May 25th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 312, Tom Bukovac, “Negative Intelligence”

00:00 - Slow melody into the Blues
02:07 - Good morning! / "Homeschooling" name
02:48 - Duesenberg Session Man / Heartwarming stories / Piezo / Buying Duesenberg
08:28 - Dark side of life / The Gear Page / Sticking to guns when off-track
10:18 - The Gear Page thread / Guitar faces / partytrain / Some "real sweethearts" on The Gear Page
13:21 - Back to the Blues playing and imitating the slide
14:00 - Lesson: Using the pinky / Injury to the middle finger
15:58 - Seinfeld bit - "Maximum Strength" / Call your Mom!

Uncle Larry gives us a heartwarming human interest story and then encourages 100k people to sign up to be part of the problem, not the cure….

May 24th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Lesson “How To Rock”

00:00 - Rock n' Roll
02:21 - Hey, friends / Ibanez 2350, bolt on neck, knobs
03:55 - K's Choice & Sam Bettens / Dan Auerbach
05:07 - Lesson: Power chord and different hammer-ons
05:50 - Lesson: Chuck Berry Rock hammer
06:08 - Lesson: Sus it hammer
06:18 - Lesson: Old Stones thing hammer (06:39 - Cont.)
07:13 - Lesson: Getting real cool hammer
08:00 - Lesson: IV chord over the I hammer (in B)
08:54 - Lesson: Fake open G tuning hammer
09:30 - Mess of intonation
10:15 - Lesson: Creepy hammer
10:37 - Getting Guthrie CDs

Uncle Larry discusses a little talked about but absolutely necessary element of rock guitar playing on a cheapo guitar

May 23rd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 311, Tom Bukovac, “Uncle Larry’s Lawn Care Service”

00:00 - Morning music from Uncle Larry
01:49 - Matty Alger studio and Trip The Witch resurrection Dean DeLeo
03:12 - Lesson: Expensive chords
03:33 - Producing K's Choice
04:18 - Creative fervor and no more mowing lawns
05:01 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Playing scales and putting them in a blender
06:55 - Piano playing and an amazing player
07:22 - '63 Strat is kinda cool with sex appeal
08:09 - Acoustic album? / Instrumental music and album / Baggage attached to singers
11:00 - Do you get a lot of emails?
11:58 - Doing the Uncle Larry thing and the 2AM Me
12:52 - Guthrie gig amp and experience
14:15 - Sojourns out West and gigs back then
16:13 - Lesson: Learn scales and jumble them up

Family owned and operated since 1968....we charge extra for bush trimming

check this shit....this gal is a bad motherfucker
Giant Steps...But It's Played by 8 Legendary Jazz Pianists

May 21st, 2024

Homeskoolin' Volume 310, Tom Bukovac, "The Dining Dead"

00:00 - Plugging the Blues
01:29 - Hello, friends. / Over 900 videos / At least 18,000 hrs. / Getting better is a journey
05:20 - Sometimes just not the right guy (movie score job)
06:47 - Guitar playing is a lifestyle (Clint Strong, Tommy Immanuel) / Nobody is good at everything
09:47 - Jeff Senn Strat / Ilitch switch
11:18 - '63 Fender Stratocaster
12:52 - Jeff Senn Strat bridge
13:26 - Thank you for Guthrie gig / Cell phone videos / Brett Papa camera
15:21 - Completely on the fly and improv
16:39 - '63 Fender Strat neck

Uncle Larry stars in this exclusive Netfux reality based mini series about the ups and downs of a life in music

May 20th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam “At The Hop”

00:00 - Picking technique

So, i’m working on this reallllly fucking hard picking technique that kinda simulates a fast slapback delay pedal but with no effects…

For God’s sake people…do not attempt this at home without adult supervision.

May 20th, 2024

Owners Manual for Uncle Larry’s Sleepy Time Calm Relaxation Elixir

00:00 - Good morning / "Fresh outta bed", dick comment
00:43 - Thanks and bringing a lesson
01:14 - Lesson 1: Rhythm aerobic exercise / Mute
03:18 - Lesson 2: Hybrid picking
04:09 - Lesson 3: Bob Britt cut-off picking
05:17 - Lesson 4: Chromatic bridge to rhythm
06:27 - Lesson 5: Inversion chromatic from Bb
06:46 - Lesson 6: All-time favorite lick back to whole
07:50 - Lesson 7: Dmaj pull down to IV chord unison bend into the ending
09:00 -Ending comments

Just some old barrel house rock and roll rhythm guitar that doesn’t like that terribly difficult…until you try it

May 19th, 2024

Uncle Larry’s Sleepy Time Calm Relaxation Elixir

00:00 - Lighting that Firebird on fire

This one goes out to String Locker and all the other Homeskoolers who hate Steely Dan and reverb pedals.

Played on Fred Flintstone's 63 Firebird I....

May 18th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “A Cool Chopper From The Early Days Of 501chorusecho”

00:00 - Montage
00:17 - Hey, friends! / Special guest guitar player / Talent show
01:55 - Jeff Senn selling Princeton Reverb
02:17 - Jerry Reed - Amos Moses (guitar and singing tangent)
03:36 - '73 Princeton Reverb garage sale

Todays lesson? Amps can be choppers too friends…

Contact me if you want this one that was used in this ancient video you may recall...
of a much younger Larry....without a care in the world....many years prior to "The Great Trilogy Of Pain" ....

Tom Bukovac and his Original Senn Ful...


i am selling this for my friend Jeff, so you will have to meet up with him

It’s probably gonna go quick so as soon after it sells I’ll post and pin a comment saying it’s sold and then, I beg you….after that PLEASE don’t flood me with a million emails after that asking if it’s still available….PLEASE i beg you

Special thanks to all who came out to throw down at the Underdog last night…one of the funnest gigs i have ever shit.
GT is bringing killer live music back to this great city and i am proud to be a small part of it in any way

May 16th, 2024

Homeskoolin' Bonus Jam "Parallel O'Graham"

00:00 - Strumming away that beautiful day

The lazy trees sway in ghostly harmony while Uncle Larry plows the back forty with a cool southern breeze at his back....
the unmistakable scent of late spring fills the ancient valley with fleeting memories of youth that dance in the wind without a single care...

where the hell did I put that cooler?
Lord I need a drink


May 15th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus, “The Ballad of Fernandes Valenzuela”

00:00 - Plucking the Blues
04:00 - Hello, friends! / Working hard
04:26 - Early '80s Japan (MIJ) Fernandes TE-1N / Playing
06:27 - Guthrie thanks and vinyl

1000 new "In Stereo" CD's are coming in early next week...
"In Stereo" vinyl will ship in early July...
thank you for your patience and your kind words about the record friends...we appreciate it more than you know

you WILL get your merchandise you ordered friends...we have a team of extremely smart conscientious people taking care of all that, email with any concerns

in this video...
Uncle Larry leans IN to the doink....some might even say emBRACEs the doink....on this whipped old circa early 80's Fernandes Tele straight from Japan...

as Donald Fagen once said in his book "Eminent Hipsters" "to a Westerner, being in Japan is akin to being inside of a pinball machine"

if you wanna go back to being in your 20's again, check out the brand new Vlog from the remember these guys don't ya?
that bad ass little band that i produced a while back of young cats from Bloomington that can ACTUALLY PLAY their instruments and sing in tune??


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