June 12th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Song Learning Update

00:00 - Ending part of Crazy On You playthrough

When i am figuring out tunes i like to know ALL the parts, not just the guitar parts….when i was learning “Crazy On You” for this Ann Wilson gig i just HAD to figure out the fairly complex vocal arrangement that happens over the E chord….

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June 10th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Track, “High & Lonesome”

00:00 - Beautiful pedal steel-esque playing

Here’s one for the night owls….cheers to all you sweethearts


Uncle Larry

June 9th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Quickie Update “The Great Procrastinator”

00:00 - Heart - Magic Man in regular tuning lesson
01:00 - Middle bridge part
01:30 - Separate section
01:45 - Improv

Well kids, rehearsals for the upcoming gigs I’m doing with Ann Wilson start next monday, so amidst being solo super dad, I am having to learn 20 fairly complicated guitar heavy tunes that you definitely cannot fake (like i do on most gigs haha)…. Factor that in with a lot of sessions lately and that would explain the fact that I haven’t been around much.

At age 52, the goal on any live gig is to bring as little gear as possible. As absolutely genius as Roger Fisher’s composition and playing on this old Heart stuff is, in an effort to try to not bring an extra guitar just for one song, i figured out how to play this amazing bit of guitar wizardry that Roger came up with in regular tuning instead of the way he did it….by tuning the B up to D (ouch) and tuning the high E to G (ouch ouch). Its a little tricky, but it sounds pretty close….the F add 9 chord is a tough grab unless you fancy yourself a bit of a manly man (133033 from low to high)….Roger had the touch, watch some of those mid 70s live versions of Magic Man and dig the way he milks the heavy gain tone with beautiful bends and very thoughtful liquid vibrato (not to mention top shelf pick scrapes)

Once again, hats off to the pioneering creative genius and groundbreaking musicianship that was abundant in most of the music that came before “the great distraction” Hope you enjoy…heartfelt thanks to all those who have continued to hit the tip jar and support the channel.

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June 2nd, 2021

Homeskoolin’, "Wednesday Night Cool Chord Party"

00:00 - Song demonstration
03:08 - Hello, class!
03:16 - Mott the Hooplet talk
03:27 - Whizz Kid chord lesson
05:00 - Whizz Kid chorus lesson
06:10 - Whizz Kid transition lesson
06:31 - Whizz Kid half step lesson
06:43 - Ebow lesson

Let me learn ya’ a little tune my dear Homeskoolers...."Whizz Kid" by Mott The Hoople...written by Ian Hunter...1973...man i love this record. Everything about it....the drum sounds, the attitude, the lyrics, the harmonic richness....its all there.

This will probably get taken down for copyright infringement, but its ok if it does...all im trying to do here is illustrate what a work of genius this is.

Little whizz kid mystified me
She was a New York City beat
She came on flash, monster mash
Motors in her feet
Now we moved out from Manhattan
To her home on the Brooklyn Heights
Her dad's a street punk and her mum's a drunk
But we made out alright
Far far from home, oh I felt so alone
Could not spin to the speed of the city
Oh send me my ticket, I'm too scared to stick
With my little whizz kid - such a pity
Now she really tried her hardest
Just to make me leave the band
She even hired a toy "rent-a-boy"
Straight from a Times Square stand
Oh thank you little whizz kid
But me and my friends gotta eat
So get back to school or the typing pool
Just get yourself out on the street
Send you victorious, happy and glorious
You got the stardust, the sawdust, and the smile
Don't lose your sting, how I'd hate you to swing
Oh my little whizz kid, you got such a style
She's a cute super sleeper
She don't dive in deeper
A natural leaper, she don't let people pass
Watch out for the auto-mite
Quick or she's outta sight
Oh my whizz kid, you know you're such a gas
Such a gas

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June 1st, 2021

Homeskoolin’, Tom Bukovac, Bonus Jam “Sky Diving”

00:00 - Improve jam

I’m a big believer in total free form improvisation....ever since i was a kid i would always practice this way...start some motif or groove, and then start taking as many chances as i possibly could inside of it until i totally fuck it up....and then start a new one.....i suppose its kinda what i always imagined sky diving to feel like, although i have never personally done that.

