July 3rd, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Firth Of Fourth Of July”

00:00 - Keyboard song

Happy 4th friends!!

July 1st, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Leo & Daddy Saturday Night Piano Jam”

00:00 - Being a good dad

Remember how many times you heard this jam on football Sunday back in the day? The best commercial theme ever.

The boys dig it, so 7 year old Leo added it to his trick bag

The power of the 4min6 chord

June 30th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Goes To Gruhns Volume 3

00:00 - Intro
04:30 - Not point to video, but fine instruments
06:00 - Human interest story (Corey at 13yrs. and a strat)
13:45 - Greg and "metal" guitar
16:00 - Pet peeves / Stairway to Heaven
17:00 - Girl names for guitars
20:30 - Craigslist "Killer" / "Rare" / "Axe" / "Quiver"
23:35 - Newbie just learns and doesn't know they really don't know
29:00 - Pulling the strings out of tune and blaming it on guitar / White knuckle
34:00 - Songs not being played the way someone else plays it (Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC)
38:50 - Pole pieces the same direction
40:00 - 3 humbuckers / Gibsons, 335, Les Pauls
62:00 - Ugliest guitar? / Most beautiful guitar?
75:00 - George enters
80:00 - Cheapest star / Guitar as art


UNLESS of course you happen to be one of THOSE guys….

oh, you know the ones i mean…the ones that love to complain about not being able to hear every single word of dialogue perfectly clearly in a totally free video….after 50 years of working with power tools with no hearing protection.

I simply cannot deal with any more of the dumb ass “biggest guitar store in North America and they can’t afford a microphone?” comments

Please keep in mind that these are extremely loose casual conversations that are recorded with a simple iPhone….just a few dudes who have spent their entire lives in the old guitar racket sharing a few laughs, and a couple brews (courtesy of dear Wayne Baswell) and the occasional “hot take” on a particularly touchy subject

Greg “Old World” Voros
Eric “Ebo” Borash
Corey Terrell
George Gruhn
Geoffrey from Atlanta

and a very special thanks to sweet Tosa from Atlanta for holding her arms up for over an hour straight filming this video. (Try that sometime folks…after 15 minutes it starts becoming a real problem)

Like all Homeskoolin’ products…this video is meant to be taken in good fun.
it is not meant to offend anyone…

please people, if any of the views expressed here-in don’t align with your own….please do not take it personally.

I am pretty sure you guys would rather see some raw unedited real shit rather than some smoothed out corporate PC bullshit….am i right?

Besides there is already enough people out there who hate me for providing 600 free guitar lessons.

Thanks for watching kids…please visit this amazing store if you ever get to Nashville…it is really something special.
George has been the king of the vintage guitar mountain since 1970.

Editor’s note:
I meant to say “tremotone”, not “frequensator” when I was referring to a few of Gibson’s questionable moves during the golden age.

June 29th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam, “Sequential Circus”

00:00 - Keyboard playing

There have indeed been some exciting changes in my little retro analog living room keyboard set up lately….
First off…
I am having an absolute BLAST with this new Mellotron Micro keyboard that just showed up.

My God, this thing is sooooo cool. It was basically love at first sight for me when I tried one of these for the first time on a session recently. It’s really all you need…I highly recommend these to anyone out there who digs Mellotrons…you can get these on EBay for about a grand.

And secondly, I traded my old mid 70’s round top Rhodes Suitcase 73 for a later square top Suitcase 73 model from 1980. I have always preferred the cleaner brighter sound of the later Rhodes models personally, although most players seem to prefer the older ones.

My pal David Crutcher (who you guys met on some of my earlier vids explaining the intricacies of the old Hammond B3) completely refurbished this Rhodes I just bought.
He rebuilt the action and voiced it. It feels WONDERFUL and the thing just sounds incredible. I couldn’t be happier with it.

The one that I traded him is up for grabs now if anyone out there is looking.
David can sell it to you as is (in need of some work) for somewhere in the 2K range, OR, you can have him refurbish it for you and make it primo…which I HIGHLY recommend for somewhere in the 3K range (which is still way under the insane prices people are asking for old Rhodes pianos on the internet).

If anyone is interested I can hook you up with him….just lemme know.

June 28th, 2023

“Hey Man Show Me A Cool Lick” (Volume 2)

00:00 - Brilliant congo-like snare lick

Starring Jordan Perlson


June 27th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Big News

00:00 - Acoustic strum with announcement

It's finally finished...

Go to the snazzy new website if you would like to partake ....


Special thanks to Ron Brice, David McLeod, Steve Marcantonio, and the fine folks at Cinematic Focus for making this all possible.


June 27th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Session Update, “Division Street”

00:00 - Session and talk with Russ Pahl
02:55 - Tour of Omni
04:30 - Little keyboard playing

THE BIRTHDAY CONCERT VID IS OFFICIALLY LIVE ....go to thesessionman.com if you wanna check it out!

Uncle Larry was busy as usual today kids….he did two sessions in two different studios that were waaaay across town from each other.

This little clip is from the morning session where I led a demo session (four songs in 3 hours) for my old buddy Dan Friszell at an old studio downtown called Omnisound on Division Street.

