August 16th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Bonus Jam "Danville Train"

00:00 - Playing The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Greatest song ever written? It's definitely up there...harmonically sophisticated and full of imagery and soul.

August 16th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “The Right Hand”

00:00 - '64 Gibson J-50

Bryan Sutton havin a go on that 64 j-50

and a guest appearance by the great Jimmie Lee Sloas

August 15th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Bonus Jam, "Cleanup On Aisle 7/4"

00:00 - Putting out those melodies

Tom Bukovac

Playing guitar at home after a long day of playing guitar at work...

Gibson SG

August 15th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Goes To Gruhn’s Volume 4

00:00 - Intro to Corey Terrell, Eric “Ebo” Borash, Greg Voros
02:47 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son (John Forgerty)
04:27 - Fortunate Son tuning, playing, and son realizing playing incorrectly
05:48 - Tom's parts playing with John Fogerty
06:18 - Bad Moon Rising
07:11 - Discussing fucking cool guitars and P90s
12:40 - '56 Gibson Junior / '56 Gibson Junior Double Cut / Comparison
14:50 - Playing '56 Gibson Junior #1
15:45 - That acoustic guitar quality when turning it down
16:45 - Playing '56 Gibson Junior #2 / No one plays those frets
18:10 - Lower output of #2
18:46 - Back to #1 and brighter
19:05 - Gibson Double Cut with Music City Bridge
20:30 - Playing Double Cut
21:28 - Lesson: Mashing fingers bends / Playing
23:23 - Bending tip with vibrato / Playing
26:05 - Fucking awesome faux delay
27:05 - '56 Gibson Junior TV
28:25 - Led Zeppelin - Misty Moutain Hop / Playing
30:00 - Pickup height
35:00 - Bursts
46:00 - Repaired guitars, ethics, and price differences
57:00 - George Gruhn's wisdom enters the picture
65:00 - "Is there a change in the air?"

Starring the usual cast of characters

Special thanks to Heavy Duty for filming this mess.

August 15th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 236, Tom Bukovac, "One Thing At A Time"

00:00 - Funky picking on the acoustic
01:45 - Hey friends! / Early morning
02:50 - Gibson J-50 / Tape for ringing in the studio
03:35 - T-Rex: Marc Bolan
04:23 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin) / 3 years
06:23 - What's up?  Surgery
07:34 - Changing things on your guitars? / Mojo in an instrument / J-50
08:57 - Angie!
09:20 - Never change more than 1 thing on a guitar
10:04 - NFL Preseason betting - bored
10:17 - Scammers and how to get rid of them
10:52 - Music you can't play? / Wes Montgomery / Harmonica
12:41 - Whole-house generator
13:40 - Internet speed and Blackbird

Another early morning ramble and some fresh baked VCB

August 15th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam, “The Weather Man”

00:00 - Loop with some soaring playing

Uncle Larry test drives a beautiful old blonde '61 Telecaster around some tight corners, possibly hitting a few orange cones along the way.

Dig this cat...I fuckin' love this guy...

i especially love how they put his landline phone number in the vid description (per his request I'm sure) so that he can field phone calls from potential ass all day hahaaaaa

it gets lonely out there in the country...

August 14th, 2023

Homeskoolin' Volume 235, Tom Bukovac, "The Power Of Music"

00:00 - Music with your cup of joe
01:30 - Hello, class! / NFL betting
03:00 - Seattle Grunge scene
04:15 - Lesson: Eb with an open G string
05:17 - Quarterflash - Harden My Heart
07:05 - Weird ole Kay guitar
07:45 - VCB (Viewer Comment Bin)
07:45 - Lesson: Upstrokes vs. downstrokes
09:30 - Climate change
10:23 - Mark Knopler guitar?
10:53 - Music without vocals / Tabs?
12:15 - Jason Isabelle's Gibson 335 / Red '63
12:58 - Melancholy tune helped / Music healing power

Early morning Larry goes on a typical long and winding ramble.


August 10th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus Jam “Wet Bulb Blues”

00:00 - Little slice of wonderful playing

Just a little introspective blues tune about how NASA says that the southern states will be uninhabitable in the next 25 years due to “wet bulb”

But good news is there’s some pre-season games on tonite!


August 9th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Tape Echo Madness Madness Madness Madness Madness....”

00:00 - Free trial for users
01:48 - Preview of Inside Blackbird with Tom on delays / echo devices

Hello class…check it's a little preview of a really fun video we did a while back for the "Inside Blackbird" series trying out some very cool sounding seriously old school echo devices.

The full video is available at

If you use this code in the next 90 days you’ll get a month free:

Thanks for watching friends

August 9th, 2023

Homeskoolin’ Bonus “Local Cleveland Boy Does Good”

00:00 - Bob Gatewood record promotion

Hello class, you may remember a while back when I was producing a record for my old friend Bobby Gatewood…well it’s finally done and available.
We shot this video a while back and Bob asked me to wait to post it until it was ready to be released

Check it out if ya want…it’s chock fulla Uncle Larry’s guitar, keys and bass parts haha.


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