It’s the most musical way to practice....because you are always playing “in song mode” so to speak.

I worked on a session all day today and when i got home i still felt like playing guitar....been at this shit for 43 years now and i gotta admit i still love it. I doubt there are many things in this life that can hold a persons attention for that long.

This is my old 64 sg into that plastic blackstar practice amp on my kitchen counter. This one is for the really bored people out there.

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Gibson SG

May 30th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Sunday Night Bonus “The Green Green Glass Of Home”

00:00 - Hillbilly rocking jam

Just goofin’ about on my old 55 Tele...through a little plastic practice amp...it may be a “little bright” sounding as they sometimes say in the studio...but lest we not forget, treble is indeed a stimulant my friends.

This is a slight adaptation of the little riff i played on a Morgan Wallen track called “Need A Boat” where Bryan Sutton and i are battling each other in a full on hillbilly pickin’ bloodbath.

Totally unrelated, if you’re bored check out the new Yola single which just came out recently called “Stand For Myself”....this record was recorded at Easy Eye studio a good while back and my fucking thumb STILL hurts from slappin’ the acoustic on that intro...ouch.

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May 30th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Memorial Day bonus, “The Meaning Of Life”

00:00 - Steve Marcantonio, Tom and kids living the most important part of life.

To all you sweet people out there.....guitar is great and all, but when you boil it ALL down, there’s only TWO THINGS in this life that REALLY matter....your health, and your relationships...relationships with your family and your friends. The rest of this shit.....money, fame, success, gear, your “web presence”, etc etc doesn’t mean a goddamned thing in the end.

This one goes out to you Steve Marcantonio....the guy who unknowingly inspired the creation of Homeskoolin’ with a suggestion that he made at the end of a depressing phone conversation back in march 2020 on the first day of forced quarantine.....in thick Italian accent.... "Hey Tom, you know what you should do? Go play some guitar and put it on youtube and cheer people up."

Love you buddy

May 26th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Late Night Random Montage, "A Tribute To Your Good Taste"

00:00 - String bending intro jam
01:00 - Hello, everyone! / Video setup
01:12 - Heart songs
01:55 - Magic Man tuning
02:27 - Session with Charles Kelly
03:05 - Ben Rector with Tom on guitar
03:43 - '55 Tele & Blackstar amp
04:05 - Magic Man playing & lesson
05:37 - Sessions video

A little mish mash montage of recent Uncle Larry related items....including a little late night Tele abuse and an ice cold Rolling Rock premium lager (which, as the box says, is a " tribute to your good taste")

Here's the Ben Rector tune....

Part three of this montage features two of my dear friends....Troy Lancaster (guitarist) and Drew Bollman (engineer)....cinematography by Tony Lucido.

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May 24th, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Session Update, “The Italian Job”

00:00 - Session (acoustic guitar)
02:27 - Victor (drum kit / stacking cymbals)
03:12 - Tony (bass guitar / '64 Gibson Thunderbird)
04:11 - Thoughts on playing / Country of origin
05:08 - Tom (guitar rig / quick look)
05:28 - Kay guitar

Monday May 24, 2021....Blackbird Studio A

Connor McCutcheon: artist
Julian Raymond: producer
Lowell “Lloyd” Reynolds: engineer
Steve Cordray: pro tools
Jerry Mcpherson: guitar
Me: guitar
Victor Indrizzo: drums
Tony Lucido: bass
Tim Lauer: keys

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May 22nd, 2021

Homeskoolin’ Restaurant Review “Nicky G’s Kitchen Downtown”

00:00 - The Kitchen Downtown
00:55 - Music room / kids playing

If you happen to live in Nashville or if you plan to visit soon you absolutely MUST check out this amazing restaurant....its called “Kitchen Downtown” in the legendary Arcade in downtown Nashville. Owned and operated by one of my best pals on this earth...Nick “NICKY G” Govrik....a hard working Hungarian who provides healthy and delicious food for very reasonable prices.

Nick was the bassist and main songwriter for Trigger Hippy, the band i played in back in the mid 10’s with Steve Gorman, Joan Osborne and Jackie Greene. You will love this place, Uncle Larry guarantees it.

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