June 4th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “On The Job....(Analog Version)"

00:00 - Setting up session to play bass
03:11 - Recording the song

Uncle Larry plunkin' on his old '59 P bass in his natural habitat once again...

ya' know come to think of it, I've actually had that old bass longer than 95% of my other instruments, i remember buying that thing back in 2007, right after getting booked on a very lucrative Faith Hill tour haha.

Working at one of my alltime favorite studios all week, Reel Recording in Nolensville TN, a magical place that was conceived, built and operated by the one and only Shannon Forrest.

Mr. Forrest is an absolute genius, current drummer of Toto and formerly of Steely Dan and Mike McDonald.

The boy is an expert on 2” tape machines and cool analog gear in general, and one of the finest recording engineers in the world...the sounds he gets in his place are simply fucking unBELIEVABLE, for lack of a better word.

You may remember we cut the whole Plexi Soul record there years ago.

When you work at Shannon's place you are taken back in time, hearing the sound of real analog tape machines and using giant racks full of the OG hardware versions of all the legendary pieces of outboard gear that all these plug ins that people use nowadays are modeled after.

It's just the coolest shit ever, and not only does Shannon REALLY know how to operate all that vintage gear, the boy knows how to fix all of it too.

A true renaissance man...i would be afraid to find out what his IQ actually is.

I literally cannot find the words to describe how good that old analog tape sounds when you are standing there at that beautiful old SSL console.….it’s still the best sounding shit I have ever heard to this day. The shit that it does to drums and guitars is just magic.

I'm producing a record out there all week for a dear gal from Rochester named Kathy Wilson.
Got a smokin little combo together consisting of Shannon on drums…Jerry McPherson, John Shanks and myself on guitars and basses....and sweet Timmy Lauer on keys.
Lots of fun.

June 3rd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam “Doublewide”

00:00 - Beautiful goodnight lullabye

Uncle Larry strums one for all you night owls after a long day of sessioneering and a couple “reebs” (as Brad Pitt once said in that great old movie "Kalifornia")

had a blissful day today creating with your typical four piece band, except every guy in it is a record producer...

June 2nd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ …”An Open Letter To Little Johnny In Nowheresville Nebraska”

00:00 - Strumming the Online Chess song
00:44 - Sunday chilling / Gear questions / Imitation pedalboards appreciated
02:07 - Pedalboard build journey for years
03:29 - Learn how to touch the guitar
04:06 - Each piece of gear on pedalboard was a discovery
05:12 - Side ebay business selling gear / Remembering the gear that works
06:47 - Boss SD-2, Tube Screamers, Rotosphere, Volume pedals, Boss GE-7 (EQ), Line 6 M9 / Making pedalboards
09:00 - 5 different pedalboards and use them all
10:03 - Key components on pedalboard (incremental gain, eq, trail, volume)
10:55 - Pedalboard #1 (mid-size case for demos when don't have cartage)
12:03 - Pedalboard #2 (2nd largest for touring)
13:30 - Pedalboard case
13:44 - Pedalboard #3 (bare essentials)
14:13 - Pedalboard #4 (video making board)

Uncle Larry goes waaaaay off brand with this pedalboard “excursion”

June 1st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Dobro Jones”

00:00 - Folk Bobby McGee
02:30 - Beard Dobro / Wade Bowen record

I will never forget what my dear old grandmother used to say over and over when I was a very young lad..

“Son, all I ask is that you remember me this one thing…if any human being on this earth ever figures out a way to build a round neck resonator guitar that is actually properly intonated, PLEASE promise me you will buy one”

Thank you Paul Beard
Thank you Gruhn Guitars

I swear 3 different times in the last month I have been in the studio and this exact scenario has happened…

Producer: “man a resonator would be fucking killer on this track, did anybody bring one?”

Collective guitar players:
(Sheepishly) “Uhhh…no”

Well those days are over friends

And….do you guys remember a while back when Duke Levine was in town and we were working on a record together?
Well it’s finally out….and Jedd is on it too.

