February 16th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 281, Tom Bukovac, “The Cleveland Weatherman”

00:00 - Covering Country - Hank Williams Jr. and more
03:44 - Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen - Hot Rod Lincoln
04:43 - Lyrics are important / Singer is direction
06:15 - Hank Williams Jr.
07:30 - Steven Tyler
08:00 - Hermanos Gutierrez
09:50 - Careful about putting something over someone else's work
10:42 - '65 Epiphone Frontier
12:20 - Brian Wilson and playing on record
12:55 - Tom Britt and paintings

Uncle Larry reminisces a bit about his undying love for real country music and real singers....

here is the new Hermanos Gutierrez track

and check out some of Tom Britt's amazing art work...i love this shit

February 15th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 280, Tom Bukovac, “Twang Newton”

00:00 - Twanging
05:30 - Good morning / Flatwounds on the Duesenberg Danelectro
06:45 - Click bait videos
07:00 - New rented gear has no "danger" / Old pickups vs. new
08:08 - "Bent out of shape" guy "coming in hot!" - Pitch correction content
11:00 - Click bait != hot chicks / "Sounds good" compliment
11:45 - 99% of tone is in your hands / 1% in gear is very important / Inspiration factor
13:28 - Red Gibson Firebird I
14:10 - T-Shirt drawer and how many t-shirts
14:35 - We are here for the content
14:52 - Fender Tweed Deluxe / With mic
16:10 - Getting old / Old crappy equipment looks good / MIJ Fender Strat
17:35 - Japanese Tele with Van Zant
18:49 - Blackguard Teles
19:57 - Pitch correction on Rolling Stones record?

Uncle Larry, sans click bait, with some early mornin’ flat wound twang served up Southern style on a cheapo guitar…

February 15th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 279, Tom Bukovac, “Uh Oh”

00:00 - Remember when songs had chords
01:43 - Hello, friends! / Thanks
02:44 - '60s Gibson Firebird I
03:27 - Comparing acoustic sounds of guitars
03:45 - Clickbait is REAL, it's just fun
06:00 - Gwen and Blake
07:16 - Selling piles of stuff
08:14 - 10 thumbs down
08:45 - Making up your own questions
09:11 - Pitiful video about Rick Beato / Tuning vocals (pitch correction)
11:32 - Only in Nashville story - Amp left in the studio
04:00 - Music City Bridge on Gibson Theodore
14:26 - Acoustic test - Gibson Theodore, Gibson Firebirds
16:26 - Electrified test - Gibson Theodore, Gibson Firebirds

in this clip Uncle Larry weeds through some corporate VCB and waxes rhapsodic about the acoustic benefits and harmonic richness of the beloved Music City Bridge…

Here's that new Gwen and Blake single kids...fun little number just in time for spring.

and here's this ridiculous video where dude acts like putting some slight tuning on a lead vocal in 2024 is some sort of unspeakable act.

this is basically like saying that using your new GE dishwasher instead of hand washing your dishes is a sign of laziness and you should be absolutely embarrassed by it

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A lot of these very same new viewers don't seem to know that Uncle Larry made a couple records that they could potentially listen to... one is an instrumental solo record called "Plexi Soul" that is available here:

another is an instrumental collaboration with his dear friend Dean Deleo (originally from the Stone Temple Pilots organization) that is available here:

February 14th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Young Man Blues”

00:00 - Organ lessons

8 year old Leo gives us a tour of the legendary 1958 Hammond B3/Leslie 147 combo whilst simultaneously showing off the temporary tat he got from a vending machine at a Japanese restaurant

Friends, I have been on this earth for 55 years…and I am STILL absolutely mesmerized by a Leslie speaker…or any speaker that rotates for that matter….

in the end, after all the cars, money, drugs and women have faded away, the Leslie speaker stands alone as the coolest thing on earth..


