Justin (Pauls keyboard and guitar tech)
Michael (our manager Dave’s son who runs the teleprompters
Matt (the amazing monitor guy)
Gary (the amazing front house guy)

Thank you for watching folks

August 12th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ B Roll Bonus

00:00 - Couple of clips

Just a random mish mash of Homeskoolin’ related stuff…the studio footage is from a sesh i did the other day for my producer friend Julian Raymond, working with a young artist called Connor Mccutcheon….very nice lad he is…

Can i just go off for a minute about how much i love Julian Raymond? I have done a million records with him since he moved to nashville 10 years ago or so….as a producer, he always has a way of making me think i can accomplish or play ANYTHING….

Being a positive force and being a cheerleader is a great trait for any producer to have. As a player, when producers act that way you just want to KICK ASS for them…. and conversely, when producers are condescending cunts you absolutely DO NOT want to kick ass for them.

And what’s with these brown bottles of rolling rock here??


August 11th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Road Update, “A New Found Land”

00:00 - Newfoundland tour update

St. John’s Newfoundland Canada….what a cool place.

Thanks for watching all this madness you guys….i think we might really have Tony talked into doing his own channel

August 11th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Food For Thought”

00:00 - Piano playing of strange chord progression

We have all heard this song a million times….it was a huge hit record. One of Sting’s most genius moments in his absolutely amazing career.

“Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by the Po-lice….

But have you ever noticed how fucking weird the chord changes are???

The end of the chorus literally jumps from an Ab major to a cold D maj that starts the verse

Verse is Dmaj to F# min which is pretty normal….then the chorus jumps to C
#maj to G#maj….. But then BACK TO D??

Its easy to be “weird”….but real genius is being able to do something totally weird and totally unique that sounds completely normal…and is a hit record

August 10th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Recently Unearthed Forgotten Footage”

00:00 - Found footage

I found this in my phone, totally forgot about it…goddamn that shit is hard to play


August 10th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Studio Update, “Ally and Jimmie”

00:00 - Studio tour

Wednesday August 10, 2022….Morgan Wallen session at Oceanway studio in Nashville.

Joey Moi producing
Jimmie Lee Sloas on bass
Bryan Sutton on acoustic
Dave Cohen on keys
Jerry Roe drums
Josh Ditty and Ryan Yount engineering

and sweet Ally Gecewicz playing the role of production assistant and studio tour guide.

and if that isn’t enough pure entertainment, Jimmie Lee Sloas, without a doubt the most beloved session man in Nashville TN, shows us his two sweet ‘59 P basses

August 10th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam “Suitcase Roads”

00:00 - Melodic double neck playing

So what PAF’s are the ones that keep YOU up late at night?

A little psycho-delic electric mandolin blues you can use, as interpreted through the lens of a southern fried lake erie boy….

Saturn we miss you

August 9th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam, “On A Bender”

00:00 - Crazy good acoustic string bending

Filmed late last night…you know you’ve been on the road for a while when bending .012 gauge acoustic strings feels the same as bending .010s on an electric

Thanks for watching guys

Trip The Witch vinyl is shipping!!


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