May 3rd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “He Bought What??”

00:00 - Unboxing video ('97 Fender Telecaster - Made in Japan (MIJ))
04:23 - Reveal / Tuning
06:00 - Playing
08:08 - Setup and acoustically
08:43 - '66 Fender Telecaster
09:04 - '66 Tele plugged in
10:08 - MIJ Tele plugged in
11:30 - '66 Tele
12:20 - MIJ Tele
12:57 - Highly recommend '90's MIJ Fender

I guaranTEE you that none of you guys saw this coming….

May 2nd, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 304, Tom Bukovac, “The European Way”

00:00 - Picking at the Blues
07:55 - Flimsy pick? / Morning beer / Playing
09:43 - What a 335! / "The Click" and Larry Carlton on Steeley Dan record
10:43 - Ted Williams & Mark McGuire story ("Bat burn")
11:51 - Brett Papas and video work
12:10 - Lesson: Loose and from the wrist
13:43 - "Bat burner" Ted Williams
14:29 - '60 Gibson ES-335 / Thin, fast, controllable neck
15:38 - The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind interpretation
16:30 - House with the pool / Inner Clevelander
17:29 - May have to sell '57 Goldtop
18:35 - Lesson: Cool lick that makes your bass player give you a look

Uncle Larry pulls out of San Pedro late one night and shakes it on down into overdrive…

This one is chock full of licks you can steal…brought to you by none other than Peter Blacklarge.

Hope you enjoy these videos friends.

May 1st, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 303, Tom Bukovac, “Father And Son”

00:00 - Putting the chords back in music
03:21 - Good morning, Homeskoolers'! / Gretsch 6120 White Falcon
03:45 - "Listen to that amp"
05:00 - Thanks for Guthrie record
06:00 - Scars of the face and stories / "His name is Robert Paulson" (Fight Club)
09:00 - Kids' lesson / Keeping kids from seeing what they shouldn't see
11:41 - Lesson: Tough guy chords / Cheesy 3rds / Tough guy E [0 2 2 4 0 0] / Connector E [4 x 2 4 x x]
15:30 - Going through the Guthrie record

Uncle Larry talks about every man’s worst fear…trying to shield their children from the horrors that come through ALL the screens…the screens are EVERYWHERE and they are relentless

Link for new record

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and totally unrelated, if you want to take an unfortunate look at what REAL crazy actually looks like, dig some of this...every day it's something different with this guy....he comes after me, tim pierce, guthrie, rhett shull etc..... crazy is all around us everywhere...i'm so used to it i barely notice it anymore, but this guy has a particularly big mouth and he is extra annoying.

oy...just be careful putting yourself out there people..if you can't handle weirdos you should seriously consider another line of work.

May 1 Tom Bukovac CHALLENGED by GRAND...

on a much brighter note, here is a fuckin cool track from an amazing album that came out 20 years ago that sadly no one ever heard....this record was way ahead of its time
Soul Back

April 30th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ PSA “MIDNITE TONITE!!”

00:00 - Tom Bukovac & Guthrie Trapp record release

Rock and roll lads

April 29th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 302, Tom Bukovac “Boilin’ Frogs”

00:00 - Cruising in the Monte
00:45 - Playing some uplifting tunes with a loop
04:10 - Hello, friends! / Thomas Joseph Bukovac / East Lake Public School shout out / Boys update
06:39 - SPAM calls
07:10 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Pete Townshend or Rose
07:41 - Hardest thing you had to do on a session? / Sessioneering, being a prostitute, and picky
12:06 - Trippy effect / In the face of negativity and insight into lashing out / Focus on the positive
14:39 - The Gear Page thread twist into personal attacks / Darkness in the world and focusing on the positive
19:06 - Saying something fucked up / Teddy Boy
20:15 - Lesson: Burning fast lick / Gibson Maestro

I remember my dear old friend Tony Lucido talking a while back about how all the stress and pressure of this modern world just keeps getting ratcheted up higher and higher….

I remember him saying “we are all just boiling frogs man”….