February 13th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 278, Tom Bukovac, “I Never Thought I Would Say This”

00:00 - Plucking a special guitar
03:40 - The cleanup! / Lynyrd Skynyrd licks
04:43 - This Gibson wants to Rock / Listen to the raunch
06:42 - '58 Gibson ES-350
07:16 - Hello / How many sessions do you do?
07:50 - Older career
08:30 - Clickbait and bought that easy
09:10 - Wayne Killius and echo drums
09:50 - Mattel Football and Foosball and Darts
11:16 - "Using pedals as a sign of weakness?" / You need more than 1 sound for session work
12:49 - "Did you meet Zakk Wylde?" / Loud / Metal is a different world
14:20 - "Why do you hate modeling gear?"
16:12 - Get a buzz and shop on Reverb / Lightweight guitar
17:16 - "I am drunk all the time at night"
17:45 - "Guitar you wanted to love?" / Gibson ES-175

Uncle Larry still conducting some experiments with shock factor click bait titles to attract hip younger viewers that listen to John Mayer and use the latest high end beard grooming products.

February 12th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 277, Tom Bukovac, “Bait And Click”

00:00 - Rocking the V
01:40 - Lesson: Lick of the day
02:20 - Lesson: Another one / Exploring the V
04:50 - '90 Gibson Flying V / Spoiling the kids
06:25 - End of football season
07:06 - "The World Series" / Watching the NFL Super Bowl / Proposing to Taylor Swift
08:48 - Clickbait thumbnails and titles
09:42 - Pantera show / Metal world / Bass drum hits
11:58 - Mattel electronic football
12:45 - Rollin' Rock Uncle Larry pedal
13:27 - Robert Baker guitar show (Black Les Paul Deluxe) / Low stress, beer drinking lifestyle
15:47 - Piano player which one? (Wakeman or Banks)
17:00 - Something died /re
17:50 - Wayne Killius echo drums explanation
18:45 - Killius playing drums
20:45 - Cool drum licks
22:00 - Echo drumming!

Uncle Larry reflects on the NFL’s decision to let Taylor Swift win the Super Bowl and gets into some hot VCB

amazing drum lesson courtesy of Wayne Killius

February 12th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus, “Sunday Glue”

00:00 - Repair of an ole acoustic
02:42 - Pantera footage with Greg, Corey, and Eric

Dearest Nathan Golliher shows us how to glue up some funky old binding.

Thanks to all for watching the channel...we are almost at 100K subs...wow

if you guys are getting some inspiration and good ideas out of these videos please visit the tip jar

Paypal is tombukovac@gmail.com
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Thank you folks

February 9th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 276, Tom Bukovac, “How To Be Great At Guitar In 15 Minutes”

00:00 - Rockin'
00:41 - Session Man Rule #1: "Never write a lick you can't play."
01:11 - Pantera and Lamb of God
02:28 - Roll out of bed episodes
03:15 - '58 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior
05:54 - Gibson Doubleneck photo recognition / Historian (Eric Ernest) / Original owner
07:30 - Nick Drushel / Gibson SG break and restoration with CNC
09:04 - Argent - Hold Your Head Up / Organ madness
10:30 - Lesson: Lots of techniques & over the I
11:11 - Listening to the amazing solo
12:44 - Lesson: Guitar part
13:35 - Musicians are better now? [heavy sarcasm alert]
14:25 - "The Panteras"
15:15 - Common thread between listeners / Family playing / Malcolm Young
16:15 - Pickups (PAF, P90, minihumbuckers, etc) / Favorite pickup of all Gretsch Filtertron

Hello friends, several YouTuber friends of mine have recently suggested that I should start experimenting with clickbait video titles and thumbnails to get more views…so I thought “how to be great at guitar in 15 minutes” would REALLY get some people’s attention…even if the video has nothing to do with that

…and then I’m gonna find a picture of some really delicious looking cheesecake to put in the thumbnail…I mean, they HAVE TO click on that right?

February 8th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Rock Band”

00:00 - Bukovac family rockin'

some rare rehearsal footage of “B-U-K-O-V-A-C” back in the days when they still did the occasional cover song…


February 7th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Man Hunt”

00:00 - Singing and a strummin'
01:36 - Quick episode & thanks
02:05 - Recognize this owner?
02:28 - Gibson EDS 1275 Doubleneck

Just wondering if any of you old guys out there might recognize this fella

One of the previous owners of my 58 Gibson EMS-1235 double neck


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