July 4th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Holiday Bonus “Independence Blues”

00:00 - National Anthem

Happy 4th to all cats

July 3rd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Original Owner”

00:00 - History of Bukovac Burst / Mailbox letters
02:24 - History of Bukovac Doubleneck
03:26 - History of Bukovac Goldtop




Uncle Larry does a bit of guitarcheology on the eve of America’s birthday…

Just throwing up a Hail Mary here that someone out there might happen to recognize the young fella in the black and white photo holding what I affectionately refer to as the “Mailbox Letter Burst” (serial number 8 6785)

This video also shows Larry Lee, the fella who I believe might be the original owner of my 58 Gibson EMS-1235, (the 50’s doublenecks oddly did not have serial numbers)…and Darrell Ellis, the fella that might be the original owner of my 57 Les Paul Standard Goldtop (serial number 7 3293)

Happy 4th my dear friends…and like I say every year, don’t blow your fingers off ferchrissakes

July 3rd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Unskinny Bench”

00:00 - Intro / Old strings / Cancel culture

Uncle Larry restrings his trusty old 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard whilst proudly displaying what 55 years (well 39 actively) of drinking ice cold beer will inevitably do to a man’s belly.

...and for your curiosity, here’s this bloke called Jesse Wells that i mentioned...the one that some posh internet bird made a video about trying to cancel....what the fuck ever...

a lot of folks don’t like his style or his voice…you may not either, i totally get it.
personally, i think he’s cool.
even if you hate it, you gotta admit the boy has a way with words.

oh, and by the way, i got a guy working on the "touched by an uncle" t shirts that many of you have been asking for.

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July 2nd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 324, Tom Bukovac, “Drive Vs. Talent”

00:00 - Fuckin' rawkin' the doubleneck
01:43 - Hello, friends! / Working the sessions today
03:30 - Listening and be tasteful with great musicians in a session ("Don't throw too much paint")
05:34 - Ann Wilson cancelled tour due to cancer
06:17 - Gibson Doubleneck (EMS-1235 unique hollowbody) / Joe Bonamassa
08:31 - Positive comments about Class Presentation / Economics about project
09:56 - Teaching classes in the future / "Pisses me off" when teaching and they didn't practice
11:00 - Lesson: Practice what someone shows you and then Explore
11:51 - Always be in song mode, don't start and stop / Bubba
14:50 - "Caucasian people rushing" / Out of context / The Gear Page
16:00 - Playing
17:16 - Lesson: Smitty's lick (5 note lick)

Uncle Larry gets his chunk on after a fun day of sessioneering with some sweet old friends.

This one goes out to our boy Deercreek Audio, also known as "The Poolside Stalker".
Deercreek is a long time Homeskooler who likes to sit in his studio late at night in his tight bike shorts and put drums on my little jams using his trusty Alesis HR-16 drum machine....and he also loves to substitute all of my original bass notes with his Yamaha DX-7 set on the "Night Court Bass" (patch number 78).

Deercreek and Sting Locker (V.P. of Homeskoolin' Industries) have a bit of what some might call a "strained relationship".....kind of a love hate thing you might say.

July 1st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 323, Tom Bukovac, “Mrs. Duckwiler? Please Hold My Calls”

00:00 - Raw Blues
02:32 - Hello, friends! / Squeaky chair / Leisrure Time Lager
03:37 - Thank you for donations / Churning out material
04:33 - Missing Episode 244
05:09 - Raw Dogging Flights (no entertainment on plane)
06:42 - Gibson Les Paul TV Junior (07:26 - story) / Brian Willis (Quarterflash)
08:29 - Gwen Stephani record and good P90 sound
10:13 - Recording tone Heaven with Goldtop (Starstruck Studios)
11:12 - Top 5 guitars / Cannot pick them out
13:50 - Great rhythm guitar track? / Ry Cooder (based entire rhythm guitar upon him)
16:00 - Lesson: Rhythm / Not putting your guitar volume on 10 / Germanium fuzz

Uncle Larry gets jiggy with an old 225 Parsons Street Firebird plugged into a forgotten old Epiphone tube amp with some particularly trashy reverb

Thank you guys for the continued support of my pitiful little homegrown channel....i hope you guys TRULY understand how much i appreciate the donations and the kind comments. it inspires me to continue on.

study this people...study it so much that it seeps into your soul and your playing.

people just played differently back in this era...musicians were speaking a much deeper more soulful language....and it was happening EVERYWHERE

the tulsa sound with the leon russell crew... the muscle shoals band...the memphis studio crew... the nashville sound...it was all so rhythmic and so musical

pay REALLY CLOSE attention to this pocket that these guys have cooking here.

so relaxed., so funky....the chug, the churn, the wobble of this rhythm section is just fucking unbelievable.
no it's certainly not "perfect", or even "precise".... but it's human as fuck...and it gets that booty shakin' more than a computer ever could.
just one of many great examples of the mature/wise beyond their years musical interplay that was commonplace back in these days...no big deal, it was just the way people played.

