December 21st, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus, “Link To Live Show”

00:00 - A little Christmas pickin'
00:50 - Friends! / Happy Birthday to son
01:41 - Show thanks
03:11 - Goodbye to Franco Harris
04:45 - Back to pickin' / Clunky switch
06:05 - Refret feel

Hey friends, apparently there is some confusion about how to stream the show if you weren’t able to watch it live.

Here is a link where you can see it.

Also special thank you to miss melissa for making the most awesome Duesen-cake ever.

December 20th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ PSA, “The Cleveland Streamer”

00:00 - Setup interviews

Ok kids….here is the streaming link for tonites second annual Uncle Larry and Friends show

Opening acts at

Our band plays at
8:15 central

December 17th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Sandwich “Guitars & Drums”

00:00 - Mesmerizing playing
02:33 - Drumming in the studio with Nir Zidkyahu

The end of this video features the legendary Nir Z.
Pay close attention to his technique…
this is what happens when a person blows past the "10,000 hour barrier" twenty times over.

December 16th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “The F Chord, Is It Even Necessary?”

00:00 - Soothing sullen playing with loop
05:22 - Checking in / Movie trivia
06:30 - '59 TV Junior
06:44 - NFL Cards
07:36 - Lesson: Cowboy chords / Least amount of movement / Thumb
09:21 - Lession: Having fun with the F Chord / Low third

Deep morning thoughts with Uncle Larry.

December 15th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “In The Arms Of Uncle Larry”

00:00 - Hank Williams Jr. - Arms of Cocaine cover
01:19 - Bump the link / Thanks / Amazing playing
04:35 - High end guitar sale
06:07 - NFL / Appreciation
07:48 - Session footage

Ok kids here is the link for the pay per view streaming aspect of the big Uncle Larry show on Dec 20....please tell all your friends.

and if you wanna get your hillbilly on and hear a REAL singer sing that old song i'm doing here, well then here ya' of my alltime favorite drinkin' songs

December 14th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 179, Tom Bukovac, “Big Wheel”

00:00 - Experimenting
01:45 - Hello / Intro
03:00 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Thanks / Concert
04:00 - Full band and fitting into context / Small parts making complete song
05:34 - Beatles - Martha My Dear
06:00 - Lesson: Bass and drums don't have to follow each other
07:30 - Not just strumming / Finding what to play
08:45 - John Fogerty tune and story
13:12 - Rockin' playing
16:32 - Burst Believers VI (Book of guitars) / David Bowie

Uncle Larry waxes rhapsodic about interlocking all the musical puzzle pieces…in an effort to make something have “the boogie”

December 13th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ PSA “Pay Per View Blues”

00:00 - Playing guitar as well as dad
01:37 - Hey, friends! / Announcement
03:43 - Jim Irsay footage

THIS IS THE LINK to the pay per view stream for the upcoming live Uncle Larry show on December 20th.

PLEASE use the tip jar on this one friends….to pay the poor overworked band guys….they will be busting their asses to learn my silly songs.

By the way, all riffs in the opening of this video were written by Marshall....who just turned 10.

December 12th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus.... “Are…You Going….To San…Francisco?”

00:00 - Rehearsing Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
08:13 - Break & discussion
13:40 - The Band - The Weight rehearsal

Uncle Larry shares a few rehearsal memories from a super fun gig that happened in San Francisco over the last few days.

He got to see some old friends and play some good old rock and roll with some of his bosses, past and present.... and had an absolutely lovely time.

(and now, Tom Bukovac takes over speaking)

These clips taken from the Jimmy Irsay exhibit that happened on 12/10/22, in San Francisco CA, starring:
Ann Wilson, Little Johnny Fogerty, Stephen Stills, Buddy Guy, Kenny Aronoff, Kenny Wayne, Ebo, Tony Lucido, Mike Mills, Mike Wanchic, Danny Nucci, Stephen Barber, Jeffrey Gorman, Carmella Ramsey, Edgerrin James and others.

Special thank you to Paul Moak for letting me borrow his amazing sounding resonator guitar.
If anyone out there has one EXACTLY like this one for sale i will buy it.

Tony Lucido is filmed here playing the famed Alembic fretless bass that John Mcvie used on this little Fleetwood Mac album you may have heard called "Rumours". The fretboard is shiny aluminum....pretty cool bass. Jimmy bought it for a song.

Bottom line…let me say once again...i am SO thankful and grateful for all the cool places this instrument that i have worked sooooooooo hard at in this life has taken me....i will NEVER take it for granted. The magic equation that applies to basically everything in's 99% drive...1%t talent.
Work ethic trumps EVERYTHING.

and way more importantly than all this, i want to say goodbye to a dear friend....Zak Godwin II.

see you down the road bro bro

December 8th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Lake Erie Stomp”

00:00 - Escaping acoustic playing

A little bonus jam for the owls of the night…

December 7th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 178, Tom Bukovac, “Blues For Don Ho”

00:00 - Most Rock 'n Roll scream (Ann Wilson, Sean )
01:45 - Gibson Roy Smeck playing
02:35 - Gibson Roy Smeck guitar
04:07 - 50th birthday party / George Gruhn story
07:20 - Football cards
08:58 - Baseball card set story
10:49 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Electro-Harmonix & Boss pedals
14:13 - Vignette
14:42 - Cool sounds / Rules of recording
16:50 - Microphones & get creative with mics
18:28 - Digital world
18:47 - Oz Noy
20:13 - Favorite phaser?
21:25 - Ann Wilson & recording
22:29 - Lesson: Slide playing
23:40 - Football concussion and crash test

Uncle Larry deep dives into some uncomfortably non music related musings….and sings the praises of the greatest pedal company of all time.

Here's a video you might get a kick out of:

Here's a story you might get a cry out of:


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