October 18th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Teddy Boy’s Blues”

00:00 - Country Blues playing for YouTube watcher Teddy Boy

Thanks for watching kids


October 17th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 168, Tom Bukovac, “The Shank”

00:00 - Bass loop playing
03:00 - Hello, class! / Update
04:03 - '63 SG / Playing
07:17 - Lesson: Chord changes
09:11 - Playing over loop - winging it and winning
13:12 - Thanks

Uncle Larry makes a crazy loop in front of God and Everybody….and takes a ride on a stolen 63 SG….

Fall is here

Chargers minus 4.5 tonite…thoughts?

October 16th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “The Three F’s”

00:00 - Cooking

Happy Sunday Homeskoolers

Go Eagles

Tonite’s episode starring
Nick Govrik
Steve Gorman
Uncle Larry
and the little boys


October 12th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Field Trip To Glaser Instruments”

00:00 - Field trip tour / In depth talk about guitar shop stuff

Bryan Sutton
Nick Drushel
Joe Glaser
Uncle Larry

Thanks for watching guys

October 11th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Studio Update, “Gear, Gear, Gear!!!!”

00:00 - A little tour around the instruments and microphones
01:48 - '62 Country Club
02:31 - Gibson Custom
03:15 - Pedals / treble booster (R2R Electric) / Ebo / Tranzformer (api select)

Day two of a four day record project for Morgan Wallen and Joey Moi at Blackbird Studios in Nashville TN. There is enough gear in this place to kill an elephant. Thought i would give ya a little tour Hope you enjoy

October 10th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 167, Tom Bukovac, “Super Echo Twin”

00:00 - Plucking some tunes
04:43 - Hello, friends! / High Life
05:15 - Ampeg amp
07:07 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin)
07:17 - Lesson: Strumming like a pendulum / "Scrape the beat"
09:48 - Tone knob use
10:33 - Fruit of the Loom and brand t-shirts
11:07 - Pickup brightness
11:35 - Dream music?  Absolutely
11:59 - Bayou rocker / New ideas keep flowing
13:21 - Danocaster Tele for sale / playing
15:45 - Cheifs / Sessions / Thanks to Homeskoolin crowd

After a long day of sessions, Larry plunks his old Strat through a really fun old ‘64 Ampeg ET-2 and answers a few questions from the VCB.

October 9th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Volume 166, Tom Bukovac, “And Your Bird Is Too Bright”

00:00 - Funky playing on the bass
04:06 - Hello, class! / Loop
04:42 - ZZ Top swag / Sessions
05:32 - Lesson: Loop chords and little tablature
06:41 - Overdubbing loop and hitting out of the park
11:00 - Insight thoughts during playing / Motif or theme
11:54 - Steve Hackett and certain tricks / decending 6ths
13:35 - Firebird guitars / Brightness 250k vs 500k pots

I took a brief hiatus from some heavy gambling to film this little odyssey…this one goes out to Ray Dietrich…who changed the world forever in October of 1962…exactly 60 years ago…wow

Big thanks to all those who watch regularly and steal all my licks and concepts…use them in good health my friends.

Today’s amplification provided by Benson Electronics from Portland Oregon…the model is a very limited run of 3x10 tweed Bandmaster clones they recently made called a “Benmaster”

somewhat inconsequential side note:
3:04 to 3:06 is a good illustration of the kind of musical "telepathy" that can only come from one person...(the subconscious break in the rhythm in EXACTLY the same spot on both instruments)...that kinda shit fascinates me.

Paypal tip jar is tombukovac@gmail.com
Venmo tip jar is @Tom-Bukovac-1

October 8th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “New Yorker”

00:00 - Playing to loop

Happy Saturday fellow rock and roll enthusiasts.
The beautiful fall weather is upon us, in Nashville the trees are changing colors and the leaves are swirling in the wind….and the answer my friends is blowing in that aforementioned wind.

October 6th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Music City Motor Club”

00:00 - Some hot rods

This one is strictly for the motor heads out there.

October 6th 2022, Blackbird Studios in Nashville TN.

Day two of a Morgan Wallen session…which turned into a bit of an old car show on this beautiful fall day

Jimmie Lee Sloas
Joey Moi
Bryan Sutton
Little Davey Cohen
Josh Diddy
Jerry Lee Roe
Richard Healey
Ryan Yount
Joey Stanca

October 4th, 2022

Homeskoolin’ Bonus, “Electric Spanish Larry”

00:00 - Playing the 335

Well guys, the late 62/ early 63 block marker 335 with unopened factory PAF’s that i ordered on approval showed up today.

I swear i could already tell from just the few scant photos i saw of it that it had somethin’ special, and dammit if i wasn’t dead right.

As usual, upon opening the shipping box and the case for the first time, thousands of infantessimal calculations and observations took place in my mind…and they were all giving me a real nice warm feeling.

Every old guitar tells you a story when you hold it in your hands for the first time.

I love the way this one explained its life to me…its obviously been very well cared for, but it also clearly has a slightly naughty side that is ready to throw down any time.

Absolutely PERFECT neck profile…all of those zillion little things you look for add up beautifully when you look closely at this one…the balance…the smell…the evenness of the wear…the sustain…the acoustic vibe…powerful pickups…everything is just right.

Special thank you to Charlie Gelber at OK Guitars in Kent CT for the smooth ride. Basically all he deals in are old 335’s…and he literally has them all.


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