oh, and imagine this friends....these guys were all in their 20's when they did this shit

and TOTALLY unrelated, but equally as awesome....
you guys have all seen this before...but it's time to watch it again....pure comedic genius

June 30th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 322, Tom Bukovac, “Turn Me On, I’m A Sideman”

00:00 - Rockin out
06:05 - "Ebo" Tweed Deluxe / Magic settings / Granny wisdom
07:33 - Update
08:14 - Get on The Gear Page / Tendency to rush guitar playing (BobbyS) / Practicing "rests"
10:49 - Afraid of the holes and space in music
12:34 - Class Presentation turn out
13:40 - Tiny little world / Vice President (String Locker)
14:38 - Rick Beato interview
16:12 - Pompus in reviewing someone's guitar player
17:42 - Fix something on the house

Uncle Larry gives you some more deep early morning thoughts and heats up the tubes on a whipped old super late tweed deluxe (1961) that looks like someone peed on it.

if this channel is indeed a consistent source of musical ideas and concepts you regularly steal, please pay the toll at
tombukovac@gmail.com (paypal)
@Tom-Bukovac-1 (venmo)

it all helps my friends....i'm going broke trying to get the boys moved into a house that they are actually gonna want to invite their friends to when they are all old enough to drive and smoke weed out of a toilet paper roll with a hole punched in it...

now i need that grill that all the brats are gonna get cooked on...and the cut up vegetables that get grilled with a little olive oil and salt inside the tin foil....you know what i'm sayin'...

June 28th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Class Presentation (Volume 1, Anthony Ziomek)

00:00 - Mixing it up on the Senn Strat
03:06 - Hello, friends! / Explanation of new platform / Ebo amp drop off
04:20 - Rick Beato
05:37 - Vinyl record in 10 days
05:54 - Volume 1 - Anthony Ziomek (07:20 - Start)
14:17 - Lesson: Vibrato / Trem bar / Whammy

The pilot episode of a potential new Homeskoolin' spin-off series....(well, that is of course if anybody actually LIKES it)....

So here's the pitch...
a Homeskooler submits a 3-5 minute video of their guitar playing to be evaluated by Uncle Larry AND the rest of the class....you gotta clearly show both your hands in the video....a solo performance with no accompaniment or backing tracks is preferred, but not mandatory.

Larry will then watch the video and of course make his patented BRUTALLY honest assessments of that person's touch, technique, feel, sound, pocket and all the rest of the elements that go into playing guitar for real.

Todays student for your consideration is Anthony Ziomek

It takes some thick skin to open yourself up to this type of thing in the first place…I appreciate you being willing to participate Anthony...you got balls my friend.

So, if anyone else wants to try their hand at this madness just go ahead and email me at tombukovac@gmail.com and we can discuss details.

It's gonna cost you 500 bucks to get your video sent off to the lab and get your test results back friends. You have to be patient too...that is VERY important.

This 500 bucks is the same fee i charge for actual in person guitar lessons (that sadly i never have time to actually do, but i wish i could)....oh well...someday friends.

I sincerely hope this helps all of you learn a thing or two that can be useful down the road...

and totally unrelated, but still fun...damn i love a nasty blues harp.

• Blues & Dank Nugs (Tom Bukovac Cover)

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You can see all kinds of weird old photos there, you can also purchase a download of the live concert i did last December if you like.

A lot of these very same new viewers don't seem to know that Uncle Larry made a couple records that they could potentially listen to...
one is an instrumental solo record called "Plexi Soul" that is available here:

another is an instrumental collaboration with his dear friend Dean Deleo (originally from the Stone Temple Pilots organization) that is available here:

There is also an instrumental record Larry made with Guthrie Trapp called "In Stereo" that can be found here...

June 28th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Friday Short “Uncle Shreddy’s Barn”

00:00 - Playing the shit out of the Fernandes Telecaster

Blues in E...you gotta stick your tongue out like Michael Jordan if you wanna play this one.

TGIF friends

This one goes out to my man CC Deville

and totally unrelated but fascinating...wow...sooo many problems with these rolling automatic dishwashers...

June 27th, 2024

00:00 - Ocean Way Studios tour
01:19 - Fernandes Telecaster / Change strings / Great conversation

An unexpected visit from legendary pedal steel player Danny Dugmore…as well as a quick cameo from Bryan Sutton and Jerry Roe

Danny has been credited on records in the past under the alias “Mud Ogre” which of course is a re-arrangement of the letters in his last name

As you can clearly see, one of the sweetest dudes to ever put in a set of headphones…he is a dear cherished friend.

He is absolutely ordained in this town…EVERYONE loves Danny, and if you ever heard someone talking shit on him, you would immediately know that person is a total asshole.

June 26th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Quick PSA

00:00 - 3rd & Lindsley gig with Jedd Hughes

Come on friends…let’s go see old Jedd


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