June 1st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 315, Tom Bukovac, “Stage Deluxe”

00:00 - Sliding the acoustic
00:45 - Welcome to morning time / Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe acoustic / 50th Bday party Vince Gill gift
03:30 - High quality product
04:12 - Upgrading the audio for 3rd & Lindsley
08:13 - "New favorite drummer" & "Challenged: Sleepy Time"
09:00 - Get bootys shaking & dancing / Boogie / A lot of energy
10:00 - Sam Ash closing stores
11:20 - Rare fade / Foot taps / Being on time foot taps
12:54 - Rare fade II / VCB (Viewer Comment Bin)
13:15 - Hardest guitar to find pickups for?  Fender Telecaster
14:00 - Happiest ever been with Tele pickup / Japanese Telecaster (Van Zant) / Fernandes pickups
15:34 - 100,000 subscribers and slowing because of zombie channel
16:23 - Corn on the cob and tator salad

it's no secret that Uncle Larry loves a good ramble early in the mornin’…
this one got so long winded that corporate had to edit some of it out so the listeners wouldn’t fall plum asleep...

here's the link for some cozy ass t shirts from the new record

if you wanna come to the record release party shows on August 16 and 17 here's the link...
i think they getting pretty close to being sold out

God's favorite drummer…
"Jesus loves Larry"
The Largest Drum Set in the World! --...

here's young Nephew Nate's boogie
Nephew Nate’s Seated Aerobics (Uncle ...

this is what Marshall is into now...he loves this Kentucky Ballistics shit...hell so do i
The 50 BMG Pistol (The Power Of A 50 ...

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June 1st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Standing Room Only”

00:00 - Mellow day playing
02:57 - Hello, friends / Tickets for Aug. 16th & 17th at 3rd & Lindsley / Special guests
04:34 - Dave Cohen (keyboard/producer)
04:53 - Brought newer gear to a session
05:54 - Piezo pickup / Duesenberg Session Man
07:00 - Old Fender blonde 2x12 with Electrovoice (EV) SRO speakers
09:00 - Pic of speakers and cab

Uncle Larry talks about some new wood and some old speakers...

If you wanna come see dearest Guthrie and myself at the "In Stereo" record release party gig on August 16 and 17 check out this link friends...


May 29th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam “Know It? Hell I Wrote It”

00:00 - Plucking and playing with that slide

Uncle Larry gets nasty in a pair of non prescription readers early on a wednesday morning.

ya know friends, you don’t have to re-tune your whole guitar to get some cool slide shit cookin...

all you gotta do is lower your high E string down to D

just tuning that high string down a whole step conjures enough of the ghosts that haunt the standard "open G" tuning that we have all grown up on to get the point across

you guys sick of this loop yet?

May 28th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 314, Tom Bukovac, “Hellhound On My Facebook Message Inbox”

00:00 - Blooming that slide
01:14 - Playing Blues over Major (01:34 - Start playing)
02:35 - Would like to see Homeskoolers' and what they look like
03:15 - Let's talk about slide / Tom Britt lessons
06:26 - Lesson: Slide players, using fingers, muting
07:51 - Slide players and exact copies / Derek Trucks
09:09 - Lesson: Don't let slide cripple you
10:57 - Keeping in tune when using slide / Tendency to be sharp
12:32 - Playing without looking
13:03 - Buddy Emmons practiced in darkness

Uncle Larry explores the blues on a Tuesday just like any other Tuesday

May 27th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 313, Tom Bukovac, “Rumours”

00:00 - Playing some unique licks with an attenuator
00:25 - New upcomer and Heart - Barracuda
00:35 - Loop playing with soul
04:05 - Hello, friends! / Memorial Day tribute / Starbucks tangent
05:38 - Update / Vince Gill gig at Ryman
06:30 - Bukovac & Guthrie show w/ special guests
07:25 - Back to playing that beautiful music
08:35 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Attenuators?
09:35 - Do you use direct sounds? / Direct rack effects (TC 2290, etc.)
11:39 - Gibson SG Special and playing

Uncle Larry WILL indeed be playing with Vince Gill during his residency at the Ryman August 1 through 4…that gig is firm, officially "on the books" as they say in the biz....

...but this other thing that I overheard some weird drunk guy blabbing on and on about at the bar last night is definitely NOT confirmed by any stretch…

the guy was saying something about some gig by two Nashville guitar nerds who were all excited about some dumb instrumental record they made...i can't really remember the details because i wasn't really listening...

i do remember though that he kept saying that it’s ESPECIALLY NOT supposed to happen on those two calendar days that fall in between august 15 and 18...but thats about all i remember

and totally unrelated...
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