The band was
Russ Pahl: pedal steel
Evan Hutchings: drums
Mark Hill: bass
Jenee Fleenor: fiddle
John D Willis: acoustic
David Crutcher: keys
Uncle Larry: electronic guitar

When I say i “led” the session that means I wrote the charts and got twice as much dough as the rest of the guys for doing so. By the long-standing rules of the Nashville Musicians Union AFM branch 257, every session must have an assigned “leader”, who makes twice the dough of the other cats, in return for going through the trouble of making all the charts beforehand. Also, historically, whoever is the leader of the session gets to boss people around a little more than usual on that day, People kind of treat you like it's your birthday when you are the "session leader".

This video stars the legendary Russ Pahl, who has played pedal steel and guitar on A LOT of records…he has played with Vince Gill, Dan Auerbach and Bob Plant to name a few. Russ makes some really nice guitars under the brand name of “RP Guitars” (mostly Fender Tele and Strats with a few twists and turns) and he hand winds his own custom pickups. He is the living definition and pure embodiment of the phrase "tinkerer". Contact me for his email if you would like to investigate his work further.

And…if you can name the tune that i play on the piano at the end of this video, then I KNOW that you are a cool person

June 27th, 2023

“Hey Man Show Me A Cool Lick” (Volume 1)

00:00 - Lesson: Jerry Reed lick and more

Starring Nashville session legend John Willis.

A dear and cherished old pal of Uncle Larry.

June 26th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Update, "Birthday Gig Video Release and New Website News"

00:00 - Another day of slow, trippy playing (Police - Tea in the Sahara)
03:30 - Hey all! / About Tom / Thanks, Yuengling, working
05:30 - Live video of 3rd & Lindsley / Buy on new website
07:30 - "Guthrie Trapp and Tom Bukovac In Stereo" record
08:30 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin)
08:45 - Lesson: vi -> iv7
09:30 - Take a minute to see if I like or not
10:35 - Playing in the moment / Police songs
11:45 - Lesson: Bending the strings
13:20 - Duke Levine talk
15:05 - Pete Townshend - All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes

Wait just a minute....Uncle Larry has a website now??? Whattttt????

Check it out kids:


The freshly re-mixed live video from the birthday gig at 3rd and Lindsley on December 20th 2022 is finally ALMOST ready to launch. Should be up in the next day or two. You can purchase a digital download of it from the new website for $14.99 if you like.

It features guest appearances by Guthrie Trapp, Jedd Hughes and Wendy Moten.  It also features a few clams and an occasional video glitch that was unfixable in post... but in the big picture these are only minor inconveniences...it's all in the spirit of live performance and it's many imminent dangers.

Most importantly, the original audio tracks from this show were beautifully remixed by the legendary engineer Steve Marcantonio,....Steve made a lot of big records in New York...J Geils, John Lennon etc

Special thanks to young David McLeod for putting the new website together.

Special thanks to Sting for writing the fucking amazing song I played at the beginning of the video...

"Tea In The Sahara"

"My sisters and I
Have one wish before we die

And it may sound strange
As if our minds are deranged
Please don't ask us why
Beneath the sheltering sky
We have this strange obsession
You have the means in your possession

Tea in the Sahara with you
Tea in the Sahara with you

The young man agreed
He would satisfy their need
So they danced for his pleasure
With a joy you could not measure
They would wait for him here
The same place every year
Beneath the sheltering sky
Across the desert he would fly

Tea in the Sahara with you
Tea in the Sahara with you

The sky turned to black
Would he ever come back?
They would climb a high dune
They would pray to the moon
But he'd never return
So the sisters would burn
As their eyes searched the land
With their cups full of sand"

Totally unrelated but still cool, here's that Duke Levine thing i mentioned in today's vid....absolutely transcendental shit.


Despite Dominic Hudson's best efforts to deter them, a lot of newer viewers have been asking "where is the tip jar?" lately...well, if you feel led to contribute a little something to the Homeskoolin' cause after well over 200 free guitar lessons, you can do that here.

For PayPal donations use this address:
For Venmo donations use this address:

There are still a few more of the hand signed limited edition Uncle Larry prints that Ziggy O'Leary did left....if you wanna check one out go here:

and a LOT of people don't seem to know that they can go here to purchase a myriad of Homeskoolin' related merchandise..including several different T-shirts and some beautifully constructed coffee mugs for those afflicted with thin lips...

You can also get some very cool Guthrie Trapp and Jedd Hughes merch at that same site.

Over the last couple years, Uncle Larry made a couple records that you could potentially listen to...
one is an instrumental solo record called "Plexi Soul" that is available here:

another is an instrumental collaboration with his dear friend Dean Deleo (originally from the Stone Temple Pilots organization) that is available here:

Thanks for watching the show friends..I hope you are learning how to find your own voice on the guitar.

June 24th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Bonus Jam "Beach Music"

00:00 - Slow, tripped-out playing with some frenzy

A real top down summer cruiser from Uncle Larry after a long but extremely fun week of playing lots of guitar on lots of sessions.


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