Hahaaa…so can anyone out there relate to that???

…if truer words have ever been spoken I’d sure as hell like to hear them…

Stay strong friends…a lot of this shit is actually not our fault.

not to sound TOO cliche….but like I always tell my boys….you just gotta zoom out and try to get some perspective about where your own personal problems fall inside the BIG picture of real problems….

and you GOTTA TRY to focus on the positive

April 27th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Got Drums?” GoDrums by

00:00 - Music Will Drum Kit
03:10 - Playing and dancing

The coolest portable drum kit ever made….GoDrum my Musicwill has been kicking ass for years encouraging music programs in schools....and the guy that founded it…Dave Wish, is a force of positive nature.

Please check into it and get involved bringing one of these amazing kits into YOUR kid’s school music program …..

If you have any questions please contact Dave at

I can already tell you as a father of two young boys…kids absolutely LOVE to mess around with this is a total no brainer.

Special thank you to my dear friend Chris “Stix” Mchugh (producer of the Plexi Soul record” and his sweet gal Laila for participating in this video).

April 26th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Volume 301, Tom Bukovac “Stairway To Cleveland”

00:00 - Putting some magic into the echo
05:57 - Hello, friends! / "Zombie Channel" / Update, producing, thanks, house with pool
09:09 - Guthrie record
10:02 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / Go on the road again? / NFL
12:09 - Uncle Larry's Garage Sale / '62 neck Telecaster
13:10 - Clean '65 Princeton Reverb / 2 of each of everything
14:27 - Thanks and a little insight and advice / Blocking some people like Teddy Boy

Uncle Larry busts back onto the YouTube scene with a vengeance after a hiatus of sorts.

Heres the link to the Guthrie record that comes out May 1st

...and how fucking awesome is this?

Shopping in Stores in 1971: Retro Vid...

April 25th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ PSA…”In Stereo”…releasing May 1st!

00:00 - Signing copies of new releases / Who did this confounded cover?

Thanks to my dear friend Stix Mchugh and Nick from Glasers for helping me sign 250 CDs today

May 1st my friends...all details here

April 20th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Quickie “Diablo”

00:00 - The Lin "Diablo" Pickup

Just a quickie to let you hear this bumpin’ Tele bridge pickup that my dear friend Lin Crowson from Gruhns made for me, per my request, for my 66 Tele.

I really like it a lot…hot broadcaster type balls. We call it the Diablo.

Lin is the guy that verifies the originality of all the guitars that come into gruhns…the boy definitely knows his shit.

Here’s his contact

April 19th, 2024

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Back In Tweed Deluxe City”

00:00 - Playing the keys
00:48 - Amp play through set up and speakers (Scank "Uncle Larry" / '61 Tweed / '58 Tweed)
01:31 - Gibson SG Special (Secret treble bleed)
01:55 - Scank "Uncle Larry" play through
02:35 - '61 Tweed play through
03:25 - '58 Tweed play through
04:00 - New to the Tweed and Blues
04:10 - Scank "Uncle Larry"
04:35 - '61 Tweed
05:13 - Thanks to viewer Ron
05:25 - '58 Tweed
05:51 - Speaker differences
06:12 - Negative feedback / Scank "Uncle Larry"
07:10 - '61 Tweed
07:25 - '58 Tweed
08:11 - Turn it to 2 / Tuning them in
08:50 - Scank "Uncle Larry" / Putting a mic on them
09:16 - '61 Tweed
09:31 - '58 Tweed
10:06 - Tom Bukovac & Guthrie Trapp - In Stereo

Uncle Larry’s old pal Mike “Scank” Scaggs shows us some Tweed Deluxes....old and new.


The Guthrie record is gonna be out in less than two weeks....the sound quality of the CD is unreal....looking forward to seeing what all you audiophiles with 50K stereos say.
Mixes by Brandon Bell and mastering by Eric Conn

AND....i just re-loaded 300 more new "Plexi Soul" CD's at guitar house in Tulsa if anyone wants one...

if you wanna check out one of Scank's tweed deluxes go here:


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